Permanent Cache Bin

At times we need to cache some values which are not related to Drupal config or data but are coming from external systems and which don't really need to be deleted when clearing (rebuilding) Drupal cache.

This module provides a way to use Drupal cache but still keep it separate from drush cr.

Code to use this new backend in your bin (here stock is just for example):


This module provides integration with the Incapsula Imperva: Web Application Firewall. It allows the purging of content and assets when they are saved. A complete purge of the cache is supported through the provided cache hooks in Drupal.

Next to this there is the management of whitelisted IPs, blacklisted IPS, blocked URLs and blocked country/continents through Incapsula from Drupal.


To start using this module do the following:

Simple Browser Cache

Browser Cache

This simple module handles the website browser cache handling through a header values.

Install Contrib Module

Developper tools to facilate installation of Drupal module : download and install module (external or internal) with their dependencies from an entering module machine name

Revisioning Entity cache

This integrates the revisioning module with entitycache.


There had been three problems:

- a) Entities loaded directly as revisions (even though the current revision is the live revision) and hence having no entity caching at all.
- b) Entities loaded as revisions, but that need the draft / latest revision.
- c) The whole cache was cleared by revisioning module by calling node_load($id, NULL, TRUE), which led to entity_load() clearing the whole persistent cache when any node was saved.


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