Affiliate NG module for Drupal 7.x.
This is a new generation Affiliate module for Drupal 7.

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* Entity

How to filter events between two dates

After searching the web community for an event filter between two dates I decided to write this tutorial to help others like me who had a some challenges finding how to do it.

It is tempting to believe that using the "is between" on a date fields will work. However, this option is used only in the case of events "Starting" on a rage of date.

This module ( is used to filter evenst on ONE date and NOT a range of date (as the image suggest).

Atom Marquee

Using the Atom Marquee Module

The Atom Marquee module places a prominent image and text on the homepage of an OpenAid site.

Create a marquee node at /node/add/marquee.

The marquee will automatically display on the homepage. You may need to clear the site's cache in order to see it.

Marking Commissions as Paid

If you are paying commissions to people it will likely be helpful for you to be able to keep track of which commissions have been paid and which ones haven't. Here is a simple solution.


Flag Module
Commerce Affiliate
Views UI


Create a new flag

Go to /admin/structure/flags/add
Give it a name you will remember and mark the flag type as "Affiliate Commission".

Parse YAML

Parse YAML is a tiny bridge module that implements an API function (named parse_yaml_stream) that tries to parse a YAML stream.

It is intended as a stopgap until the Drupal 8 class Yaml is backported to Drupal 7.

The project also contains a sub-module (named Parse YAML check) that can be used to check if a YAML parser is available.

What does PM Permission Module do?


At a glance for a content type named "XXX" Following are the contextual permission exposed by PM Permission module,


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