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  1. Install the Brightcove PHP MAPI Wrapper
    This library is needed for the module to access the Brightcove service. Install it by following these steps. Both of the Drupal 6 and 7 version of the module need this.
  2. Installing and enabling modules
    1. Drupal 6: you need to download and install CCK, ModalFrame API, jQuery UI and jQuery Update. It's recommended to install jQuery Update first, then jQuery UI (with version 1.7.3 of the library). Install the rest and after that you can install and enable the Brightcove and the Brightcove CCK Field module.
    2. Drupal 7: for this version the dependencies are easier to fulfill; just download and install Entity as usual, after that install and enable the Brightcove and the Brightcove Field module.
  3. [Optional step for Drupal 6] Testing ModalFrame
    If you need to assure that ModalFrame works well, enable the Modal Frame Example module. After enabling the module visit your site at, you can choose from several tests.
  4. Get the API keys and player information from Brightcove
    For the module to start working, you need to get the Media API keys from Brightcove. A player ID and key is also needed. Just follow the instructions here.

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