Site Load Optimizer

Site Load Optimizer was designed to optimize Drupal's HTML output with particular emphasis currently on pagespeed performance. It is intended to be a simple yet powerful module that generates HTML output that reduces render blocking elements such as CSS and Javascript while also minifying HTML so pages load faster!

HTTP Cache Control

HTTP Cache Control module helps fine grain control of Drupal's Cache Control headers.


Allows site builders to set cache setting for each block.

Note: This module is currently on drupal review process. Your review for the release is very much appreciated.


- Disable cache
- Cache timeout


As usual download and enable.


Go to block overview "admin/structure/block" click "configure" from any block.


This module has been made obsolete by the HTTP Cache Control module. Please do not use this module.

This module is for use with reverse proxies that obey s-maxage. This module simply sets max-age=0 and moves the cache lifetime set in Drupal to s-maxage instead.


Appends a cache buster to URLs generated by the public stream wrapper so that they will be cache busted by CDNs etc. when the contents of the file changes.


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