This taxonomy term is used for modules that integrate with Rules (

Rules Set Site Variables

"Rules Set Site Variables” allows you to use the power of Rules to change site configuration and site variables. Create a rule or rules action and then add the action Set Drupal Site variable. You can configure which site variable you want to modify and text you want to change or modify.


Rules run once

A condition and action to ensure a rule is only ever run once (for a given identifier).

Rules block visibility

The Rules block visibility module allows Rules components to be used to control block visibility. This provides Drupal administrators and developers extreme flexibility in controlling when blocks should be displayed on their websites, in addition to the default visibility options provided by Drupal.


TFA Rules

TFA Rules message

Two-Factor Authentication Rules is a Drupal module that provides integration with the Rules module to add a condition to check to see if TFA has been enabled for a user.

This module also includes a default rule that redirects users on login to the TFA security page with a message recommending that they configure it.



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