This taxonomy term is used for modules that integrate with Rules (


Exportable is a series of modules that allow Drupal sites to export Views, Panels, Rules, and Flags into individual manageable codebase files.

Rules variable_get

A small Rules utility module, providing a variable_get() action. This is based on the discussion here: #1966426: Provide Rule accessing variable_get and the patch this module is based on is originally written by Jamesap.

Commerce Product Clear Feeds Hash

Provides an action for rules that clears a feeds hash associated with a given product.


Availability Calendars Rules

The Availability Calendar Rules module allows you to set an availability calendar state using Rules. This module aims to fulfill the many requests for setting Availability Calendar states in the Availability Calendar issue queues.


- Availability Calendars
- Rules


Push Notifications Web

Push Notifications module for Drupal is simple Rules based plugin to send Push Notifications. Allow to send Push Notifications to authorized and anonymous users to your site users desktop and mobile device, if even they are out of site. Notifications looks like, that Facebook send and providing by Google Cloud Message API. Perfectly works with both HTTP and HTTPS sites. Installs and setup like anyelse Wordpress plugin – acivate and print settings – that is all.

Social media button rules

rules event

This is a simple module that provide two event facebook like and facebook sare , using rules module.


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