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Responsive HTML5 Base Theme

Adaptivetheme is a powerful theme framework designed from the ground up to power modern, cross browser/cross device websites using responsive design techniques.

Adaptivetheme allows you to set up specific layouts for different device groups - such as desktop, tablet and smartphone - all via the user interface and without any coding.

If you are using Panels try the Browscap CTools module to control the visibility of panel panes in mobile devices or Browscap Block to do the same thing with normal blocks.

Panels, Display Suite and Gpanels are fully supported with many options for displaying panel type layouts in mobile.

Adaptivetheme is built around these basic concepts:

  • Responsive design
  • Pluggable layout system
  • HTML5
  • WCAG 2.0 Accessibility


There is extensive documentation on setting up and using Adaptivetheme for themers and site builders available in our documentation section.

Premium Themes

To help support our open source projects we offer our Premium Drupal Theme Club. Club members get support for Adaptivetheme related issues and access to our range of premium responsive Drupal themes.

AT Core Extended

AT 7.x-3.x ships with optional Extensions. These are point-and-click style settings for things such as fonts, heading styles, layout tweaks, image alignment and more. All extensions are optional and can be toggled on and off as required. Please see the Extensions documentation for more details.

Version Information

Always match version for version - this means the subtheme and Adaptivetheme core need to be the same version, for example:

Adaptivetheme 7.x-3.x => use 7.x-3.x sub-themes
Adaptivetheme 7.x-2.x => use 7.x-2.x sub-themes

Drupal 8

ATD8 and is very close to a release candidate and is usable as a Drupal 8 base theme right now. Download, install the Generator and generate and new sub-theme to get started.

This is total rewrite and uses a completly redesigned layout system that allows very find grain control over the responsive design, responsive menus, drop menus, off canvas, slide menus and many other features. The theme also includes a theme generator, so no more fiddly copy/pasting code or command line magic to get started, just generate a new sub-theme.

AT D8 closely follows any changes in Drupal RC (release candidates).

Supporting organizations: 
Support code development and issue queues.

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