Last updated 9 December 2017.

This section discusses the process for creating sandbox and full projects.

The basic process is as follows:

  1. Accept the git terms of service.
  2. Create a sandbox project.
  3. You may promote your sandbox project to a full project and make releases, however we suggest that you do not do this until you're ready for your first release candidate.
  4. Apply for permission to opt-into security advisory coverage.
  5. Once permission is granted, you may opt-in any full project you have created that has a stable release to have security advisory coverage. (The green shield on your project page)


willthemoor’s picture

I can't edit this page directly so providing feedback here.

I read:

1. Accept the git terms of service.

and thought, "OK! I'll do that." but had no idea how or where. :) 30 minutes later...

Proposed change:
1. Accept the git terms of service. To accept, navigate to your user profile and click the Git access tab.

Alternate proposal:
1. Follow these instructions to obtain git access.

Reason: What you actually need for the first step is access to git. Accepting the git terms of service is a part of that process so there's probably not a need to call it out specifically.