Front page promotion

Last updated on
26 July 2016

If you wrote or found something (on, Planet Drupal, the Internet), that's really, really interesting to a lot of visitors of, you can suggest a story to be promoted to the front page.

Guidelines for front page posts

  1. The story should be highly relevant to the broad Drupal community and the Drupal project.
  2. The post should be written in proper English, with good writing and proper use of formatting to make it readable.
  3. Do not postdate your "Authored on" date. When promoted to the front page, your post will have their publication date changed to match the date it gets promoted.
  4. The teaser should not contain widgets or images from external sites (e.g. no "digg this" button in the teaser).
  5. All images in the post should be files hosted on, uploaded directly to the post as file attachments.
  6. Image Guidelines:
    • Images are used to enhance the text, not replace it.
    • Maximum file size should be around 50kb.
    • Remove "Browser Chrome" from images.
  7. Following content types can be promoted:
    • blog posts;
    • forum posts from "News & Announcements" forum;
    • change records for Drupal Core releases.

How to request promotion

  • Create an issue in the content queue that contains a link back to the forum post and your rationale for having the story featured on the home page.
  • Volunteer moderators and the Drupal Association staff will review the post and may suggest some improvements or request edits.
  • The front page schedule is managed by the Drupal Association staff. Once the post is ready, one of the staff members will add it to the schedule and announce the date in the issue.
  • On the date one of the staff members will promote the post to the front page.


Why wasn't a post promoted?

Content moderators are responsible for quality of front page posts. In some cases a front page post may not be promoted because:

  • it is not relevant for the community (e.g. buy my new product)
  • the quality of the content is low ( e.g. I launched a blog)
  • the content is considered offensive (the site promotes hatred toward a specific group of people)
  • verification of the content might be challenged before being promoted (e.g. unhappy customers, or bad business practices)

In all cases, promotion to the front page is a privilege and not a right. Content moderators individually and collectively use their judgment to promote quality posts to the front page.

Promotion of local Drupal events on the front page

In 2008, we estimated there were over 800 Drupal events including local Drupal user group meetings, Drupalcamps, Drupal tracks at conferences, and Drupal training events. Since is really for the international community, it is more appropriate to use to promote local events. Promoting a regional event usually means that almost all the people reading the announcement are not able to attend the event. It is better to have content on the that is appropriate for the entire community.