This taxonomy term is used for modules that integrate with Rules (

Site Entity

Site Entity makes a Drupal site fieldable.


FranklyMe Widget

The plugin for Drupal adds social plugins to your Drupal site and optimizes the experience of your audience through easy ask buttons and social widgets. Associate your Drupal site with side pane widgets and embed shortcodes for ask button and social widgets. All features are deeply integrated with Drupal APIs to make building your webpages and administrative features as easy as possible with the extensibility you expect from Drupal.


Rules Message Broker

Video Comment FranklyMe

Use this plugin to spice up your posts with video comments instead of boring text comments. Simply start by creating a new post, the video comment feature is added automatically at the end of the post.

This plugin places two-set widget. First, a sleek 'record video' button, and a video carousel at the end of all of your posts. Official plugin from FranklyMe.

It'll be shown to your audience once your post goes live, where they can take a video selfie (velfie) that'll be viewable by everybody on your site.


This module adds new actions to Rules, under 'Data' group:

  • Merge: Given a list-tyle variable, it will be merged with a second list (options to merge unique items)
  • Intersect (not implemented yet)

Commerce Bundle Helper

Provides a framework for automating the creation of bundle groups from existing products.

The first view is a rule which sets up the product bundle group. The second is a helper which creates a bundle item and ties it to a product. It gets called in a loop in the first rule. The last is an action which can be used to allow VBO access to the rule, allowing you to select one or more items and have them automatically be duplicated as a bundle. The bundle SKU defaults to BUNDLE-[product_id], the quantity defaults to "1" and the default title of the bundle is "[product-title] Bundle".


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