This taxonomy term is used for modules that integrate with Rules (

Certificate Email Rule Action

Make a new Rule action available that will e-mail a Drupal user a Certificate node's PDF representation.



amoCRM is a web service for your sales management. Thousands of businesses use amoCRM to manage their leads and pipeline. Just add your leads to amoCRM, and the system will ensure that no lead is ever forgotten.

This module allows you to handle actions from amoCRM.
It has Rules module integration.
Also you can use our module API in your modules.

Ultimate Cron Rules


This project is for you if you want to programmatically run specific rules at a predefined time and / or interval. This is done by providing a new rules reaction event. When applied, the rule will be available as a new cron job for ultimate cron.

Using ultimate cron you can then set the desired time and or interval as usual.


Based on user field: field_fecha_de_nacimiento , this module checks each day via cron the users that are celebrating the birthday, then triggers the rule event "User celebrates the anniversary of his birth".

Mailcomment rules

Mailcomment rules provides a direct e-mail rule to integrate with mailcomments. Allowing a more flexible lightweight solution.

This is perfect for support tickets or more.


The Mailcomment module allows users to reply on nodes/comments by e-mail.

This module currently only integratis with either notifications or Message Notify.

Rules Workflow Dashboard (rwd)

If you are using Workflow module and implementing Rules to perform some actions over status change, chances are you became lost when trying to track with rules are being applied in each status change.

This module give to you an dashboard that shows which rule are being applied in each status change.


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