Status message

This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Druid consists of few carefully selected, highly skilled Drupal enthusiasts. Our focus is mostly on large, challenging web systems where performance optimization, stability, and high code quality are absolutely vital. We contribute regularly to the community and are familiar faces on all local and major international Drupal-events. Contact us for consulting, full project deliveries or just emergency help. Just be prepared to work with agile methods.

Drupal contributions

We have created and maintain multiple modules like IP Ranges, Context Accordion, Views Supertable, Area Print and Create.js integration. Our team also regularly contributes documentation and contrib/core patches as well as give support on forums, issue queues and irc.

We are familiar faces on all major Drupal events and host some local ones. We have large(st) representation on board of the Finnish Drupal Association and sponsor local nordic/baltic camps with development, speakers and regular sponsorships. We also sponsor the excellent and the new community tools by providing free hosting.

Projects supported

Onnistuu, Insightly, Commerce AJAX Checkout,

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wilei, Senior Drupal Developer

On for 7 years 6 months

bfr, Drupal Architect

On for 6 years 5 months
Over 50 edits to documentation
Contributor to IP Ranges, Area Print, Trello Views Backend, and 12 more

Rade, Drupal Specialist

On for 5 years 5 months
At least 1 edit to documentation
Contributor to Block Sections, Views Day of Week, Brain Forum, and 4 more

Sir-Arturio, Drupal Developer

On for 5 years 2 months
Contributor to Stonehenge, IP Ranges


On for 4 years 7 months
Contributor to Context Accordion

sihv, Software Developer

On for 4 years 6 months
Contributor to Commerce Payment: Suomen Verkkomaksut

teroelonen, Frontend specialist

On for 4 years 4 months
Contributor to Context Accordion

Error303, Drupal Front-End Specialist

On for 4 years 4 months

lauriii, Drupal Craftsman

On for 4 years 2 months
Contributor to Subuser, Tupas Registration, Mobile Navigation, and 8 more

khalima, Drupal Enthusiast

On for 3 years 10 months

jussil, Software Architect

On for 3 years 9 months
Contributor to drush_filelog

msuominen, CEO

On for 3 years 9 months

DickJohnson, Juniorest Frontend Developer, Drupal Specialist

On for 3 years 3 weeks

ilkkave, Drupal Developer

On for 3 years 2 weeks
Contributor to Environment Indicator

lanchez, Drupal Developer

On for 2 years 7 months
1 edit to documentation
Contributor to Trello Views Backend, IP Ranges, Views Supertable, and 2 more

b0unty, Drupal Developer

On for 9 months 2 weeks

TUTT, Junior Drupal Developer

On for 9 months 2 weeks

k-mikko, Agile Specialist

On for 8 months 2 weeks

mkoh, VP, Business Analyst

On for 3 days 21 hours