Various guides and guidelines on using Drupal.org tools and services.

User accounts

Drupal.org user roles and permissions, instructions on how to become confirmed, how to set up TFA, how to delete your account.

Content guidelines

Case studies, Planet Drupal, other content guidelines, and front page promotion instructions.

Marketplace guidelines

This documentation describes various sections of the Marketplace and how to get listed in them.

Moderation and maintenance

Instructions for content moderators, webmasters and other users with advanced roles who maintain Drupal.org.

Building Drupal.org

Documentation for those participating in fixing bugs or developing new features for Drupal.org.

Drupal CI

Documentation for the automated testing infrastructure on Drupal.org.


Drupal.org APIs, the data they provide and how to use them.

RSS feeds

Various RSS feeds available on Drupal.org that you may find useful for tracking topics and staying up-to-date.

DrupalCamp sites archive

Archived static DrupalCamp sites hosted on Drupal.org and instructions on how to add yours.

Related projects

Guide maintainers