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Webform 8.x-5.x: How to create a custom Views exposed filter form [VIDEO]

 How to create a custom Views exposed filter form


The Views module allows filters to be exposed as a form above the displayed results or even as a block. The problem is that the Views module only supports one exposed filter form per view display and the exposed filter form displays all the available exposed filters.

Using the default Drupal search block to get the results in Views

I am using Search API in Views with many exposed filters. My client wants a search block in the site's header that shows the results in Views. I only need one filter on the header, not all the others, so I can't use Exposed form in block. Also, when seeing the results, I need all the exposed filters to be shown in top of the results, not in the header. I didn't find a solution in internet, so I write my solution code here. If you know a better solution, please, add it in the comments.

I have created a simple module to solve the problem.



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