This taxonomy term is used for modules that integrate with Rules (

Rules String Length (rules_strlen)

Provides an action that returns an integer when given a string. Also, not a bad module to view how to create your own custom action. Implements one hook function and one internal action function.

One-Time Login Short Link

created short link for one-time login

One-Time Login Short Link module is the lightweight replacement for 'Login one time' and 'One-time login' modules.


Variable Email Roles

Send Email to all user of a role using declared variables as templates.
Function to send mail to a role is available by default in rules but you can't use Variable inside.

Variable Email Roles extends Variable Email module to allow email to be send to a list of users attached to one or more roles.


PDF Merge

Merge multiple PDF-files into one file.

PDF Merge module allows to merge unlimited number of PDF files into single one.



StayStrong - GameOn

It's time for some 'serious' gamification in drupal - StayStrong, GameOn

Be nosey...contributing soon!

Rules Reldate

Rules Reldate adds an action to Rules that allows you to create a new variable that is a relative date from a given date field value. By default Rules allows you to add an offset to a date fields, however the duration settings of Rules limits that to an arbitrary amount of time.


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