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Activity 1.0

The Activity module keeps track of the things people do on your site and provides mini-feeds of these activities in blocks, in a specialized table, and via RSS. The module is extensible so that any other module can integrate with it. The messages that are produced are customizable via the admin interface and are context sensitive. Some theoretical example messages include:

  • You wrote a comment in response to "example comment title"
  • Jim wants to be your friend. Approve this friendship here
  • Nancy is Phil's latest fan

There is still quite a bit that can be done to contextualize the message, and working around irregularities in grammar is tricky, but clever admins will find ways to make meaningful generic messages.

Please note:
Activity 1.x is no longer supported. Please try Activity 2.x!

Installation Notes

  • We're coming up with a roadmap for release. #825918: Roadmap to release
  • INSTALL, README and DEVELOPER documentation is provided with the module.
  • Please DO NOT try to upgrade from 6.x-1 to 6.x-2 as we have not written the upgrade path yet. #391670: Create an upgrade path. If you want to test out the 2.x-dev, make sure that you uninstall any previous versions when you check out a new -dev.
  • If you are using a -dev version previous to 10-4-09 please reference this issue.


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