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A pareo or sarong can be used as a beautiful beach cover-up in several cultures, and also serves as a daily wear for women. One can use these DIY or Do-It-Yourself tips to get the perfect beach look for this summer. The very first step should be selecting the perfect fabric that is not too sheer, is lightweight and bright. This Italian Beachwear actually helps some women in hiding their flaws, and focus on their curves and beauty. It accessorizes the whole look, and if teamed properly, can create a fashion statement. Following tips can be used while choosing the perfect Pareo dress for Women:
What to Wear With a Pareo
Some of the favorite ways to layer a pareo involve:
• With a belt to cinch the waist
• With a denim jacket
• With leggings and a tank top
• With a strapless one-piece pant suit
Now, to get that perfect beach look, try one of these:
• As a SKIRT: One of the easiest ways to wrap a pareo is like a skirt. Wrap it around the hips, come and connect the two ends together and knot them together. You get the perfect sensuous look!
• TYING the dress: This is a classic way to tie a pareo around the body. Wrap it around your back, bring both the corners of pareo in the middle of your chest, make a twist and cross, and slide the head. After that, make a bow around the neck, giving you the perfect elegant beach look.
• STRAPLESS: Another one in the kitty is making a strapless pareo dress for women. If the length of pareo is long enough, you can tie the ends behind the back or in the front if the length is small.
• OVER THE SHOULDER: In order to create a beach style statement, you can use this Italian Beachwear and tying it on one side of the shoulder. Hold one end over the shoulder, and pull the other under the arm, and make a knot. Wrap it around and get a stylish look.
• SHORTS: If you have just got your legs tanned, this is the right time to flaunt them. Make shorts or skirt-shorts out of a pareo. Make a knot behind the back, pass both the ends between the legs and tie them in the front. There you go!
Select any one look, and create a fashion statement!

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