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Drupal Guestbook

Take a guestbook, read an entry - and feel the boost of Drupal Guestbook.


Drupal Guestbook (DGB) provides a site guestbook and individual user guestbooks.

Other modules compatibility

Other DGB modules

DGB vs Guestbook

DGB has a import function to import Guestbook's.


How to protect DGB entry forms with CAPTCHA? It's very easy.
Please take a look at the documentation and this screenshots.

Simple internal spam feature

DGB allows to use a simple spam functionality without to use additional spam modules. It is possible to define keywords to filter entries.

How to filter entries to unpublish? It's very easy.
Please take a look at the documentation.

Release announcement

The upcoming release 6.x-1.4 includes many bugfixes, some new functions and is required for the DGB Views module.
Fixes and new features are incorporated regularly in the dev.

Support module development

The DBG module group development is not sponsored by anyone.

I develop and support the modules in my spare time. If you want to support the development of the DGB modules or just to say thank you, please use the donation link below.

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