This taxonomy term is used for modules that integrate with Rules (

Book Rules

The Book Rules module provides additional integration between the Book module in Drupal core and the Rules module, exposing the ability to loop over every node within a Book from a Rule.


Commerce_email_notify order form

This module helps Commerce store managers to send emails to customers directly from the order edit form.
- checkbox within the order form
- new token for commerce_order:log
- new rules event for after submit order update
- variables_email integration
- pre-configured rule to send email if checkbox is selected

This module depends on commerce_email

Rules variable_get

Adds actions for exposing Drupal system variables to actions in Rules. Credits to Jamesap for the initial version here: #1966426: Provide Rule accessing variable_get

Jira REST Rules

The module provides an integration between Jira (via the jira_rest module) and rules.

In the current limited form the module provides a rules action for creating simple, basic issues in Jira.

You must configure the jira_rest module with username and password at admin/config/services/jira_rest.

In the rules action you can configure:


Rules Date Check

What it does

This is a small Rules module providing some date and time comparisons and formatting.

Why it exists

This module provides the ability to compare the current time to a given hour or day, for use in building conditions like "if it is after 6am on Tuesday..." Since multiple conditions can be applied, conditions like "before 9am between Tuesday and Thursday" can be created.

It is particularly useful for cron-triggered rules.

Commerce Coupon Rules

Provides individual white list and black list rules for individual coupons (from Commerce coupons), allowing the site builder or developer to easily customize conditions for each coupon instead of manually creating and organizing a bunch of rules in the standard rules UI.


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