Older versions

The instructions for building a sub-theme of an old version of Zen are archived here.

Elimai Theme Installation

Elimai means Simplicity in Tamil Language. This is a simple responsive theme with minimum colors. This theme has been developed with the Twitter Bootstrap framework.

Feature states, diffs, and reverting

The main Features administration page at Administration > Configuration > Development > Synchronize > Features > Configure bundles (admin/config/development/configuration/features) provides information on the status and state of available features and their configuration items.

Feature statuses

Possible statuses for a feature are:

Installing and using features modules

Features modules are regular Drupal modules that contain packaged configuration for installation on multiple sites. Features modules are installed and enabled just like any other module.

If you're coming from a previous version of Drupal and Features.... Contrary to previous versions, in Drupal 8 you don't need the Features module installed in order to use feature modules. There is no specialized admin page for enabling features.

Creating and configuring bundles

At Administration > Configuration > Development > Synchronize > Features > Configure bundles (admin/config/development/configuration/features/bundle), an admin screen similar to the Drupal core language negotiation screen, site admins can create bundles and enable, reorder, and configure packaging assignment methods.

Features create bundle form


Features is guided by the following principles:


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