Using attributes in templates

Documentation of attributes object that appears in all html.twig templates.




To get Wysiwyg Fields up and running as quick as possible follow these steps.

Note: This assumes a relatively standard Drupal installation and configures only the Article Image field for use as a Wysiwyg field.

Supported field types/widgets list

While in theory Wysiwyg Fields supports all field types, some may work better than others and some may be impractical when used as inline fields.

Below is a list of some core and contributed module field types/widgets along with their status and any notes.


Drupal voor Gemeenten

DvG is the "Drupal voor gemeenten" distribution developed specifically for Dutch municipalities. DvG is built around the top tasks model, putting easy and efficient online services front and center.

Wysiwyg Fields

Wysiwyg Fields bridges the gap between Drupal fields and CKEditor by turning any standard Drupal field into a CKEditor toolbar button. The content of the fields are still managed by Drupal's field system, and rendered via Drupal's Field Formatters, with a simplified user experience.


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