Google Analytics Node Reports

Analytics report

Google Analytics Node Reports is an add-on module. That provides site administrators and programmers to graphically represents the reports based on Google Analytics data. This graphical representation of reports is based on each node in Drupal system.

There is an administrator configuration page (admin/config/system/ga-node-report)
available to control the content types that are needed for accessing the report.

The reports are generated from real-time details of Google Analytics. Totally there are 3 types of reports are generated by this module.

React Lazy Load Images

Lazyload your Images improves the performance.
Take performance in mind, to improve with lazy load mechanism.

Search Index Options

This light-weight module extends the core Search module's functionality by providing a new admin configuration to limit content types for search indexing.

Entity Storage JSON

Provides an alternative SQL storage for content entities, using the JSON data type.

This module requires at least the following database server versions:

  • MySQL: 5.7.13
  • PostgreSQL: 9.5
  • SQLite: 3.9 with the json1 extension

Code Review

Code Review Module for Drupal 8.

Command Line (CLI) Utility for drupal code review.


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