This taxonomy term is used for modules that integrate with Rules (

Rules Role Email

This module provides a Rules action that sends emails to users of specified roles. The rules module does not have this functionality built in, so this module addresses that issue.


This module requires the following modules:

Varnish Purge Rules Action

This module provides a two new actions for Rules:

  1. Purge Varnish Page Cache for Node
  2. Purge Varnish Page Cache for Term



Rules Shutdown

Sometimes it is required to execute some actions at the end on page script execution (in a shutdown function). E.g. to trigger new updating a node when the node is re-saved. This module allows to do it with Rules.

After module installation in the list of the Rules actions there appears "Shutdown Components" section with the list of available components. Usage is similar to using the native Rules components: one can add any existing component for postponed execution.

Rules Letter Single

Create individually generated letters using rules based upon PDF form templates, which can then be attached and emailed via rules.

Rules Letter Batch

Create batch generated letters using rules based upon PDF form templates.

Compatibility with Views Bulk Operations.


Inititally developed by Gordon Heydon
Sponsored by Website Express Ltd.


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