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Commerce reporting for multi store

Hi Friends,

I am using Drupal commerce. For reports I found this module

From that module I am only able to view 'Purchased Item report' & 'Sales'

I am looking for reports related to promotions, user and store wise orders. On dashboard charts as well.

Is there any module which gives results store wise. Top 5 purchased customer store wise. How much stock is left product wise.


Drupal.behaviors multiple functions?

I have successfully instantiated a relatively simple Drupal.behaviors function in my custom module which modifies an existing node_form. Now the second part is to use a $form element as a trigger for an action to dynamically populate a form field if desired. This value is generated in my hook_form_alter and set to drupalSettings. 

Views Preview with Fixed Value

This is driving me nuts. Any help greatly appreciated!

I have a view with a contextual filter of type Content datasource: ID

When the value is NOT in the URL, I provide the following fixed value: ?search=

It is a page display with a path of /search

A typical query string is "/search?search=venice"

I am trying to replicate this query string in the View Preview

The instructions in the View Preview are: "Separate contextual filter values with a "/". For example, 40/12/10."

How do I modify "?search=venice" to fit into "40/12/10"?

[11-Oct-2019 11:28:47 Europe/Rome] PHP Fatal error: Unsupported operand types in /home/lytsusaz/public_html/sites/all/modules/r

Dear drupal's expert,

few days ago the site was migrate to another host by my service provider. Today many menu's function doesn't work. For example when I click on  configuration in the menu the system reply http 500 error.

In the file public_html/error_log I see this error:

Drupal and Katalon

Hi Drupal Experts,

I'm creating some Katalon test scripts in Drupal but I'm not able to get the text from the selected value in a drop down object. I have checked in other web apps we have and it works.

I have opened a post in Katalon forum and the experts suggested some options that worked for them, but they didn't work for me.

Any suggestion?

This is my firs post here, sorry if this is not the correct place to ask this.


Ruben B

Drupal 8 - Custom Module Header template


I created a custom module and what that to have a custom header. So instead of taking in the standard custom header I want to display a different one. 

I followed the steps found here:



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