Using a View to display the elements in the Autocomplete widget


This short guide is a how-to on using a View to display the elements in the Autocomplete widget of the Entity Reference module.

Example Use Case

A user wants to show in the Autocomplete widget of an Entityreference field the node ID next to the titles in the dropdown list. The reason behind the idea is to differentiate between multiple nodes with same title.


Disable checkboxs in views rows using VBO API

for example, there is some nodes that I don't want to be executed by VBO and I want these nodes to be listed on same page for other purpase

To disable row in the views result using vbo api, use this code

How to code a View to display children of a parent (if any) using Entity Reference

The following is designed for Projects and Tasks, but would probably work for any Entity Relationship with optional children of a parent.

To create a view that lists all parent nodes (in this case Project content type) whether they have children (in this case Tasks) or not use the following methodology.

The output will be all Projects with Tasks listed below them if they have Tasks.

Create a View for Projects. The Format chosen was Table, but other options would probably work.

Webform and Views

Starting with version 7.x-4.4, Webform uses Views to display the submissions list, results tables, and administrative list of webforms. Each of these may be customed using the Views UI module.

The submission list and the results table may be customized for an individual webform by cloning the view and appending _NID to the end of the cloned view's machine name -- e.g. webform_submissions_123. This allows you to, for example, remove specific data columns from the RESULTS / TABLE tab for webform 123.

Overriding the basic gift pages with views

As the basic module is very strict with hardcoded lists and displays for the "buy-a-gift"-phase, you might want to use views for customized displays.

Entity Registration Views

The Entity Registrations package contains a module named Registration Views to add registration options to Views. When you create a view, the Show drop down list contains the following additional options.

  • Registration state
  • Registration type
  • Registrations

When you display content, there are the following registration settings available.

  • Registration Settings Link
  • Registration Status
  • Spaces used

You also get the registration field from the content.


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