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MD5: 48733a28fdb6745d597b8fece736b5b0
SHA-1: b1bef5349d025df436b5c71dc1e2cf0ee45c7be8
SHA-256: b8dcef6e70c69a9092afedc29e7411bb60d7fcf6af7fb78cd7ae5ba830622540
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MD5: 64cd442e13014136d1206fdf63666d92
SHA-1: 7bd166d9c75eeb5d83394e630982f1f9e9bd4cef
SHA-256: 724c01d7bb0de139df2c675d5642596a98c0cab7c2fd6deb875a752c2ad31331

Release info

Created by: sdboyer
Created on: 20 May 2010 at 01:54 UTC
Last updated: 20 May 2010 at 02:40 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x

Release notes

Changes since DRUPAL-6--1-3:

  • #745468 by alevine: hook_js_replacements got lost from earlier patch.
  • #686726 by ayalon: Access plugin to mimic the block path configuration item.
  • #686052 by Scott Reynolds: Allow for cache warming. (See API.txt)
  • #754594 by lavamind: Add a "book children" content type.
  • #726320 by gordon: Allow the CTools wizard to have query strings in the wizard path.
  • #752960 by mgriego: Redirect destination on delete in admin links could be wrong.
  • #767496: Remove errant console.log
  • #710490 by thsutton: Fix use of error_get_last() which only appears in PHP 5.2.
  • Issue #767952 by aosodoev: Fix ctools_css_assemble() burping on multiple
    selectors by switching in str_replace() for preg_replace().
  • #709874 by thsutton: Fix improper test in context exists.
  • Update CHANGELOG for release.
  • #704132 by killes: Allow access/selection rule based on whether taxonomy term has a parent.
  • Fix warnings when there is no page id transmitted.
  • #718028 by redben: Improved documentation for
  • #531366 by mikeker: Move token substitutions to prior to filtering in custom content type. This could have some effects on existing installs.
  • Additional fixes to more links.
  • Issue #758750 by mgriego, snufkin: Fix extra whitespace being added to
    exported scalars.
  • #750004 by jhedstrom: Comment pane ignores node comment display setting.
  • Issue #742832 by c960657: cache file system scans in
  • #708154: Update and Save would leave forms in an older state, causing some forms to lose data (particularly the Panels content form).
  • Stylizer updates round 2.
  • #467948 by hefox: Allow the vocabulary context to be used by the vocabulary selector access plugin.
  • Issue #798526 by jasonn1234: expand server-side control over modal js
    settings to include background opacity and color.
  • #703040 by neclimudul: Harden plugin loading against accidental variable overwriting.
  • Issue #789598 by c960657: Pass block titles through check_plain().
  • #686764: Update page tokens to use actual page rendering mechanism rather than the tokens which causes them to appear as having content even when empty.
  • #709754 by yhahn: Add export_module flag to all default objects so that we can tell where they came from.
  • Allow themes to provide default pages so that Panels Everywhere enabled themes can provide layout variants for the site template.
  • #747588 by mikeker: Add taxonomy description to context tokens.
  • #484340 by catch: Fix bug in token integration.
  • Issue #489256 by dww: Add a content_type plugin for outputting taxonomy
    terms from a node context.
  • Notice fixes in changes.
  • #711922 by jonskulski: Do not print empty H1 tag if no title in page_title content.;
  • #723296 by andrewlevine: Generalize more of CTools helpers so they can be used for non-CTools files.
  • Issue #771132: Move object cache system over to ctools_static() and
    introduce static var resets when locks are cleared.
  • Issue #762996 by jonskulski: Allow views_content panes to selectively
    show/hide their view's fields.
  • #715118 by neclimdul: Add abstract hints to the classes in
  • Issue #782070: Relationship form submits were being passed an invalid
    part of $form_state.
  • Fix user_view task to use variable instead of value on hook invocation
    to avoid warnings on PHP5.3
  • #709754 followup by yhahn: Improved documentation for
  • #709840 by thsutton: Improper test of AND when displaying access summaries.
  • #707826 by marcvangend: Add a relationship to get multiple terms from a node.
  • Issue #739992 by hefox: Minor docblock touchup.
  • Issue #754086 by nrambeck: statically cache block listings to alleviate
    stress on sites with large numbers of blocks.
  • Fix a weird bug in plugins that can cause similarly named plugins to disappear.
  • #722246: Search tabs not quite right, particularly with retaining keywords across tabs. This mostly fixes.
  • Add new access plugin for themes, plus hopefully the last of the page element content type plugins.
  • #754234 by killes: Node form content types not showing up due to logic error.
  • Initial inclusion of the stylizer plugin to create user customizable styles from pre-configured base styles.
  • #711664 by meclimdul: Make the hook version of plugins now optional and improve code around it.
  • Fix docblock typo.
  • #745468 by alevine and Scott Reynolds: Make ajax better able to know what .js/.css was already on the page.
  • Minor doc update on ctools_get_plugins()
  • #711664 by neclimdul: Deprecate the plugin hook which should no longer be used; all plugins should be file based.
  • Revert "Issue #754086 by nrambeck: statically cache block listings to alleviate"
  • Issue #789524 by c960657: Implement "content type" hook on block
    content_type plugin.
  • Issue #780734 by c960657: Clean up node_comment_form plugin's
    form_comment_form_alter() implementation.
  • #711664 reverted
  • Assorted XSS, XSRF, and information disclosure security fixes.
  • #741588 by Jody Lynn: add db_rewrite_sql() to comments pane query to match core.
  • Catch up the CHANGELOG
  • #565808 by cha0s, zroger and davereid: Backport nojs handling from D7.
  • Added some TODOs/FIXMEs
  • #716288 by alex_b: Clear more caches when clearing static caches for install/deployment purposes.


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