This taxonomy term is used for modules that integrate with Rules (

Rules Reldate

Rules Reldate adds an action to Rules that allows you to create a new variable that is a relative date from a given date field value. By default Rules allows you to add an offset to a date fields, however the duration settings of Rules limits that to an arbitrary amount of time.

Rules Get Real Path

This is a very simple rules action which, when provided with a file entity, returns the real local file path of that entity - useful if you are doing server side processing of the file.

rules random

A simple rule action to generate either a random string or integer. Can define the length of the random result. For random strings, can also choose to include numbers and lowercase letters.

OG Rules Permissions

Provides a Rules action that can set an OG permission.

File System Rules


The module implements the following Rules Actions to interact with FS objects - directories and files:

  • Open directory
  • Create directory
  • Delete directory
  • Find directories
  • Find files
  • Copy file
  • Save file to the database;

and one additional action to support Image and File fields:


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