This taxonomy term is used for modules that integrate with Rules (

Testaments / Testimonials with Ratings

Testaments Submission Form

Testimonials along with Ratings facility is provided by this module.

Module for testimonials also provides a standard block with form for developers. This form can be easily used to integrate in order to collect the Testimonials from the

A standard view with Testimonials listing is provided. One can use this to either modify or create a new one with its referrence.

Default standard permissions are set and handeled.

Ratings facility is provided so that user can vote the stars. Ratings is considered in 5 Star fashion.


Way2SMS Configuration

Way2sms module is an integration with rules module which provides

free SMS service to users in India

using way2sms API.

Webhook OpenTrigger

OpenTrigger Logo

This module provides OpenTrigger support for the Webhook module. OpenTrigger is an OpenSource IoT System to trigger online actions with a physical button. See

Using this module you can trigger any rules action by pressing a physical button.

The project has been sponsored by netidee - powerful innovations.

Rules Login

The Rules Login provides additional actions to the Rules module that allow your rules to log users in and out.

Rules Exec

The Rules Exec module provides a Rules action that allows you to run shell commands from your own rules. The action will add variables with the command output as a list, plus the command return value, allowing you to do further checking and processing.

Please, read the documentation, specially the WARNING section. Running shell commands is risky business, specially if you plan to feed them user input.

Rules Passwords

The Rules Passwords module provides actions for the Rules module that allow you to deal with user passwords.

The following actions are provided:


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