Cacheability safeguards


Cacheability metadata is a new concept in Drupal 8 (tags, contexts and max-age), and therefore it's very easy to forget about them, especially for people new to Drupal 8. Forgetting a max-age or tag can only cause stale content, but forgetting a cache context can cause incorrect variations, and therefore information disclosure vulnerabilities.

Reschedule nodes on RSS feeds

To have a node republish for example every Monday or on the 1st of every month on your RSS feed, (which is great for advertising products), all you need to do is:

Panels 3: Videos

Introduction to Panel 3

Use Panels 3

Policy on the inclusion of Migrate in Core for 8.0.0

When the decision was made at DrupalCon Prague to remove the major version (D6/7 => D8) upgrade path in lieu of using Migrate for major version upgrades, we agreed that we were not going to hold up Drupal 8's release on Migrate being supported.

This document provides clarification around this policy. See original discussion at


Finally for some QA. Let's check that our module works as expected by writing a few tests of our own which can be run via Drupal itself.



namespace Drupal\loremipsum\Tests;

use Drupal\simpletest\WebTestBase;

* Tests for the Lorem Ipsum module.
* @group loremipsum
class LoremIpsumTests extends WebTestBase {

   * Modules to install
   * @var array
  public static $modules = array('loremipsum');


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