Drupal 8 installation on Windows using XAMPP

This is a beginner guide for installing Drupal 8 on Windows using XAMPP. This document shows a step by step approach with screenshots for newbies.

Mobile detect - drupal 8

drupal 8 module for detect mobile devices.

This is a lightweight mobile detection based on the Mobile_Detect.php library.
github link: mobile_detect

PHP examples

Check type device

Adding stylesheets (CSS) and JavaScript (JS) to a Drupal 8 theme

In Drupal 8, stylesheets (CSS) and JavaScript (JS) are loaded through the same system for modules (code) and themes, for everything: asset libraries.

Drupal uses a high-level principle: assets (CSS or JS) are still only loaded if you tell Drupal it should load them. Drupal does not load all assets (CSS/JS) on all pages, because this is bad for front-end performance.

Differences compares to Drupal 7

There are four important differences compared to Drupal 7 for themers:

Managing configuration - do's and don'ts


  • It's strongly recommended that you do a database-dump before each synchronization of the staging and the active directory. The database-dump "could save your life" on a potential needed rollback-strategy.


  • Try to change the active configuration on your site by changing files in a module's config/install directory. This will NOT work because Drupal will only read from that directory when the module is installed.


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