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Create a Zen 8.x-7.x sub-theme - Manually (Tested with D8.17, 'zen-8.x-7.0-alpha14' / 'zen-8.x-7.x-dev [2016-Jul-14]')


The base Zen theme is designed to be easily extended by its sub-themes. You should Not modify any of the files in the Zen base-theme folder 'zen' at [D8-root]/themes/zen, but, instead, create a sub-theme located outside of the 'zen' base-theme folder. Put you subtheme at [D8-root]/themes/my_zen_subtheme_location.

Set Windows to "Show hidden files, folders, or drives", and to NOT "Hide extensions for known file types"

If you are using Windows,
it is important that you
set Windows to display hidden files.
And it is even more important
that you display all file extensions.

By default, Windows hides certain files
that it has classified as worthy of being 'hidden'.
And, by default, Windows does not display
certain file extensions.

I have no doubt that MicroSoft did this
to reduce the burden upon
their telephone support department
by reducing the number of calls
from parents whose 2- and 3-year-olds
play 'drums' on the keyboard.

This is, however,
a completely unacceptable situation
for you as you work on your Drupal site,
and you should adjust Windows
to display all files,
and all file extensions.


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