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Drupal 8 - 8.x-1.x

  1. Download the module and its dependencies
  2. Install composer.json dependencies (PHP-API-Wrapper)
    The simplest way to install the module's library dependencies is by using composer_manager (note: composer is required):
    composer global require drush/drush
    drush dl composer_manager
    php modules/composer_manager/scripts/init.php
    composer drupal-update
  3. Install and enable modules
    Install and enable the Brightcove Video Connect module and its dependencies: Token, Time Formatter, Inline Entity Form
    Tip: Installing contributed modules (Drupal 8)
  4. Generate credentials
    Go to and generate a new set of credentials, enabling all permissions.
  5. Add credentials
    Add these credentials under: admin/config/media/brightcove_api_client
  6. Synchronize entities
    Initiate a 'Sync all' of Brightcove videos and playlists into Drupal: admin/reports/brightcove

Synchronisation from Brightcove to Drupal

There are three ways to synchronise content from Brightcove to Drupal.

  1. Manually triggering the batch synchronisation by clicking on the "Sync all" button at
  2. Relying on Drupal's cron which downloads all content changes from Brightcove to Drupal, and when it finishes with it, it starts over automatically. (This means Drupal's cron must be running, either via the Automated Cron module, or by any other means, eg. drush and/or UNIX system cron.)
  3. When a video/playlist is edited on the Drupal site which has more recent changes on Brightcove, a message is displayed with a link in it. Clicking on this link will download all the changes from Brightcove to Drupal (ie. synchronise the content) made on the video/playlist, and the user gets redirected to the edit page again afterwards.

Synchronisation from Drupal to Brightcove

…is done every time a video/playlist gets changed via the Drupal interface.

Known issues

  • Multiple text tracks
    There is a bug in inline_entity_form-8.x-1.0-alpha6 which doesn't handle additional text tracks properly. A patch has been submitted and committed into 8.x-1.x-dev.

Migrating from Drupal 7

  • Migration from previous Drupal versions is not supported at the moment due to the lack of an upgrade path in core.

Drupal 7 - 7.x-6.x

  1. Download the module and its dependencies
  2. Download and install PHP-API-Wrapper
    Download latest release from to sites/all/libraries and follow installation instructions here: (download composer and run install).
  3. Install and enable modules
    Install and enable the Brightcove Video Connect module and its dependencies: Ctools, Entity, Libraries, Date (date_api, date_popup).
  4. Generate credentials
    Go to and generate a new set of credentials. Make sure you enable all permissions, because currently the API does not expose the user permissions, so the module can’t adapt to that.
  5. Add credentials
    Under admin/config/brightcove/client add these credentials.

Drupal 7 - 7.x-5.x

  1. Download the module and its dependencies
  2. Download the PHP-MAPI-Wrapper
    Download to sites/all/libraries
  3. Install and enable the modules
    (both brightcove and brightcove_field)
  4. Get the read and write API keys
  5. Set the credentials
    Under admin/config/brightcove

Drupal 6 (unsupported)

  1. Install the Brightcove PHP MAPI Wrapper
    This library is needed for the module to access the Brightcove service. Install it by following these steps.
  2. Download, install and enable modules
    You need to download and install CCK, ModalFrame API, jQuery UI and jQuery Update. It's recommended to install jQuery Update first, then jQuery UI (with version 1.7.3 of the library). Install the rest and after that you can install and enable the Brightcove and the Brightcove CCK Field module.
  3. [Optional step] Test ModalFrame
    If you need to assure that ModalFrame works well, enable the Modal Frame Example module. After enabling the module visit your site at, you can choose from several tests.
  4. Get the API keys and player information from Brightcove
    For the module to start working, you need to get the Media API keys from Brightcove. A player ID and key is also needed. Just follow the instructions here.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.


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After step 2, navigate to sites/all/libraries/PHP-API-Wrapper and run composer update.