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SHA-1: 10e8aa205b828d6b26133490811dacc71c5e90c3
SHA-256: 95d20a40507604cd2e204a404ca65fe91cc35ed14f5fb2b286e34a6a9b3e9ef7
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MD5: 43999fc1888c1aa88f1d20288aace84c
SHA-1: 049f3aa82238b28a6fc7672362f34e7a77211ef1
SHA-256: f7c44ad4fd7b3d661801c4fba7f4ccf413d942685a738113b55efbeabaa3d21a

Release info

Created by: dawehner
Created on: 16 Jan 2012 at 21:51 UTC
Last updated: 16 Jan 2012 at 21:55 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

A few bug fixes since 7.x-3.1.

The biggest change is a bugfix which allows you to use arguments and complex filters at the same time.

Changes since 7.x-3.0:

  • #1362114 by JamesAn, dereine: Remove unused variable
  • #1362662 by akamustang, dereine: Add proper including of the theme include file
  • #1063208 by worldfallz: Correct file_usage->node relationship extra definition
  • #1300054 by dereine: Add an id for the exposed form checkboxes as well to prevent a notice
  • #1396276 by schnitzel: Fix documentation of views_trim_text::ellipsis
  • take sure that identifier is defined in term_node_tid
  • #1396376 by pixelmord: Correct the checking for the default value of content has taxonomy terms with depth
  • #1355520 by dereine: Comment RSS: No option 'item_length' but used in render()
  • #1397906 by dereine: Add a default value to fix some notice
  • document name_table and name_field on arguments
  • document this->real_field on all kind of handlers
  • document some more variables in arguments
  • by dereine: Document some variables in arguments
  • by dereine: Remove notice on groups porting code
  • #1400240 by tim.plunkett: Notify users if some options get converted
  • #1367304 by tim.plunkett, dereine: Allow to use arguments with multiple filter groups together. Therefore all filter groups get converted from 0,1 to 1,2 because 0 is made as a special group which has always AND which is then used by the arguments
  • by dereine: Fix small notice
  • #1399948 by liquidcms: increase #maxlength for table summary
  • #1397944 by bfr: Validate the content of display_comment field
  • add @ingroup to all field handlers
  • add @ingroup to all relationship handlers
  • add @ingroup to all argument handlers
  • add @ingroup to all sort handlers
  • add @ingroup to all area handlers
  • add @ingroup to all filter handlers defined by views
  • add @ingroup to help filter example
  • add @ingroup to add basic filter handlers
  • document views_handler_filter->can_group
  • document view->display
  • document views_handler_filter::exposed_info
  • by dereine: Document some variables of views_handler_filter
  • by dereine: Add pager::pre_render
  • #1396544 by liquidcms: Allow to translate the table summary
  • #1395444 by tipit, andi-d, munnin, sreher: Improve the Advance Help Documentation: group-by section
  • #1395444 by tipit, andi-d, munnin, sreher: Improve the Advance Help Documentation: aggregation section
  • #1395430 by bojanz: Enlarge the maximimum length of view names to 128
  • #1395444 by tipit, andi-d, munnin, sreher: Improve the Advance Help Documentation: style-jump section
  • #1395444 by tipit, andi-d, nunnin, sreher: Improve the Advance Help Documentation: about section
  • #1395444 by tipit, andi-d, nunnin, sreher: Improve the Advance Help Documentation: reports section
  • add missing file from prev commit
  • #1395320 by dereine: Allow to use list human readable values instead of only machine key in argument summaries
  • add missing file
  • #1377758 by dereine: Remove view::load as it is not used anymore.
  • #477338 by casey, dereine: Allow to groupby multiple levels and theme the actual output
  • Distinct between handler type and type of the item in both item submit functions
  • #1386234 by casey: Allow arguments with default values setup breadcrumbs
  • by dereine: use protected for viewsHandlerstest::setUp
  • improve comment
  • #1364988 by fago, jalama, dereine: Don't fail on count queries on alternative query backends
  • #1301788 by dereine, scito: Convert row_node_rss to proper variable usage for d7
  • #by 1339044: javier.alejandro.castro: Take sure that both 0 and \'0\' is considered as empty
  • remove stupid ide comment
  • #1359798 by nod_: Allow to use with clear urls as well. Thsi broke all ajax views without clean urls
  • #1382232 by mrtoner, merlinofchaos: Improve the description of views_update_7300 by fixing the grammar and other problems
  • #1214430 by Hydra: Add a user:link field
  • #1372846 by frega, oadaeh: Add much better debug messages for creating instances of handlers/plugins
  • #1387934 by oadaeh: Don't support debugging in regions, as it's broken in core
  • align some code
  • #1387396 by twistor: The Preserve certain tags dependent field should be directly below the Strip HTML tags checkbox
  • #1386372 by webflo: reexport tracker view
  • by dereine: remove module_load_include from tests, as it's not needed in d7
  • #1228680 by derhasi: Add the delta of fields as view field
  • #1128088 by dereine: Allow to add menu items to contextual links
  • #1137892 by agentrickard: Provide an area handler which allows to use some tokens(items per page, etc.) in the header/footer.
  • fix potential bug in viewsScrollTop
  • document view::vid
  • document operator
  • Document prerender_list->items
  • by dereine: Improve filter term_node by defining all used variables, removed unused variables and document much more stuff.
  • #1263846 by dereine: Fix notice in vid to vocabulary conversion code in filter_term_node
  • #1344946 by dereine: Convert and fix the revision_link handlers to entity field
  • #1378088 by dereine: Add the node: nid field also on aggregated queries
  • #1309026 by zilverdistel: Hide thead if is totally empty
  • use human_name for view options
  • Revert "#1324580 by pcramba, dereine: Build the arguments first, so the default arguments exist on validate plugins"
  • #1374148 by tim.plunkett: Fix argument dependency for summary based on some conflicts of pre_render functions


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