This taxonomy term is used for modules that integrate with Rules (

Social media button rules

rules event

This is a simple module that provide two event facebook like and facebook sare , using rules module.


The Cronpub module is fundamentally created with one purpose; time-based publication and un-publication of content entities. It also manages the flags ‘sticky’ and ‘promote’ and custom plugins.

Scraper (D7)

Bringing together the collection of fetchers, scrapers and Parsers for importing remote content.

Rules String Replace

A simple plugin for providing string replacement action in Rules

Rules debug

This module adds an action "Debug all variables".
Consider it the rules version of



Rules String Length (rules_strlen)

Provides an action that returns an integer when given a string. Also, not a bad module to view how to create your own custom action. Implements one hook function and one internal action function.


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