This taxonomy term is used for modules that integrate with Rules (

Proxy Rules

This module can be used to write Drupal rules that take actions on unwanted connections, e.g. through anonymous proxies or from bots.

Possible uses include writing a hook_boot to block all unwanted incoming connections, or use of the rules module to limit access to a subset of site functionality, e.g. account creation.

Send SMS

SEND SMS MODULE provides a rules action for you to send SMS for any rules event. the action exposes the parameters you would want to set. These are often the sms text, recipient phone number, and the sender name. This module uses the drupal_http_request to send post request to the sms url and also provides a configuration page to set your field labels.send sms

SendinBlue Rules

Rules integration for SendinBlue module.

Token Substitutions

This module adds bash-like substitution support to Token, where the substitutions are performed on the value of the token. Patterns should follow PCRE syntax. Currently, only these substitutions are supported:

Replace first match of pat by repl
Replace all matches of pat by repl

Variable MimeMail

Want to send Commerce Emails with an attachment? This module provides a rules action "Send MIME mail with variable" that combines the benefits of Variable Email and Mime Mail (and depends on both).

SendPulse Rules

Rules integration for SendPulse module.


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