Become a 'confirmed' user

Last updated on
12 July 2017

About the "confirmed" user role

Since is a high profile (and high page rank) website, it attracts both legitimate and spam users alike. Various spam prevention and spam protection tools are used on To allow the legitimate users to use the site and post content without the annoyances of those tools, e.g. CAPTCHAs, such users are being granted "confirmed" user role.

How to get the "confirmed" user role

Just keep posting content. After you've been doing this for some time (and your content is not spam, of course), you get the role automatically.

If our spam prevention tools are really slowing you down and you don't want to wait, you can apply for the "confirmed" user role via the issue queue. To do so open an issue in the Webmaster issue queue. Issue summary can just say 'Please review'. That's all the webmasters need to begin reviewing your request.

If you have an urgent request (e.g. participating in a sprint and need the role to upload a patch) you can try and find one of the webmasters on IRC - #drupalorg IRC channel on Freenode. It always helps to have a community member vouching for you in these urgent cases. Using this channel for normal request won't help you, so please don't misuse it.


When the webmasters receive the request, they will look at your content history and any information you provide in your profile and decide to either grant, deny or postpone the role based on the following:

  • If your content shows some knowledge about Drupal or the willingness to learn about it, your request will be granted and you will get the role.
  • If your content is too generic, your issue will be marked as postponed and reviewed again in a couple of weeks. If there's still no new content, the issue will be closed and the role denied.
  • If you have no content, your issue will be marked as postponed and reviewed again in a couple of weeks. If there's still no content, the request will be denied and the issue closed.


Do I have to apply for the role?
No. If you know you are not a spammer and don't need to post multiple times every minute, you don't need the role. Our system will automatically grant the role to user accounts after they reach a certain amount of participation. Basically, if you are an active user in the community, you'll get the role automatically.

What happens if I don't have the role?
Users without the role have post and comment throttling enabled (only one post/comment every couple of minutes), their posts go through a spam filter, and their user accounts are hidden from search engines and anonymous users.

Can you define "certain amount of participation"?
Although the webmasters believe in transparency, we'd rather not make public our anti-spam specifics. There are two reasons for this: 1. We don't want people to "game" the system, and 2. We need to be able to refine the system if our needs change.