Setting up Two-Factor Authentication on

Please note that TFA is currently only available to limited roles. has the additional level of account security made possible by two-factor authentication (TFA, also known as 2FA). This documentation page will guide you through setting up your account to use a second-factor of authentication when you next log in.

Date Formats and Exposed Filters

Date formatting – the order of day, month, and year – is important to many websites. However, getting date formats working correctly with Views’ exposed filters can take a bit of administrative work.

The following modules should be installed and enabled:

Known issue with cURL and outdated root certificates


The reCAPTCHA module may not able to connect to Google servers. The submission of the captcha causes watchdog errors with cURL enabled.

Technical background:

Googles uses SSL certificates that are signed by a Root Certificate Authority (CA) that may not integrated in most if not all cURL installations. The Guzzle and cURL libraries are typically configured to verify the SSL certificates and refuse the connection if this verification fails. This may be reconfigured with CURL options, but this cannot recommended.

Address Field "Required" or not

If a country is selected for an address field, then certain sub-fields of the address will always be required to be filled in. This is so that addresses will always conform to xNAL standards.

To provide an optional address field, the default country must be set to be "- None -". Then none of the address sub-fields are displayed, and so no address parts need to be entered.

Known issue with arg_separator.output


The reCAPTCHA module get's errors back from Google servers. The captcha is always telling you The answer you entered for the CAPTCHA was not correct.

How to use Simple FB Connect FacebookSession in your own custom module

If you want to write your own site specific custom module for Facebook integrations, you can use the FacebookSession provided by Simple FB Connect.

Below is a simple module which checks if the currently logged in user has granted us "public_profile" permission. This documentation is for 7.x-2.x version Simple FB Connect.

Essential parts of the example:


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