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MD5: 2aad7571ff8edf2fd2d584407e23b366
SHA-1: f8e6d829a14e4fa341314d8914f49b8654577110
SHA-256: 06367b576a36f43c6cd7be15c7854f9e1c1a2fb71ee46742d8ad2eddb6c357cf
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MD5: 79db466c4ab6ec77dff2a20602535026
SHA-1: a8838f8a499df4af5903dd775eafe16e08f8ab66
SHA-256: 12141f3f8fe1d8ebf4fe5f3f2559aa6302bc14c39c16d19d3b780011e9d2f142
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/commerce:^2.0'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: bojanz
Created on: 28 Apr 2016 at 22:34 UTC
Last updated: 28 Sep 2016 at 13:28 UTC
Core compatibility: 8.x
Release type: Bug fixes, New features

Release notes

Important: Commerce 2.x alphas are NOT production ready. No upgrade path is provided between alphas. A full reinstall is needed each time.

Blog post:
Installation instructions:

Changes since 8.x-2.0-alpha3:

  • Grant the roles 'access checkout' permission on install, enable the module on Travis.
  • #2715569: Implement plugin dependencies in CheckoutFlowWithPanesBase
  • #2715269 by agoradesign, bojanz: Define the behavior of non-visible panes on Review
  • Hide the 'Contact email' read-only field if the field is empty.
  • #2715541 by mglaman: Theme hook commerce_product_attribute_value not found
  • #2713501: Reimplement cart order assignment
  • #2715269 by agoradesign, bojanz: Review pane shows summaries of non-visible panes
  • #2690817 by agoradesign, bojanz: Add temporary access code to allow anon users to view products and their variations
  • Unused use statement should be avoided
  • Text files should end with a newline character
  • Files should not be executable
  • #2714855 by mglaman: Missing third_party schema for Checkout Flow
  • Make the checkout <-> order config integration more robust.
  • #2710707 by skyredwang: Reset attributes to alphabetical order
  • Fix the build.
  • Export the default checkout flow.
  • #2714221 by agoradesign: Notice: Undefined index refresh_mode and refresh_frequency on saving order type
  • Respect the allow_guest_checkout setting in the Login pane, remove bogus validatePaneForm() parent call.
  • #2710995 by bojanz: Fire a checkout complete event
  • Add missing checkout pane config schema.
  • #2714639 by bojanz: Checkout panes should have access to the complete form
  • #2713987 by bojanz: Implement the login pane
  • #2713467: Allow panes to specify their wrapper type (container, fieldset)
  • #2711005: Add a pane for the billing address
  • #2710987 by bojanz: Create the review pane
  • Validate/submit the checkout flow configuration form only if it was built in the first place.
  • #2713421 by bojanz: Implement the contact information pane
  • #2713077 by bojanz: Improve the checkout API
  • #2689549: Implement the initial checkout structure.
  • #2672516 by harings_rob, bojanz: Price Widget missing trailing zeroes
  • #2684713 by skyredwang: WSOD if price amount is NULL
  • #2704801 by agoradesign: Typo in ProductListBuilder::buildHeader()
  • Improve the ProductAttributeFieldManager.
  • #2705763 by bojanz: The attributes setting isn't shown on the variation type add form
  • Increase the default weight of the variation status, to ensure it always comes after the attributes.
  • #2699019: Can't change the ordering of attributes
  • #2705377: The AddToCartFormTest is broken
  • #2689285 by bojanz: Image/file fields don't work on the attribute value form
  • #2702873 by skyredwang, bojanz: ProductAttributeOverviewForm order jumps
  • #2689281 by mglaman: Improve the styling of attribute value entity forms
  • Update ProductAttributeOverviewForm for latest Inline Entity Form.
  • #2689307 by mglaman, bojanz: Add tests for the product attribute UI
  • Fix the failing ProductVariationTypeTest test.
  • #2689519 by mglaman, bojanz: Allow product attributes to be assigned to product variation types
  • #2671050 by skyredwang, mglaman: Include Price in the Product Variant inline forms
  • #2675836 by mglaman, bojanz: Expand the add to cart form test coverage.
  • #2689767 by Purnachandra Rao V: Remove usage of deprecated methods
  • #2691591 by agoradesign, bojanz: ProductVariationStorage::loadEnabled() does not respect field delta, returning items unsorted
  • Add our Drupal dependencies to the composer.json.
  • Add missing bundle_label keys to the content entity type annotations.
  • #2682067: Require Drupal 8.1
  • #2689911 by andypost: Use a lazy builder in the AddToCartFormatter
  • Set the ProductVariation status widget/weight explicitly.
  • #2690685: Create an attribute field manager.
  • #2687445 by skyredwang: Create a "Use the commerce administration pages" permission
  • #2689535 by joshmiller: Clear the Product -> Line item cache on Product Variation Type update
  • Improve the PHPStorm variable typehints.
  • Improve the ProductAttributeOverviewForm.
  • Rename getAttributeId() and getAttributeIds() to getAttributeValueId() and getAttributeValueIds().
  • #2685873: Create our own entity types for product attributes
  • Update LineItemInlineForm for latest IEF.
  • #2686241: Rework the field attribute settings
  • Remove xdebug from Travis to speed up Composer.
  • Use #disabled instead of #access for the variationType on the ProductTypeForm.
  • Re-sort the order config_devel entries.
  • Add install keys to config_devel entries in info.yml files
  • Add the ConfigUpdater.
  • #2677932 by bojanz, harings_rob: Add a test for reinstalling Commerce
  • Fix crash in ProductVariation::bundleFieldDefinitions() at uninstall.
  • #2680901 by harings_rob, bojanz: Broken destinations on product/order "Add store" links
  • #2681297: Need to install router schema for OrderTest


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