Including 3rd party libraries

Note that 3rd party libraries available elsewhere should not be hosted on as part of your repo – see Policy on 3rd party assets on for clarification of policy.

Instead, you may include by means of Composer, by using a CDN (Content Delivery Network) or by using the Libraries API module.

Working with Paragraphs Browser

Adding Browsers

First, you will need to add a Browser. This is done by navigating to Structure → Paragraph Types and then clicking Manage Browsers. From here you can add various Browsers, which are used by Paragraphs Entity Reference revisions fields when the Paragraphs Browser widget is selected under Form Display. These Browsers are used to broadly organize types of Paragraphs, such as Layouts or Media.

Script to add files in S3 bucket folder and add files on new location using S3 api or s3fs module.

Script to add files in S3 bucket folder and add files on new location
try {
$config = _s3fs_get_config();
$s3 = _s3fs_get_amazons3_client($config);
catch (S3fsException $e) {
form_set_error('form', $e->getMessage());
return FALSE;

Recovering the administrator password from UI

There are many methods to recover admin password described here but this method gives you a admin panel to recover admin username and password.

This gives easy access and UI to generate admin password. This will let you know what is the current admin username in system.

Recovering the administrator password from UI

Version 4.x - Exported view ready to import

Attached a compressed file with 4 files:

1. as-version-3.txt
This is just a fix for the version 3 script given here: View: Watchdog entries

2. simple.txt
This is my view with only one page display but with many exposed filters. Recommended if you do not use the module "Better exposed filters".
The page display of the view overrides the path "admin/reports/dblog".

Drupal core deprecation policy

Why we deprecate

In Drupal 8, minor updates can introduce new APIs and features. When a new API is added, the old API will be deprecated in favor of the new one. We cannot remove the old API in a minor release because Drupal 8 makes a backwards compatibility promise, but it will usually be removed in the next major version (Drupal 9).


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