Sheetnode Frequently Asked Questions


What format should text tables have to be properly imported by sheetnode_text?
Cells should be separated by at least two whitespaces to be recognized.

How can I refer to external data from my cells?

Installation of Sheetnode and Extra Modules

Install Sheetnode

  • Go to the sheetnode folder.
  • Delete the existing socialcalc folder if it exists.
  • Download the latest SocialCalc tarball from the GitHub repo:

  • Extract the downloaded tarball and rename the extracted folder to socialcalc:

How to Create a Sheetnode or a Sheetnode View

How to create a Sheetnode

  • Install this module (only Sheetnode module needed)
  • Create content > Sheetnode
  • Enjoy your first online spreadsheet!

How to create a Sheetnode View

  • Install Views and this module (only Sheetnode module needed)
  • Create a new view of type Node (for example)
  • In Basic settings > Style, select "Spreadsheet"
  • Click "Update default display" to use the default Spreadsheet settings

Casper - Manual Configuration

  1. Disable the "frontpage" view.
  2. At these locations /admin/config/people/accounts/form-display and
    /admin/config/people/accounts/display enable the following fields:
    • Profile Picture
    • Facebook
    • Website
    • Twitter
    • Bio
    • Full name
    • Google +
  3. Fill out the Casper configuration at admin/appearance/settings/casper
    • Front Page Title
    • Front Page Background Image
    • Website Logo

Google Storage

Google Storage support was recently added. This storage service makes use of the PHP API provided by Google. You will need the API along with your credentials and security keys to use this service.

To start using this, you must create a container for Google Storage. You will need your email address and the P12 formatted key provided by Google. Upload your key and provide your email address along with the bucket you want to use in the container creation UI.

Once the container is created, it can then be added to a class.


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