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MD5: df1ce5aeb6a9a5c383d944a2a7494f18
SHA-1: 687785e0df36a040a328179fcd0566c6a08f7a8e
SHA-256: f69c803ba8fd919ce4191cb9645a27c359bbd0b0769a2f101096e6c124f91661
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MD5: dbde17e8df9f710d27fdd15d97396b75
SHA-1: 24bd7af4eb39124ab2a179d210a673c491b7f8a1
SHA-256: e18d7c24a270ac2fc7cbb3ad4ade5dceb3de6d8cef62afd2c0e4bb616feea6a4

Release info

Created by: japerry
Created on: 12 Feb 2014 at 15:06 UTC
Last updated: 18 Mar 2015 at 20:08 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x

Release notes

This version of ctools is a accumulation of several patches from #2129033: [Meta] CTools 7.x-1.4 release , and includes 2 security updates as well. See SA-CONTRIB-2014-013

Changes since 2013-04-04:

  • Respect access calls when displaying content within a relationship context
  • Change ctools autocomplete to not include usernames or show titles to users in certain conditions.
  • #1928122 by andrewbelcher: check for a positioned parent and then filtering on modals
  • #1947680 by maximpodorov: Fix extra field renderer
  • #2007364 by ericduran: Fix broken vertical tabs within ctools modal display
  • #2049087 by maximpodorov: add more caching to ctools_token_content_type_content_types
  • #1168272 by juves, Berdir: blocks are shown untranslated
  • #2186405 by japerry: Change function names of internal ctools uuid functions to avoid conflicts with uuid module.
  • #2108413 by gmclelland: Add edit link for custom content panes
  • #1446626 by Letharion, Summit: Add term depth access variant to ctools
  • #1360310 by jherencia: Fix Undefined index notices for form builder
  • #1482968 by JordanMagnuson, andrewbelcher: Open modal on form submission
  • #2016559 by hefox: Non-numeric pager_id causes a loop that just won't stop
  • #2014225 by jchatard: fix fatal error with __clone method called on non-object
  • #1992680 by iamjon: Check if class is 'views_content_plugin_display_panel_pane' ignores classes that extend it
  • #1954794 by rsmylski: Fix Undefined index with "Multiple Terms from node" relationship
  • #1917658 by codycraven: Empty context value results in missing argument in views argument
  • #1863166 by Jorrit: Bad arguments when first optional context argument is unavailable
  • #1760752 by netsensei: Tiny int should not be exported as a boolean
  • #1570996 by makangus: ctools-collapsed class should be removed when container is not collapsed
  • #1292098 by mikeker: Check to see if an entity exists before injecting to context
  • #539534 by regilero: remove duplicate ctools_css_cache entry
  • #1921612 by DamienMcKenna: pane shouldn't care if the theme wants the slogan displayed
  • #1524598 by bleen18: make form_state build be true when you add a submit function
  • #1916272 by Jorrit: Fix errors caused by using drupal_not_found
  • #2010124 by davidwhthomas: Context doesn't fully load user
  • #1964434 by rafaqz: Allow tokens with depth greater than 1
  • #1157526 by Hass, Starminder: Resolve PDOException when upgrading from 6 to 7 with profile_field
  • #2026655 by AndreyMaximov: Fatal error if node revision argument is used
  • #2001370 by Spleshka: Modal dialog invokes Drupal.attachBehaviors() with wrong params
  • #2049087 by das-peter, ezra-g: Add static caching to ctools_token_content_type_content_types()
  • #2174235 by imavers: Comment fix for hook_schema implementation.
  • #1928122 by jlapp: Autocomplete position incorrect when in a modal dialog
  • #2155825 followup, harden ctools uuid variable detection
  • #2183589 by daniel-hurd, japerry: Missing semicolon ' &raquo ; ' in page-manager.
  • #2155825 by japerry: Add UUID generation functionality to CTools
  • #1586324 by das_ricardo, mstrelan, jwilson3, R.Hendel: Fixed Exporting a taxonomy term page manager variant with vocabulary selection rules exports vid instead of machine_name().
  • Fix notice error if a panel pane display is deleted while still in use.
  • #1989476 by tim.plunkett: Allow content types to define an access callback for create/add.
  • #1925018 by DamienMcKenna, BerdArt, tim.plunkett: Fixed admin UI error from blocks containing render arrays.


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