Moderation and maintenance

Instructions for content moderators, webmasters and other users with advanced roles who maintain

Moderating content

General guidelines on how to moderate user-generated content on, guidelines on front page promotion, and reviewing case studies.

Moderating projects and code

Guidelines on how to moderate contributed projects: modules, themes, distributions.

Moderating users

Guidelines on how to act when users violate Terms of Service and various policies.

Granting and revoking Git access for users

Granting and revoking Git access for users.

Moderating Marketplace

Instructions on how to review requests to be added to various areas of the Marketplace.

Maintaining packaging whitelist

Whitelist for external project dependencies helps ensure that only allowed third-party libraries are included in Drupal distributions.

Links and tools

Useful links for content moderators, webmasters and administrators.

Email templates

Email templates to be used for sending various messages and warnings to the users.

Maintaining issue tags

How to update and delete issue tags

Guide maintainers