I am trying to get together a Drupal portfolio of sorts , of truly unique "i can't believe that is Drupal" caliber sites.

I have actually seen some nice corporate Drupal sites in the past that do not feature on the site list anymore. This is nowhere near a complete list, but I think this should get the discussion going.

I would personally list the following :

[ cialog ]
A prime example of the caliber site I would like to spotlight in this thread. Very distinctive look, great use of corporate design for a completely different, slick appearance
Widely known, with thousands of regular users. It might not fit the corporate billing completely, but it's still a well respected (and long running) drupal site.
Sudden thoughts
Innovative music review / information site. Just the unique front page alone sets it apart from the rest.

there are more.. but i'd like to know what you guys would set apart from the rest


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Karlstad University library
A site that describes the services the library offers the students and the public. Also a database with there resources such as magazines.
Uses some special tweaks to get multi lingual support.

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but an organization site with a nice, not very drupal looking design (done with drupal 4.3): http://www.tacticaltech.org

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very pretty..

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Too Good................superb Work

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Really useable, great navigation. An excellent example.

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Terminus1525 is still community-oriented, but it is quite different from most drupal sites in that it uses visual art as main communication medium ;). Great work by walkah on this:

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James Walker :: http://walkah.net/

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I would really love to read a tutorial on how you went about creating the template for the site. Especially how you have a front page which is so different to the other pages on the site.

i.e. they don't all have the same large flash anim at the top of the page.

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I'll second that. Even without all the Flash animation, the layout of nodes and links within boxes is fantastic. I'd love to learn more about the considerations needed to create something like that in a clean, effective manner.

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I third that! A tutorial would be a HUGE help!

Drupal must be one of the easiest CMSes when it comes to making a basic site. But let's face it: how many people who want a basic site have ever even heard of CMS? There are other easier ways to achieve similar results. But for more advanced webmasters, the trick is getting Drupal's powerful tools to create the site you can already see in your head. If that gap were bridged (and I know it's not for me), there'd be a lot more people wanting to use Drupal.

I also have to agree that this is the best Drupal site I've seen. But it's not just that. This is one of the best websites I've ever seen: someone actually harnessing the power of digital media rather than presenting an online document with color and hyperlinks. Kudos!

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I would be an avid reader of such a tutorial... Drupal is inching, with every month passing, to a space in which a huge number of people like me (not programmers but "super users") could harness its power. The rub is in the documentation. A great start was "Building Online Communities with Drupal, phpBB, and WordPress" - the Drupal part was written at the right level.

In the next few weeks, I intend to replace the temporary home page at http://www.gov20.info with a drupal powered web site. :-)


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compliments to whoever put that together. very intuitive and nice on the eye.

Well done


Currently in Switzerland working as an Application Developer with UBS Investment Bank...using Drupal 7 and lots of swiss chocolate

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Sweet. This is easily the most visually stunning site that uses Drupal that I've ever seen. -m

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A fine piece of work. Hope, this site appears as a part of drupal powered sites at FOSDEM 2005.

"GNU/Linux, nothing commercial about it"

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Wow! Nice!

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did you do all the flash stuff (assume it is flash). What mods you using?

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the headlines are done just as part of the theme... other flash bits are largely self contained. however, there are some bits that pull custom XML data from the site.

James Walker :: http://walkah.net/

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what did you use for quicktime integration on the site?

walkah’s picture

it's a custom - terminus-specific - artwork module that handles the QT / WMV as well as the mp3s , etc.

James Walker :: http://walkah.net/

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meaning not for us poor folk?

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I just wanted to congratulate the designer(s) of this site. I have been browsing it for the past few minutes, and have found it entertaining and unexpectedly playful. I love the way the forums have been designed most of all - bravo!



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the design work (and really most of the concept) is all the work of Zinc Roe Design (http://www.zincroe.com/) ... really good guys!

James Walker :: http://walkah.net/

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While the Terminus1525 site is awesome, I tend to shy away from anything (especially if it's a web design firm...) that I can't view in Firefox. Granted, Firefox has it's quirks, but when the site becomes completely unusable, that's where I draw the line.

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Are you sure about that? I've just tried and it works fine in Firefox? Using v1.5 and all is well. If you're having probs with the flash on those sites then have a look here to sort it ;-)

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Nice...it's beautiful functional simple..and loads fast...how come?

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I like Terminus1525.ca

It looks professional and creative. Doesn't follow the typical Drupal design at all. Well done.

Buy/Sell/Trade with other webmasters: WebMasterTrader.com

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Hmm...I'm probably seriously biased since I did the site design ... but here's a business related website that uses Drupal:


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It's not bad but the design looks a bit dated to me.

shane’s picture

Okay - I'm curious how you think it's dated? That's the XTemplate Pushbutton theme hacked up and simplified. Any thoughts on why you think it's dated would be certainly appreciated. TIA.


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- The drop shadow on that slideshow thing is way too fat and way too dark. Use a lower opacity and less depth.

- The menu at the top is just horrible: the colors are awful, plus styling things like sharp 3D buttons is a bit outdated.

- The links on the left get lost in the background. It's also not a good idea to use images for text. Just use clever styling to make them stand out instead.

- The logo at the top doesn't have enough contrast with its background

gufo’s picture

- login link on the left is completely lost and yet is probably quite useful for users to see

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Since this is a "Corporate" drupal site - the general public has no need to login. I dropped the login box on purpose. The idea behind "Corporate" websites is it's a medium to publish information about a business - it isn't necessarily a "Community Driven" site.

I've done a lot of hacks to the XTemplate theme to make things a lot more "corporate-ish" in this respect. Corporate websites don't post attributions for every single piece of content (node) - they don't generally have interactive features, etc...

I leverage Drupal as a CMS - to manage my content - not as a community blogging site. I think Drupal is a great start on a CMS - but it's core focus has been surrounding a community blogging style or news publishing style (ala /.) site. It's slowly "growing up" in the area of CMS - but has a long long ways to go.

The core engine behind things is a great example of a good modular approach - and with careful forethought and engineering it can get there.

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How does Drupal being a community driven system or not affect it's corporate look when designing the template?

Corporate is often made up of plain fonts, not too many changes in type faces, lots of open space and usually a white background for clarity.

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This site looked very odd in Safari on Mac OS X 10.3.4. Not sure if you want to or can test it in that browser (which is generally standards compliant).

shane’s picture

Jaharmi - I don't have access to any Mac's - any chance you can send a screenshot of how it looks? Would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. email: shane-drupal@tuna.org

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Hello. Although I am an Apple user and (therefore) fan. I have to say that Safari is * not * the most compliant browser. Many sites do not work well with Safari.
I find Firefox much better.

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I like the site! This is a silly question (since I'm new to Drupal), but how did you set it up to NOT require a password of everyone who visits?

robertDouglass’s picture

but you can hide the User login block from the Blocks admin page. You can choose paths for which it is visible. For example, on one site, I made a page called login (the url is 'login') which is published, but not on the front page, and not accessible through any link. The User login block is only visible on that page, so when any user wants to log in, they have to go to that page directly.

See here for more details:

- Robert Douglass

visit me at www.robshouse.net

my Drupal book | Twitter | Director, Product Operations Commerce Guys

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Just a friendly FYI: I'm running the latest OS X Safari and the site comes up extremely fragmented and almost unusuable. I can send you a screenshot or two out-of-band if you like.

When I went to it in Firefox, the site's info was easy to navigate. Modifying the style of the right-hand links and moving away from "simple boxes" in the blocks might appease the "modern" critics a bit.

Theme-ing Drupal (any CMS for that matter) can be a bit daunting, but I'm working on it for version 2.0 of the site I just posted in the showcase forums (http://www.lvchs.org/) and it's just a matter of viewing as much good current design as possible and getting way too familiar with the templates.

AndrewB’s picture

Here is what I got:
Fatal error: Can't open file: 'cache.MYI' (errno: 145) query: SELECT data, created, headers FROM cache WHERE cid = '/' in /home/ee/public_html/includes/database.mysql.inc on line 97

Drupal the great enabler!

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a couple of good sites but it's hardly a list of the 'best of the web'

I think that because Drupal's focus (at present) is on bloggers and small community sites, that just what it gets.

Drupal is very flexible, and could be used for a large professional site, perhaps a bit of polishing in this regard would help woo more professional web developers.

I would like to see some more _really_ good sites, it's good for inspiration, and helps with selling other people on Drupal too.

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perhaps we are the next generation of web developers!?


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I'm really interested in building out a mega list of Drupal sites to include location, theme, topics, registered guests, modules etc. I would much prefere to use the current notification system if anyone else agrees this is the way to go but will do by hand if necessary.

rkendall’s picture

one thing about an automatic list is that it is mainly just people setting up test sites etc.

I think that for promoting Drupal, and for showing off what can be done with it, a hand picked list is the way to go (no reason not to have both tho).

When first looking at Drupal I was initially a bit put-off by the poor quality of the majority of sites in the list.

Categorising sites is a good idea.

Iangbruk’s picture

I'm using an Excel spreadsheet for now. I'm just picking out the following:

Design Ranking

Any thoughts/input/help appreciated.

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Perhaps using flexinode or write your own quickie module with nothing really special in it. :-)
Combine this with the taxonomy, and it should be great.

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing but in rising every time we fall." -- Confusious

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I'm currently developing a very non-Drupalish site with Drupal, I think the only tell-tale signs are the flexinode divs :) But, as said, it is under development, and I can not publish the URL. If you have an email address, I'd happy to show you around. I've developed a menu module (will publish that), a very simple page module for the main page (no reason to publish), and the flexinode table type have just reached the working state, I'll publish that ASAP.

Drupal development: making the world better, one patch at a time. | A bedroom without a teddy is like a face without a smile.

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Like others, sorry for suggesting my own...but I think it'll be increasingly visually interesting as it continues to grow with video, flash, image-based content...and as I spruce up the CSS background over time.


Note that we're moving over to wooblelab.org next week...

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One thing I cannot stand is when a website has the audacity to take over my browser's display. It's especially ridiculous for Illect.com, which is a tiny fixed-width site. Why do I need to maximize a browser that already is more than twice the width of the website?

I know this is my own peeve, but on Windows machines I've had to sometimes cold boot the computer just to get a website to let go of the browser. Here it's the benign behavior of maximizing the browser on each click. Still it's enough to tell me never to return to this site.

Design-wise, I'm also not a big fan of embedded scrolls, but otherwise it looks nice.

(I know this comment is a year and a day after the post, but that browser resizing thing just got my goat.)


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Laura Scott :: design » blog » tweet

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I can't share a link since our site in on the corporate intranet, but I run a portal for a good sized group of salespeople for a major computer vendor on Drupal.

From monitoring the discussion lists, I'd say this isn't an uncommon configuration. While drupal may be "community" oriented, there are certainly corporate communities too. What drew me to Drupal was the professional look and feel of the package. I looked at the *nuke flavors and all of them seemed more oriented to someone running a gaming clan or other enthusiast community rather than a corporate site.

Just my two cents, wish I could share! ;)

rkendall’s picture

a screenshot, and/or a description of how it's set up would be good.

P.S. no doubt about *nuke being quite crap, I think it would be a good day for Drupal when it stops getting compared to Nukes and starts getting compared to Bricolage and Plone (not quite there yet perhaps).

tdailey’s picture

>> a screenshot, and/or a description of how it's set up would be good.

I wish I could post screenshots, but we've got enough rumor sites reporting on our group without adding to the fire. ;)

We're using Drupal 4.3 with the following modifications:
- Heavily modified Xtemplate theme
- I wrote a new authentication module to support our in-house single-sign-on application (which is a webapp that uses cookies to verify the user login, it was actually pretty easy to implement)
- I modified taxonomy.module and node.module and index.html to give the user a custom home page with just the news stories that interested their group based on their group assignment using profile.module.
- Rather than use the integrated menus, I made a new menu block. I used profile.module and some simple PHP to present the user with a custom menu with their group section expanded and the rest collapsed. Again, using profile.module and simple PHP.
- Probably the most creative thing I did was to use gnews2rss.php, a google news screen scraping script, to create custom contextual news boxes on each product in the taxonomy. Basically, I set up blocks for each taxonomy term by setting up an RSS feed using custom search terms to get a good news result, then set up a block with a custom path so that it would display when someone brought up that taxonomy term. That made the portal a bit more dynamic and it looks good.

That's about it, really. We're using taxonomies extensively to sort information based on product. Mostly the portal is used by the technical sales people, but we track performance numbers for the regular sales people too.

RussC’s picture

If there would be some why for you to contact me I would love to get some incite into how you set your intranet site up.
I am creating an Intranet site for a Construction company for about 100+ emplyees. You can email me at rclark@clarkcc.com.

Thank you


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Sempre Crescendo.nl.. :-$
(I'm a little bit ashamed to post one of my own websites here, but I think it should be..)
Also, don't forget this one:
Desbeers . nl which is from a good friend of mine which brought drupal to me.

kylehase’s picture

May want to rethink that header. The title is hard to read with the distracting background images. I'd shrink that strip of pictures and lower the title so it's not over the pictures. Another way would be blurring or lightening the image strip to make the tile more readable. Then again I can only read English so even if you did that I still couldn't read it ha ha.
Otherwise cool theme.

cialog’s picture

Thank you very much for your compliments regarding my corporate website. In my humble opinion the outstanding modularity is what makes DRUPAL such a good choice - not only for bloggers but for much more. I've got some projects in the works:

[ cialog ]
although you liked the design I recently decided to redesign the site - the english version is coming as my business is growing
BioRegio - a biotechnical institution
the design is minimalistic - my client would be much happier if file api and proper image handling were already included : (
Maxxi Mobile - a car retailer
design not yet completed
i'm also developing an drupal based intranet solution with SAP integration - cross your fingers that the client will chose this concept
bobek’s picture

Hello Stefan,

I am curious what have you used for


can you tell me?

cialog’s picture

.... the portfolio modul is a custom modul i wrote for upcoming drupal 4.5. As it uses some features that only my custom theme can provide, i'm not sure if i should contribute it to the community. anyone in need of such a modul ?

shane’s picture

Your "portfolio.module" appears to very very similar in function to the weblinks module. The weblinks module could easily stand in as a replacement and be used simlarly. It'd only take a couple of minor changes to the code to output the word "portfolio" in place of "weblinks".

jez’s picture

Hi Stefan

Could you drop me an email to regarding your theme?

Thansk, Jez

budda’s picture

How did you go about getting a different header image to appear for each section in the [ cialog ] site?

Is it something in the template? What template engine are you using?

sun’s picture

I'm also asking me that. We often need headerimages for our projects and I already thought of a module extending the properties of menu items and nodes to allow the upload/assignment of headerimages.

Daniel F. Kudwien
unleashed mind

Daniel 'sun' Kudwien

nautis’s picture

BioRegio is sweet! Nice layout and style. This an excellent example of corporate site using Drupal.

- matthew | nautis.com

simonth’s picture

We will be implementing opensource applications for our clients and decide to build our corporate site www.azimuthlabs.com using drupal.

- customize drupal to emulate corporate sites' IA
- remove blogs features in all pages


negen’s picture

Nice, very good work!


pmentzer’s picture

I like the clean design you've applied to drupal in azimuthlabs. How did you remove the "submitted by..." stuff at the top of each page of content? When I made basic "static" type pages on my site I noticed I got the bloggy post style header at the top. Haven't gotten rid of them yet, although I'd like to eventually. Thanks :-)

shane’s picture

Several links referenced in this page:


on how to remove submitted by and date information.

pmentzer’s picture

I went ahead and read those posts and then tweaked the code on the theme file and...it worked. No more "submitted by: date" on the static pages. Thanks :-)

qgil’s picture

Some of the sites listed here are simply amazing. It would be really interesting to have them listed in a more official page (and visible for newcomers) such as Drupal case studies.

sami_k’s picture

i made a site that i never really made public using drupal. i imported > 5000 nodes from open source content into drupal using a PHP script to parse it. i think of it as a test of drupal and my abilities dealing with drupal. you can check it out, it's called the man|doc project. http://mandoc.etopian.net/. It has all the man pages and all the documents from the tldp. the database over 80 megs for it i think. It's kind of slow, but really does push drupal's limits.

desrod’s picture

I'd be interested in your script, if you could contribute it back (to personal email is fine as well).

I'm working as part of a project to convert lots of common material and resources (HOWTOs, LDP, handbooks, Gutenberg, etc.) to handheld format (Plucker). This would be a great addition to that effort.

ossboy’s picture

Those websites do look good. Especially Ecademy, I think
it is a successful example of Drupal used by a corporate.

I've been trying Xoops, Xaraya, Ez publish, and now Drupal
to see which one of them would fit the corporate websites,
and their usabilities. Xoops and Xaraya are very easy to
install but Ez publish. I hope I can install Drupal just like two others.

hafif uyku’s picture

theglassfurnace.org is a glass arts school in istanbul turkey. this is the copy we work on. it will be published on its own domain soon.

hafif uyku’s picture

They're all in turkish, and based on drupal. the first one is designed by us, the other two by the customer.

Donovan’s picture

Very nice.

"It always seems impossible, until it is done."
- Nelson Mandela

eka’s picture

very nice work

what did you use on those sites? phptemplate or what?

i want to understand more on drupal



globo’s picture

Hi I've seen hipfoto on various drupal-show-off lists.

The site looks GREAT!

I was wondering what imagehandling solution you are using. All the existing solutions don't seem to handle large amounts of images very well. Your site revolves all around images. So you must be using some other form of media-management.

Did you write a solution yourself or did you find the holy grail that we all here are looking for?


hafif uyku’s picture


I think we modified the image.module, to save images in a 100X100 directory matrix. so there were 10.000 directories in a NAS device to save image files. And we wrote our own gallery. but we had a shitty shitty programmer who ran away in the middle of the project. Later we found a pretty good programmer, but we were never able to entirely clean up the mess the other guy left. So i wouldnt recommend modifying drupal for a high traffic web site, unless you have a programmer who knows drupal inside out, or unless you use drupal as is.

greenpanda’s picture

Why not have a theme contest, to be judged by the community, and the prize could be to have your theme included in the current or future package...

I think this could produce a lot of great themes for Drupal, in a short time. Mambo did something similar to this about 6 months ago and it produced some great looking templates.

ryo’s picture

Very good idea!

qgil’s picture

WordPress also did a contest one year ago or so and the result was about fifty new free templates that helped a lot diversifying the blog's appearances.

I think Drupal is in a very good moment to suggest an easy-to-submit + glory-as-unique-prize contest.

Pieroit’s picture

I agree with you... even people that does not know Drupal (at all) could be interested in the context!

budda’s picture

How about the simple and clean http://www.ixis.co.uk/

arsart’s picture

Drupal is a freedom for designers. I`m not a programmer-in-mind but with Drupal i`m feeling like ... (continue this sentence by yourself:)

arsart’s picture

1. DesignCollector
2. Media Mix
not mine
1. PRonline

kbahey’s picture

The best theme I have seen for Drupal web site is http://www.spreadfirefox.com/

Granted it is not "corporate" pre se, but look at the clean design, and how appealing it is. The selection of fonts, sizes, colors and everything about it is just perfect.

Drupal performance tuning and optimization, hosting, development, and consulting: 2bits.com, Inc. and Twitter at: @2bits
Personal blog: Ba

FactoryJoe@civicspacelabs.org’s picture

Thanks for your very kind praise! I think the theme could use a great deal of work, but I'm glad you like it despite its rough edges.

And I will be releasing this theme once I get around to rewriting it for Drupal 4.5. We're stuck in the process of moving the site to a better infrastructure and so I haven't had time to hack on it recently.


User Advocate for CivicSpace Labs

kbahey’s picture

If there are rough edges, I have not noticed them.

What I noticed is that it is harmonious, i.e. it all blends together nicely. Other themes can have very good components, only to blow it when the "Submit" button shows up or when a font of some element looks out of place.

I am looking forward to porting this theme back to Drupal.

I noticed it is based on phptemplate. This is not currently part of Drupal core, and I am not sure if it is suppose to be THE TRUE way going forward, or whether Xtemplate is the way to go.

Keep that in mind and perhaps ask the developers what is best.

Drupal performance tuning and optimization, hosting, development, and consulting: 2bits.com, Inc. and Twitter at: @2bits
Personal blog: Ba

clairem’s picture

The standard themes offer very much the same approach to layout.

One of the many nice things about the Firefox theme is that it demonstrates how Drupal's appearance can be heavily customised. It doesn't immediately scream "this another Drupal site"

ultimate_fish’s picture

I have to say I'm not a massive fan of the Firefox site. Looks great unless the browser isn't maximised because the theme isn't fixed width.

carlmcdade’s picture

A contest would bring out a lot of issues that go unnoticed. A lot of users go with the standard themes because there is not enough gab about the possiblilities.

I would like to throw my hat in the ring of corporate like sites with www.hivemindz.com. Even though it is not finished it is a bit different from the typical three column layout. I am going horizontal which brings with it all sorts of benefits. Like soon I will be able to gain more realestate for the forum and admin pages which are very crowded somtimes in a three or two column layout.
www.hivemindz.com (running PHP5)
www.fireorb.org (documentation and hacks)
Carl McDade
Information Technology Consult
Team Macromedia

greenpanda’s picture

The hivemindz.org site is great, I love that the underying CMS is undetectible, since you are using the horizontal layout! This gives the site a very pro, and a good "I'm a company not a portal!" feel.

budda’s picture

Still looks like three columns to me!!? Menus at top left an right, with the content down the middle. Am i missing something?

-- www.spamfo.co.uk | www.buddasworld.co.uk | www.bargainspy.co.uk

carlmcdade’s picture

The menus at the top left and right are actually a horizontal header in a table. That table is individual from the rest of the content. So the content can be formed in other layouts without effecting the blocks and vice versa. I chose to go vertical with the blocks for now.

A more advanced version is coming with FireOrb where even the blocks will be individual and probably horizontal.

www.hivemindz.com (running PHP5)
www.fireorb.org (documentation and hacks)
Carl McDade
Information Technology Consult
Team Macromedia

edg’s picture

I'm looking to transfer an existing UK film site to a good CMS, and was initially put off by the apparent inflexibility of Drupal on the design side (so many 3 column sites). This is encouraging. Have also got databases of articles to think about so lots of homework to do. Our site is at www.iofilm.co.uk

mdroste’s picture

I've found a German Info Portal Site (seems it's still in development).
It does'nt look like the most personal Drupal Sites, but it's not a realy new creation.


kbahey’s picture

This one may not be corporate per se, but it looks that a lot of effort went into the theming of it


Drupal performance tuning and optimization, hosting, development, and consulting: 2bits.com, Inc. and Twitter at: @2bits
Personal blog: Ba

travischristopher’s picture

I like the use of the three column second level header area, also the user login is a nice change. Well done.

atombee’s picture

is it based on an available theme, or was there a lot of customization/coding involved?

I'm about to launch two sites and need something similar & am trying to figure out if I need to hire someone.

zaur1945’s picture

Can I integrate Drupal to my static website?
How that can be done?

alex2005’s picture

What do you think about the theme at http://www.buysites.biz ?

sami_k’s picture

Very BoxedArt or TemplateMonster, nice modding though!

Read the handbook, search the forums, then ask!
http://drupal.etopian.net (Consulting, Development, and Hosting)

Steven’s picture

I'd expect a site selling templates to at least have a clue about browser compatibility...

Shhh’s picture

Excellent Effort...All the Best

soccer’s picture

Really Cool,
I wonder when I'd be able to make something like that. I'm new to Drupal. like to know what are the mods u've used?
All the best

jeforma’s picture

I have recently been working with Drupal for now over 3 weeks, and sincerely, I find Its the best :) GameBGS' working great with it. We now have over 25 members and already over 300 unique visitors every day. We have over 1200 wallpapers, game reviews, game cheats and alot more!

Visit GameBGS now!

And post your feed back!

zigguratt’s picture

ourgreenbelt.ca is a site I put together for the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation in Toronto, Canada. I didn't do the design, but I did everything else, including recommending Drupal. :)

I had only two weeks to choose a CMS, learn that CMS, and put the entire site together as you see it now, exactly matching an existing design done in Adobe Illustrator. That was a LOT of work!

I think it turned out well, and doesn't look very Drupalish. Not that there's anything wrong with that... Right now the site is in its Winter clothes. As Spring approaches the theme will be modified to represent the changing season.

There's no custom PHP in this site. But there are many custom blocks with specific visibility to create the variety of pages. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to choose anything but the XTemplate engine. I'm hoping I'll get the opportunity to update the site with PHPTemplate some time in the future.

jasonwhat’s picture

I noticed the "vision" section has "previous page" and "next page" navigation while the maps have "previous MAP" and "next MAP" (my caps). Did you just put the html in each page for that or did you do something custom to allow this?

kvarnelis’s picture

gorgeous site. it's really nice to see sites that can break out of the traditional drupal look. there are so many posts that say, hey look at my site, it's different and then when you go there, it's exactly the same. this is on of the best drupal sites i've ever seen.

i hope you'd be willing to share some of your lessons with us, it seems like we have a lot to learn from you...


zigguratt’s picture

Well, I'm blushing now. :) I'd certainly be willing to share some lessons I learned doing the site. As suggested below by kbahey, I'll be posting about the Greenbelt site in a new topic on the Showcase forum. I'll answer any questions there.

Thanks so much for your compliments!

zigguratt’s picture

I do use the book module for most of the site, but as I had such a limited timeframe I just hacked in some HTML when the book module didn't do what I wanted. Of course maintenance is a bit more difficult...

kbahey’s picture

Hi zigguratt

Please make a separate post under the showcase forum for that web site. It looks good and deserves it.
Drupal development and customization: 2bits.com
Personal: Baheyeldin.com

Drupal performance tuning and optimization, hosting, development, and consulting: 2bits.com, Inc. and Twitter at: @2bits
Personal blog: Ba

zigguratt’s picture

Thanks, Khalid. I'll start a new topic in the showcase.

Edit: Done.

jbringhurst’s picture

Here's a web hosting and consulting company that uses drupal for tons of stuff. Mostly for e-commerce customers.

rjung’s picture

Here's one I did, launched in November.

I'm also in the early phases of developing a set of interrelated corporate/e-commerce sites; more details when it gets a proper public launch.



kae’s picture

rjung i'm very interested in ecommerce. are you using 4.7 or 4.6?
can't wait to see your site. please keep us posted.

rjung’s picture

Currently using 4.6, just because I prefer its proven stability and suite of modules. We might not be using the Drupal e-commerce for this newest project (due to customer preferences), so that may be just a straightforward CMS site instead.



kae’s picture

thanks. which module could i use instead? can you share what you are planning to use for ecommerce?

thank you,

rjung’s picture

For the QBaby site, I just used the (at the time) latest Drupal 4.6 ecommerce suite. I wrote some customized code to calculate shipping by shipping method and the number of items, as well as some code to interface with a fulfillment service, but most of it is just the tried-and-true 4.6 ecommerce package.

The stuff I'm currently working on is still in flux, so I'm not sure what ecommerce approach we'll end up going with.



kae’s picture

thank you very much. I'm trying to interpret your posts. It sounds like you've been pretty happy with 4.6, but I can't quite tell. Have you been pleased with ecommerce 4.6? If you can share what non-drupal software you are considering, I'd be very interested to hear your perspectives.

thank you very much,

rjung’s picture

Why don't you send me some email and we can discuss this further in private? rjung at mac dot com

I'm happy with Drupal 4.6 for its stability and wealth of modules, though I admit the e-commerce package for Drupal 4.6 could offer more features/options.



radiofranky’s picture

can someone help identify if "ecademy" uses "frontpage" to achieve the index page? tks

vabene’s picture

Hi there,

I'm a very happy drupal-user !

Check out our corporate website: www.alpha-square.be


fall-line’s picture

Let's not forget: snowboard-mag.com

mollila’s picture

That link was broken, use: www.snowboard-mag.com

Rakeback.com - Rakeback deals to online poker players

syawillim’s picture

I'm just adding the finishing touches to my latest project, a corporate site that makes use of the front page, taxonomy image and side content modules.


Yes, I know that images have been used for the text in the side content but this is what the client insisted be used. And yes I know that there is the odd image in the side content that looks out of place, but again this is what the client wanted and as we all know the client always knows best.

Overall as a corporate site I’m pretty happy with it, so I thought I would post it as an example of a non-traditional application of Drupal.

professional, affordable web site design, production and maintenance for small business

radiofranky’s picture

how much a site like this cost?

magico’s picture

All the sites are in portuguese, but I think you can take a look.

Ordered by conclusion date:

Timotheos’s picture

Those are great looking sites magico.

ddonat’s picture

It is our own site.
It was our first Drupal site.
We kind of aborted development when it got too busy. We hope to finish it before summer.
But I think it is a pretty corporate looking site with a unique twist on the Drupal paradigm.

Donat Group


strangeways’s picture

radiofranky’s picture

how does it change to different pages when content changes?

radiofranky’s picture

it changes with page changes..

how to achieve this? using banner module? thanks

strangeways’s picture

I just hacked page.tpl.php in the theme directory to select a random banner.

I'm not sure I understand your other question: "how does it change to different pages when content changes?"

Can you explain what you are referring to?

Marco Palmero’s picture

Nice website!

I added your link to my list of Best Drupal Sites...

Blog | Sydney News | Photography | Travel |Best Designed Drupal Websites

strangeways’s picture


shane’s picture

I know this doesn't qualify as a "corporate" site - but it is a departure from the traditional "community/blogging" style site. This was built and is maintained by a close friend of mine - they went with Drupal at my suggestion after delving into code to help them with several problems (shudder ... ASP mixed with PHP mixed with hand written static templates, mixed with dozens of people mucking with them ... yikes!).

Drupal is clearly a win for them here:


radiofranky’s picture

what module did u use for rating stars? thanks

kerrizor’s picture

I used an off-the-shelf voting module you can download from this site... heavily modded out, of course.

radiofranky’s picture

which module did use for your page layout? and how did u keep the same page layout through out the site and updates only the content with different "channels"? What base theme are u using? Are you using xtemplate or phptempalte? thanks

kerrizor’s picture

phptemplate is the engine, and the theme is a custom one we built from scratch.

..actually, there's hardly a single module, theme, template, or include that I haven't mucked about it with this :)

radiofranky’s picture

did you create a different page for different "channels"? because by default it displays a list of "nodes" instead "blockerized" like you have


kerrizor’s picture

Basically I worked within the templating engine as best I code, and where it failed to do what I wanted, I just took the code that generated the blocks and wrote my own display sections.

Coming soon - hacked profile pages! :)

kerrizor’s picture

Thank you, Shane. I found Drupal and recommended that we use it, and its been a great structure for us. Its heavily modded and extended, but I've been really happy with the reliability and the flexability of the code base. Its nice to be able to start a new project without a pile of crufty code to depend on..

Dubber Dan’s picture

My first drupal site for one of the doctor's surgerires I work for www.boahc.co.uk

I've got to be honest, I'm not 100% happy with the look of it, but everyone else at work is, so it'll do for now. But I'm gonna gradually tweak it over the coming months ;-)

radiofranky’s picture

What module are u using for ur "navigation menu" tks

Dubber Dan’s picture

I'm using Nice Menus which is then customised to fit in with the rest of the site. The theme is a highly customised friendselectric

murph’s picture

Are you using nice menus with books? Nice site btw! :)

Dubber Dan’s picture

Thanks :-)

Not quite sure what you mean by nice menus with books so I guess the answer is no. What is it your wondering about?

murph’s picture

..don't work with books, but i found an alternative that does so it's cool! :)

steveedwards’s picture

radiofranky’s picture

clean format...what theme was based on?

murph’s picture

I second that, what theme have you based that design on? Looks so different to anything i've seen before...

magico’s picture

Hi again,

We have a new site online Habigal, but it is still in tests.
Anyway, it uses Drupal 4.6 (the last to use this version) and we have made some changes to the modules:
* added a new field to flexinode, to support dropdown lists from database tables
* some changes to flexinode module to support "search" theming
* some changes to phptemplate to have new variables that help easy theming
* added some functions that allow easy adding of flash without needing to always write HTML. Also, allowing passing variables to Flash.
* using XML-RPC and Javascript to communicate and insert values within some dropdowns

I hope you like, and if possible give us heavy critics about the site!

PS: sorry, but it is only in portuguese. Some works in progress will be multi-language.

constantinus’s picture

great site,
im curious, what module did you used for the listings?
it was flexinode?

razauq’s picture


That is the look I have been seeking....what template did you base it on? Could you share?





Aquele é o olhar que eu tenho procurado….que molde você o baseou sobre? Poderia você compartilhar?



forreststevens’s picture

I just discovered this thread and, though I posted a separate topic for this site, it is corporate and has a little different look and feel than an out-of-the-box drupal site. Feedback is always welcome!


To learn about the modules and setup I used, check out my original topic. The short of it is I used Drupal 4.7 beta 4, no customization beyond pulling a few modules from CVS, etc.

Let me know what you think,

h3’s picture


I just put this one online this week, it's not really coporate, it's more an event.. I wish I had more time to spend on the layout, it's not tight as it could be because I had tight deadlines, but i think the drupal generic feel is quite gone :>

It has gallery2 integration and drop down menu (I used a variation of A List Apart's Suckerfish menu)


mdroste’s picture

Very nice. I like the magazine style.

go with us - learn php


clickdeveloper’s picture


Clean and easy on the eyes. Though I can be biased as I helped to install Drupal for this site.

kathygnome’s picture


kvarnelis’s picture

We now have the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design's web site running in Drupal 4.7.


It may not be truly corporate or up to the level of something like typophile but it's not too bad either.


hafif uyku’s picture

this is a stock photography site, done entirely with drupal.


jasonwhat’s picture

You've done some great things on that front page. I really like it. What are you using for those scrolling pictures? I thought it was flash, but seems to be something else. Love to hear some of the technical details from the site.

forreststevens’s picture

I like the design a lot, unfortunately the rollover category menu seems to be messed up when viewing in Opera 8. Also on first load the JavaScript image slider seemed to hang and quit, but on subsequent reloads seemed to work just fine. Weird.

But a very nice, beautiful, unique use of Drupal!

rjung’s picture

Wow, nice site! Two quick questions:

1. How much customization of Drupal did you do, roughly speaking? I'm always curious when people "break out of the box" with the standard Drupal engine.

2. How did you implement the "thumbs per page" select?



Rory Marinich’s picture


Some of the features on it seem SO close to what Drupal does. It's what made me use Drupal originally, since I'm trying to make a site comparable to it.

However, I don't know if it actually does use Drupal. I'm pretty certain, and I know that what it does COULD be done with Drupal without much struggle, but if it does use Drupal, it's the biggest site out there that does.

jasonwhat’s picture

Not a Drupal site. You can usually just type /node at the end of the main address and find out. In this case it doesn't appear to be.

Rosamunda’s picture

A PostNuke site, maybe?

Buenos Aires | Argentina

Muslim guy’s picture


*Drupal or not?

Looks very nice, we wish we can use Drupal to get this kind of page with Clean URLs.

Jeff Burnz’s picture

It's Greenpeace's own CMS called Greenpeace Planet II, developed on OpenACS, in no way drupal.

Rory Marinich’s picture

No, PostNuke isn't that flexible. This site uses a lot of features that seem like Drupal's, though, such as tabs and their methods of inputting content. PLUS, they seem to add new features whenever Drupal upgrades...

It's a mystery. ^_^

mdroste’s picture

In the source there is no drupal.css.
/node does'nt work.
And the rss feed is not Drupal like.

But it's a good site.

go with us - learn php


tjholowaychuk’s picture

I have a friend that knows the guy who wrote deviant art personally. NOT a cheap website, but he makes millions so hey.
Tj Holowaychuk

Vision Media - Victoria BC Web Design
Victoria British Columbia Web Design School

magico’s picture

Hi everyone!

Here it is the new site of Teka.

It is our first multi-idiom site, and because of that the english and spanish contents are not yet fully inserted.
Funny things:
* every section has a diferent flash/image (and changes for diferent idiom)
* catalog section is based exclusivelly in "taxonomy", and the only thing it was done was developing a small extension to theming the "taxonomy" pages.
* it was created the first "idea" for a real multi-menu edition, that allows the identification and definition of a menu content/site-wide. The standard menu, does not allow things like the insertion of special nodes/taxonomy in the main menu, and the breadcrumb varies from normal menu, to taxonomy. So this is the first step to create a "real menu system" (probably 4.7 already has that, must take a look at it)

Hope you like it. Any doubts, ideas or questions just send me an email!

puredrivel’s picture

I actually like this one :) nice work

cmsproducer’s picture

comment withdrawn

puredrivel’s picture

you know what - in my opinion this thread is completely useless the title of which was "Truly corporate Drupal sites" the couple of so-called corporate sites somewhere in here are hidden among the non-profit, dead link, amateur junk the sooner people realise that just because they installed drupal/mambo/whatever and hacked a theme for their mate doesn't entitle them to start yet another web deisgn business before getting bored in a month the better - whats so great about being a web designer?

kozuch82’s picture

Hm the designs are nothing special. My design winner is still www.projectopus.com

Support Drupal! - Drupal at Free Scripts Forum
The Linux Boy - Free Scripts and Linux Guides

mdroste’s picture

Or what's your opinion about our corporate sites listed below?

Meinolf Droste


jasonwhat’s picture

Did you do this? It's pretty great. I'd love to know how they did some of their specilized features like importing a users blog via rss or letting users choose a cutom path for their page.

mdroste’s picture

We use no specialiced features. We don't importing any users blog. We use the pathauto module.
But I'm not sure if that's realy your question.

Thanks for 'pretty great'.

Meinolf Droste


jasonwhat’s picture

Not that yours aren't great also, though I don't understand them because of the language. But I was talking about projectopus. They have some user blog importing.

keesje’s picture

Its our company website and I do not like to boast, but we are proud of it, and I think it is a good example of a Drupal based Corporate Website : Qrios Webdiensten, Internet Applications


magico’s picture

Hi everyone,

Here are two more sites:
Teka Containers
Cross Pro

Fernando Silva
Openquest - Sistemas de Informação, Lda

sslxt’s picture

Hey. Your sites look nice.

Find information here
Your guide to watches

chupcha’s picture

here is a cool one... www.campusbin.com

drupallinux’s picture

nice sites,
i love them......... really i like them so much!!!
they *ALMOST* as good as mines http://www.sitelancers.net

hehe im kidding :P

amir99’s picture

In case anyone missed my thread, here's a financial themed site built on top of drupal 4.6


Gimme your thoughts please :D

elfur’s picture

Currently you're front page is depicting:

Owned by mjd(Blizzard-Service@Hotmail.com) - Secure your systems! :-)


mollila’s picture

Our new company website was recently released:

Rakeback.com - The Poker Loyalty Program

mountainash’s picture

Check out www.mainland.net.au soon. This is a building/consruction company site that is quite corporate.

mfer’s picture

This is not a drupal site. Why did you post it????? Am I missing something?

magico’s picture

<sarcasm>He said "soon".</sarcasm>

Fernando Silva
Openquest - Sistemas de Informação, Lda

mountainash’s picture

It is now. Checkout Mainland Building Solutions. It's using a customised Theme with a major JavaScripts (equal column heights, scrolling nav, re-sizable width, and the homepage is use JS for a slideshow). On the Drupal side it has a custom news page (no news yet - that lists the "story" content by date. It has a automated Google site map and a WYSIWYG editor with inline images.

The site was created by RMW Web Publishing in Australia.

I'd just like to say that using Drupal has been fun. It was so easy to use from customising to moving from a local dev environment to an external web server, it just works. Well done to all the developers.

streamline’s picture

My site may not appear truly corporate but I am incorporated. Your world and mine converge in the late night hours after a day of selling or manual labor as I try to figure this Drupal stuff out. So far, I haven't deleted my site or caused the internet to come crashing down so I guess I am doing ok.

I sold all of the projects on my site and installed most of them.

I had some help getting started but I am on my own now and will keep at until I learn at least the basics...in the year 2019 :)


Ainur’s picture

We are about to lunch this site: http://www.mc-coperture.it/user
This is corporate site of building (dampproofing) company.
Content is being submitted, you can see only the login page.
By clicking tabs on the top - on the left side will appear menu relative to the specific section of the site.
I’d appreciate your opinion about it.

eternalistic’s picture

I just finished up my first Drupal site and think it might be worthy to be listed here. At first I couldnt stand Drupal as I am used to coding entire sites by hand and it took me two days to get the idea and then it was a breeze converting my XHTML/CSS site to Drupal once I got it configured correctly. Overall it took me maybe 5 days to convert the entire site to Drupal, so its really not as hard as I first thought it was going to do. Now I absolutely LOVE Drupal and would definately use it in the future.

Have a look at my first Drupal site: www.caesy.com


Jeremy Caldwell

chandika’s picture

This is really good design! 5 Stars!

ppearse’s picture

We have started work on several Drupal sites for the American Cancer Society to serve as test beds for future large scale work.

Here is our first Beta site that has launches: www.relayforlife.org

We are about to launch two more Drupal sites for cancer survivors and smoking cessation.

The goal is to sell the possibility of using an open source CMS in an enterprise enviroment.


.carey’s picture

Just to let you know (if you don't already): the 'sign up' link doesn't work. :)

duchot’s picture

Marble2 is a global hotspot, where members publish their global experiences for cities and countries around the world. Incorporates blogging, video, expanded comments, lots of custom programming for a unique experience with more social networking in the future.

anthon1’s picture


I designed this around the stations image. It doesnt have any flash, but I really like the way it came out. I'm still waiting for the Streaming Audio and this is a work in progress as far as modules. I'd love some feedback from the Drupal Community (you guys) .


pashamalla’s picture

We just finished putting together this site for a client... still working on some things, but I thought I'd post it here as an example of a 'truly corporate' site. The whole thing is managed and driven by Drupal. We use our own customizations and add-ons of course, but all customizations are within the Drupal framework.


skcombs’s picture

We've just launched VisionAWARE, a new web site that provides practical self-help information and links to a wide range of helpful resources for adults with vision loss, their family members, and those who work with them.

Our challenges were to make the site accessible for low vision visitors with various screen-display technologies, and a unique view of node titles organized by topic when some nodes have multiple parents in the taxonomy. We used the category module, the friendselectric theme, and custom view code.

Comments and helpful suggestions are most welcome.

rondev’s picture

Calibreuses Fachaux
i18n sent me to Drupal. That is the reason why I choose this CMS. Good one. But it would be very nice if a CMS include i18n in core.

Pawel Gawlowski’s picture

i've created a site for polish project management society -
www.spmp.org.pl. I hope it could be considered as corporate due its size and pretty template :)

best regards,
Pawel Gawlowski

llaslo’s picture

This was my first Drupal attempt:


Traffic's hit record highs since implementing a redesign combined with Drupal, and the site's manager couldn't be happier with it.

VivekDubey’s picture

I liked all 3 designs as these look quite different from default drupal themes. I like the idea of different header for different nodes which you can notice in www.vinrcorp.com which is also a pretty clean design for drupal. I think I will be posting a snippet for that in couple of days.

Vivek Dubey
Unleash the Power of Drupal.

DominicJones’s picture

Based on some of the recent examples, it looks like we're getting very close to real corporate websites that use Drupal.

But the ultimate test is when a "corporate site" includes an investor relations section, complete with stock data, SEC filings, corporate governance information, etc.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has done something like this, or who believes they could do a demo of such a thing using entirely open source solutions. I'm sure it can be done and would be willing to help in order to prove the concept.

You can find me or get a better sense of what's required for investor relations sites at www.irwebreport.com

rbburton’s picture

Indymoms has been launched recently (December 2006) and is based on drupal. We do have a few things outside of drupal as part of the site, mostly to leverage other, pre-existing resources; but drupal has been well-received by our development group and our customers within the company.

Richard Burton

markdingemanse’s picture

I think www.flexcombv.nl qualifies as a truly corporate site. If you didn't know it you probably wouldn't see that it fully runs on Drupal. It just went live; see also this topic.

comperr’s picture

You forgot about the obvious one --> drupal.org!!
It does not look like a CMS

lovermann’s picture

Nice looking website. Very good!

hakkisak’s picture

I am 90% done on this site using drupal! i hope its up to the caliber of the other sites, it will be when its finished anyway
just need to add some graphics and content


there is one major problem keeping me from completing it which is the "imagecache" module! if someone could help me getting it to work i will happily pay them


jeforma’s picture

We would like to spotlight jeforma.com who have been open for now a week. jeforma.com will be the greatest resource for everything beauty, from fashion and celebrity news to everyday hommes and femmes model reviews.

Please have a look and tell us what you think of it or if you have any suggestions.

jeforma - beautifying the world of humans.

norio’s picture

Would jogmymemory.co.za fit into this category? It's not corporate but it's no blog either. What say you?

mdixoncm’s picture

Well, as corporate as we get anyway - but don't tell our clients LOL ... http://www.computerminds.co.uk

Like books? Check out booktribes the new (Drupal based) community for book lovers
from Computerminds

elvis2’s picture

Hi Drupalers,

I have received nice comments on my drupal site. Thanks for gathering all the other corporate style sites.

mmariusel’s picture

Cialog is a great example for the perfect german website. I am now searching maybe for a possibility to create a software repository based on drupal.

Website Submitter | Article Submitter

Morgenstern’s picture

on http://www.heiner-koepcke.de/ you can find a website which I made for a German star photographer from Hamburg.
Well it's not a big company but nevertheless a business related website.

adamdicarlo’s picture

Hey, I just noticed that askaninja.com is a drupal site! Woohoo!


Went to the site of askaninja designers and found http://joshgroban.com !

The company who made these sites appears to use drupal for a lot (all?) of their designs. They've got a pretty sweet looking portfolio:

Remember, when in doubt (if it's a drupal site), append "/update.php" to the URL and watch for a familiar sight... :)

naught101’s picture

site for humanitarian architecture networking and project sharing.

really, all I can say is: fuck. this site is brilliant.

apart from the url structure, (and a quick search for 'drupal' on the site), it's almost impossible to tell it's a drupal site. amazing what someone can do if they put their mind to it!

Sharique’s picture

[ cialog ] I need theme this of this site. Can any body can give.

Sharique uddin Ahmed Farooqui
IT head, Managefolio.com
S/w development head, Samutkarsha Infotech

Sharique Ahmed Farooqui

Leabee’s picture

Some very nice sites listed in this thread, it's great getting to see what Drupal can be used for.

I originaly had my web design business website done in Joomla but after using Drupal for this boredom relief site I decided to redesign and rebuild using Drupal 'cause it's the best. Hope to use it for many more of my clients sites in the future.

cogdina’s picture

Love the power of Drupal themes.. Its getting better and better
Poonam Lilani
- Design house focused on Drupal theme development

vikrantrathore’s picture


check the website http://www.vyomtech.com/


Fennex’s picture

Perhaps not so corporate but I think its pretty good all the same. This was my first drupal site, I was responsible for the theme. Many others contributed ofcourse! http://www.artsci.wustl.edu/

blueflowers’s picture

Our Company has recently embraced Drupal and this has been the output thus far (posted chronologically)


More to come soon!

tjholowaychuk’s picture

Tj Holowaychuk

Vision Media
Stationery Style Design Inspiration

Jeff Burnz’s picture

http://www.john-silvers.com is a new site featuring an product catalogue of electrical good such as tv's, mp3 players, audio and video, cameras and computers. There is also a section on cars and car audio and video.

It uses a slightly modified Zen Classic theme, Views, CCK and a bunch of other usual suspects. A nice feature is a View to sort author submissions (authors will be paid in the future) and the option to export to CSV file.

superradu’s picture

Spoon Media has created some amazing sites.. They're also listed on the Drupal site showcase contest, which I think is going to interest you :)

Radu --
Timişoara, România

ccbelland’s picture

A newer site, www.AnnualEventpost.com, is a user generated calendar of events site for many cities and towns across the US.

augustofagioli’s picture

There's this drupal websites directory : http://www.drupalwebsites.com/directory

This is good place to show to Drupal in action

gloscon’s picture

You may also want to add it to Face book "Drupal Sites" group - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=5003453225
Roshan Shah
CEO - Global Software Consulting (Gloscon)
1-888-DRUPAL-9 (378-7259)

paulhudson’s picture

Here are a few from our portfolio:


Would be lovely to have some featured on Drupal ;-)


Professional Web Design

Pushkar Gaikwad’s picture

Not sure if it can be called as Corporate site, but anyway, here is http://www.coders2020.com/. You may like to check http://drupal.org/node/235500 to know more about it.


Placement papers and Job Openings

joep.hendrix’s picture

Today we launched www.compubase.nl.
Custom themed.

CompuBase, Drupal websites and design

CompuBase, Dutch Drupal full service agency

blueflowers’s picture

that looks great!

joep.hendrix’s picture

Thank you!

CompuBase, Dutch Drupal full service agency

keesje’s picture

This is a website we build for a corporate client, an office supply store.

Roodbeen Nijkerk, kantoorartikelen

Webbased applicaties, content management systemen, websites, webdesign

ablankenstein’s picture

Really big corporate websites that uses drupal are listed here;


(NASA, AOL, MTV, Sun, Belgian Government etc.)

daggerhart’s picture

This is one of the first threads I read when I started with drupal three years ago. I always hoped to feel confident enough about a site to post it here.

So, here is my submission in hopes that it is 'truly corporate'


Please let me know what you think.

Its Drupal 5.7

socialtalker’s picture

i am no judge of good corporate sites, but its great design. love the idea of using the quicktabs menu, is that the name of that mod?, that gives the help menu, poll, Q/A and Events in one place, i have gotta steal that. and the use of topics above the nav bar. did you do a write up in drupal showcase, i dont remember.
i just found it very well organized and easy to navigate, the topic of the site is dead useful too, i bookmarked it!

Designers.pro’s picture

These sites are great! Really eye opener for people about what Drupal can do.

"Design Professionals Community"

aruns4’s picture

My site is just simple and nothing much..


thinking how to develop..

any ideas...

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Well, even clients wanting a CMS capable website while insisting to keep the loved, rusty look'nd feel of an old '95 frames website are enjoying Drupal: Echtscheidingsbemiddeling en mediation.

drupallinux’s picture

your site is amazing man.
it looks very proffesional. wish i could do that.

do you make alot of money from it?


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This thread includes a lot of "look at my site" and not so many "Truly corporate" innovative sites. Even the parent post's "Sudden thoughts" site looks pretty default now, perhaps they upgraded Drupal.

In my opinion http://twit.tv is a great Drupal instance. They needed a flexible content management system to run a new-media network and found that Drupal+modules was the best solution. Read the full details of the site's design and engineering.

Leo Laporte (host of twit.tv) even interviewed Jeff Robins on FLOSS weekly discussing Drupal and Lullabot.

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"Even the parent post's "Sudden thoughts" site looks pretty default now, perhaps they upgraded Drupal."

In 4.5 years? I'd sure hope they have... ;)


See my Drupal articles and tutorials or come check out life in the Coulee Region.

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Wow, I didn't realize this thread was started so long ago. Still, they shouldn't downgrade style/innovation when the upgrade to a new version.

Michelle’s picture

Well, I can't speak for the OP but sometimes you want to get on the latest version but just don't have the time to upgrade your theme as well, especially if it was very customized. Wouldn't be the first time I've seen a site revert to garland for a while after an upgrade.


See my Drupal articles and tutorials or come check out life in the Coulee Region.

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U guys Prolly seen this site. BUt i love it. http://change.gov/ Any ideas what they have been using?

kylehase’s picture

Most of Obama's sites are built by Blue State Digital (BSD) and as far as I know BSD exclusively builds with the ExpressionEngine (EE) CMS. I poked around change.gov and it also appears to be built with EE.

I shouldn't really be gloating about other CMS too much here but the next version of EE will be built from CodeIgniter, an open source PHP framework.

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I agree twit.tv is great example of professional drupal use.


drupallinux’s picture

I think its fair to say, Its a site truly standing between blogs and tech websites.
I was checking the source code of it, and its div!!

is there a theme for that site somne where?
I would like to change my site to look like that.


kylehase’s picture

The TWiT.tv design was done by Arktyp http://www.arktyp.ca/clientlist.html

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Here is a new website we have just released for our customer. The mother company has 5 daughter companies who all had individual websites before.
Now they are merged together with a single project database. The right theme is shown based on the context company the visitor is looking at.

Van der Horst Bouwgroep

CompuBase, Dutch Drupal full service agency

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This Ecademy site looks really good and so easy to use. Based on traffic it grows very fast and there are a lot of unique features.

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There's this little site called http://www.whitehouse.gov that runs Drupal.

jimmb’s picture

How do you know the extent to which whitehouse.gov uses Drupal? I tried the common "tests" for seeing this:
and both returned "404 Page Not Found".

The page source *does* show a couple references to "drupal", though. Still, it doesn't really seem to be a standard Drupal setup....


jdwalling’s picture

RE: Whitehouse.gov Drupal credentials

User and Node directories are detected by http://www.adulmec.com/drupaldetect/

It would be interesting to know how it works, since I also get 404 errors when I use my browser.

Advomatic’s picture

They have intense security over there, thus anyone outside the White House network can't access any login or user pages.

Tafa’s picture

mashable ran an article on that a week ago...



Mathijs Koenraadt’s picture

www.icescan.com (beta)

A search engine on Drupal.