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Brightcove Video Cloud is a video hosting and publishing solution for delivering professional quality video to digital audiences on any device. It offers highly customizable players, HD streaming, syncing with 3rd party CDNs and with YouTube. With Brightcove Video Connect for Drupal you can efficiently add and manage video content on your Drupal-powered websites.

Why use Brightcove Video Connect for Drupal?

The integration streamlines video publishing workflows for organizations who have been using Video Cloud and Drupal concurrently. This integration combines video publishing and website content management, and is particularly valuable where there is a division of labor between the person or team responsible for uploading content to Video Cloud or managing playlists, and the person or team responsible for editing and publishing websites via Drupal. Both parties can now manage video content in the common Drupal environment.


  • Browse and use videos and playlists from one or more Brightcove Video Cloud accounts
  • Upload new videos and playlists to Brightcove
  • Display the video player on the page or in a modal dialog
  • Use other formatters (e.g. thumbnail linked to entity)
  • Add description and other metadata including custom metadata fields
  • Display metadata as part of the content on a page (formatters)


Module Version Brightcove Studio PHP API Wrapper Support
8.x-1.x New Video Cloud Studio ( Brightcove CMS API (PHP-API-Wrapper) Recommended
7.x-6.x New Video Cloud Studio ( Brightcove CMS API (PHP-API-Wrapper) Supported
7.x-5.x Legacy Video Cloud Studio ( Brightcove Media API (PHP-MAPI-Wrapper) Unsupported
6.x-2.x Legacy Video Cloud Studio ( Brightcove Media API (PHP-MAPI-Wrapper) Unsupported


For uploading to work with versions 8.x-1.x and 7.x-6.x, your Drupal site needs to be accessible from the internet (public IP address or port-forwarding enabled) because Brightcove will need to fetch all uploaded video/image/caption files from your Drupal site. You should also configure PHP+apache to allow larger file uploads (default is 2MB).


External libraries

  • All Drupal 8 versions and Drupal 7 versions starting with 7.x-6.x require PHP-API-Wrapper (see versions below)
  • Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 versions up until 7.x-5.x require PHP-MAPI-Wrapper
Module Version Wrapper (min. version)
8.x-1.2 PHP-API-Wrapper (1.0)
8.x-1.1 PHP-API-Wrapper (0.8)
8.x-1.0 PHP-API-Wrapper (0.6)
7.x-6.5 PHP-API-Wrapper (1.0)
7.x-6.4 PHP-API-Wrapper (0.8)
7.x-6.3 PHP-API-Wrapper (0.7)
7.x-6.1 PHP-API-Wrapper (0.4)
7.x-5.x PHP-MAPI-Wrapper

For Drupal 8

For Drupal 7

For Drupal 6

Please keep in mind that both for ModalFrame and jQuery UI (with 1.7.3) to work properly the jQuery Update module is also needed.

Module roadmap

The module was originally created by Dynamite Heads Ltd., sponsored by Brightcove, Inc.
Brightcove is continuously investing in its open source video module for Drupal, and has partnered with Pronovix as the primary development partner for previous, current and upcoming versions, and ongoing maintenance of the module.

Drupal 8

The currently recommended version is the latest 8.x-1.x release.

Drupal 7

The currently supported version is the latest 7.x-6.x release.

Drupal 6

The Drupal 6 version of the module is no longer supported.

Other Brightcove modules

  • Brightcove Media: Provides the integration for the Brightcove module with the Media module to make Brightcove videos available as File entities.
  • Brightcove Integration: Provides simple integration with Brightcove Videos just using the token of the account. For more complete integration use the Brightcove Video Connect module.
  • Brightcove Service: Integrates the Brightcove media server with the Services module.
  • Media: Brightcove: Provides support for the premium Brightcove 3 player to Embedded Media Field. (Drupal 6)
  • Brightcove Recorder: Allows video recorded using the Video Recorder module to be stored in a CCK field and distributed using the Brightcove CDN. (Drupal 6)
  • Brightcove Eparser: Parses a link field from a Brightcove feed which can be used by the media_brightcove and emfield/emvideo modules. (Drupal 6)



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