The purpose of this issue is to communicate the plan to port Webform to Drupal 8 and to help the active contributors and webform-8.x branch maintainers coordinate their efforts.

Members of the Drupal community are encouraged to join the effort. This issue is the place to volunteer so that the team leaders can coordinate efforts.

Please comment if you would like to be included in Webform project planning and coordination discussions. Feel free to subscribe to this issue if you wish to follow the coordination activities.


DanChadwick created an issue. See original summary.

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I would like to begin porting my three webform-related modules (webform_civicrm, webform_layout, webform_autocomplete) asap, so I will be following this thread with interest. If I stumble across broken stuff in this module while porting, I'm happy to submit patches (patches? really? when do we get to use GitHub?).

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I have the odd patch or two (for 8.x) floating around the issue queue. Happy to help where needed; normally have a few hours free at the end of each week. Not sure if it's too early but I feel we need to start moving some of the tests across.

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A number of my projects use Webform, and as a result, is one of the key reasons I haven't moved these to D8 yet. As a result, I'd be glad to help in any way possible.

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I would like to begin porting the module webform_classes that I wrote originally for D6, so that it is ready for D8. What would be really cool would be to get it's functionality included in webform. I'd be interested in what appetite there is for this?

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There are currently at least 5 D7 modules that provide the functionality to more or less copy/clone webforms
#1689434: Six overlapping modules
I'm the maintainer of one of those modules. I'm wondering if the D8 version will provide better mechanisms to facilitate cloning webforms.

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Hey, all. Wearing my Acquia hat atm.

I'm sorry to report but Webform is no longer on our list of modules that we're focusing on for Drupal 8, at least currently. Instead, we're going to be using a more lo-fi version that's a combination of core Contact module + Contact Storage module + the patch at #2615112: Add a view builder for contact_form.

Updating the issue summary to this extent. We still feel this is a really important module for the larger Drupal ecosystem, but not one we ourselves are going to be porting in the short-term. Sorry. :(

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@webchick - I understand. Absent another corporation taking this on, the future of webform seems cloudy. At best.

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@DanChadwick can you please outline the current status of the D8 port, how much time has gone in so far and a rough estimate of time it would take to complete? It sounds like we've got a fair number of community volunteers stepping up and it would make sense to me to start divvying up the work and getting to it.

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Who can do the work? Maybe we could crowd fund it. I'm willing contribute in such a sponsorship.

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@colemanw -- Relatively little has been done so far. The branch does track the D7 branch in terms of patchs. This means that patches have either been ported to D8 or incorporated as D7 code that will still need porting.

It is difficult for me to estimate, but I would guess that 1000-2000 hours of work is needed. The project needs a branch lead maintainer to coordinate the work. This would be someone who can give the project priority. There are a number of people who seem interesting in contributing a little, but it needs an architect and lead maintainer (probably the same person, but could be a sub-team of 2 or more).

@yannisc -- crowd sourcing might help, but I doubt it can actually fund this. The experience from the Rules funding effort is that it took as many hours to raise the money as it did funded hours. My experience with sponsorship for ongoing D7 maintenance has been largely unsuccessful in terms of actually paying something like a working wage.

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Thanks, DanChadwick. So, what would you suggest as the best approach to have this module ported to D8 sometime?

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@yannisc - Let me clarify further:

  1. I'm not working on D8 personally.
  2. Acquia stepped up, but then stepped back down before the effort could start in earnest.
  3. It is a huge amount of work -- perhaps 0.5 to 1 person-year, worth $100K to $200K at the Drupal grant hourly rate. Deep knowledge of D7 to D8 module ports and D8 APIs would shorten this by perhaps a factor of 2.
  4. No single person or small team of people has stepped forward to lead this actively.
  5. The current Webform D8 branch maintainer is no longer working actively on the project.
  6. Webform's creator is no longer actively involved in Drupal. Backdrop has a Webform port based on a fork of the D7 branch.
  7. Someone -- or some people -- with appropriate skills and credentials would need to volunteer to lead this effort, either with their own private funding or with some corporate/institutional funding.

The best approach to porting D8 would be for an organization to offer a bounty of, say, $100K to port it. I suspect this would attract a qualified developer to lead the project. Absent that, I'm not optimistic (but hope I'm wrong).

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Thanks, DanChadwick! That's not good news :(

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Just adding the original issue #2075941: Port Webform to Drupal 8 as a related issue. To be clear, this issue is about forming a team to lead D8 development. The other issue is about actual implementation.

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Hello, Guys
We are going to port webform to D8 in a nearest future, so please make me a maintainer of the project, I will proceed with roadmap and resources

Thanks in advance

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That's good news!! :)

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please make me a maintainer of the project

IMO maintaining a project on slows things down - if you clone it to github then you can iterate much faster through large numbers of pull-requests from multiple contributors. Pushing changes back to is trivial.

Just a suggestion, pls don't let it side-track the main task at hand (the question of where to host the repo is not worth bike-shedding).

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Hi @podarok! That's great. I don't think we've worked together before, but your profile has a good number of credentials on it. I've added you as a maintainer on the project. Please take a look at #2075941: Port Webform to Drupal 8 and in particular the sub-issue #2293945: Convert components to plugins, where @tedbow had been making some good progress.

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@quicksketch thank you tons.
Will do

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I may give a hand to speed up the port to D8

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@podarock I'm also available and I be glad to help porting Webform to D8. Let me know how I can contribute.

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Where is the roadmap? I'm also in need for a port for drupal 8, as this is one of the core modules needed for many of my sites. If I can help with documentation and testing, let me know.

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I could help to write code and provide some debugging test as well. This is highly needed.

Let me know how can I help


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I want to be maintainer of webform D8.

Let me know how can I help

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I have a team working for me in India. I can volunteer some of their time to help in this project. I am particularly interested in adding the functionality from into webforms.

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@podarok @quicksketch interested in helping here too - starting with #2709635: Port tests to D8

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I too like to involve in this process. Please let me know how can I proceed?

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seems like a bit of energy being offered but unclear if this is being harnessed. can any of 'the team' comment back on the offers from CarlHinton, larowlan etc

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We can see that this module is highly needed by the community, and I am happy to contribute to the porting and developing in the future. I hope that we can have the roadmap soon, so that we can know what kinds of problems need to be solved.

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hey! drupal Guru's we desperately need webforms for drupal 8 .

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For those of you who can't wait. I've done some basic testing and I'm quite surprised by the results I've had with the YAMLform module. The UI submodule is marked as experimental but I haven't had any issues with it so far and more important the maintainer is active.
Hope it helps...

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Any progress here? We too are in need of a webform port for Drupal 8

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The YAMLform module is the new Webform. jrockowitz has done a very good job there!

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Hi yannisc,
Thank you so much for the suggestion you provided on #35.

The YAMLform module ( looks like a very good alternative for Drupal 8.

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Version: 8.x-4.x-dev » 8.x-5.x-dev
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I don't see amy reason to continue webform since do all the job you need for webfroms and even better.
webform maintainer, why don't you consolidate with yamlform maintainer and build your module as part of yamlform_webform module ?

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The maintainer of YAML Form has stated that everyone should migrate to the latest release of The Webform module.

If you are new to the YAML Form module, do not download and install it, please download and install the latest Webform 8.x-5.x release. (It is the exact same code base as the latest YAML Form 8.x-1.x release).

This is from the project page that is linked to in your comment.

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Ah great , so they already did what I asked for )))

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Looks like I have to migrate to webform )

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Can this issue be closed now that there is a beta7 and the porting is rewrite from ground up?

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I think this ticket can be closed but the status should be changed to "Closed (won't fix)", since technically, Webform 8-x-5.x is a rewrite and not a port.

Anyone interested in tracking the status of Webform 8.x-5.x should start following #2574683: [webform] Webform.

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Status: Active » Closed (won't fix)

Closing as suggested above.

Helps keeping the issue queue a tad cleaner.