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This is the central point to get some information around the Flight Control project.
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Quick start

Development info / guidelines

Using Advanced Forum with Features

[Note: This was added as of May 19, 2015 and is not yet in a stable release]

To use AF with Features, do the following:


Pasting the following HTML input into the “Body” field of a “Book page” set to split on <h1> and <h2>:

<p>This text is the introduction.</p>
<h1>Page 1</h1>
<p>Here is my text for page 1.</p>
<h2>Page 1a</h2>
<p>This is page 1a.</p>
<h2>Page 1b</h2>
<p>This is page 1b.</p>
<h1>Page 2</h1>
<p>This is page 2 and the last line of text.</p>



There is a good article titled “Converting a Word Doc and PDF into a Drupal Book for web display” about using the Drupal 5 version of this module to convert a 945 page PhD dissertation into a Drupal book. The Drupal 5 version is no longer supported, but the Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 versions works the same way and the general method for conversion is the same.

Avoid using data from $form_state['input']

In the Form API, using data from the $form_state['input'] array is a security risk.


The HTML2Book module allows you to create multi-page books by splitting the body text of a book page node into multiple nodes upon save. The split points are based upon HTML heading tags.

This makes it possible to create a book in a word processing program, export the result to HTML, and then use this HTML to create a multipage Drupal book.


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