Including Part Template

Many themers prefer to keep header / footer codes in a separate file and call the file in page.html.twig

Let's say you have created following file in your theme folder for header.

And now you want to include this file in page.html.twig

Use below code to include this file.

{% include directory ~ '/includes/header.html.twig' %}

Entity Pilot - content staging for Drupal 8


  • Download and extract the module
  • Add the php-encryption library using composer or Composer manager.
    • For composer - from your Drupal installation directory run composer require "defuse/php-encryption:~1.2.
    • For Composer manager, refer to its documentation

Getting started


Finally for some QA. Let's check that our module works as expected by writing a few tests of our own which can be run via Drupal itself.


Defining a Block

Remember at the beginning of this tutorial when I said we'd define a block with a form? Well, now's the time to get right on it.



Everything's pretty neat so far, but how do we change what we're seeing? With some forms, of course.



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