Drush Information


Drush is a great tool exclusively for Drupal. Do you have trouble remembering all of the drush commands? There's so many drush commands available. This module is like an owner's manual for all the drush commands available. It's hard to remember them all and what each command does. This module provides a UI for all of the available Drush commands for enabled modules inside a table.

Below are the columns available for this module:

Drupal Coverage Core

This module is part of the Drupal Coverage distribution.



Sets up basic requirements for Cross-Domain Messaging between Drupal sites, via the easyXDM library.

Video Embed Archive.org

This module provides an additional handler for Video Embed Field by allowing Archive.org videos to be integrated.

Form Error Logging

This module allows you to log form errors for defined forms. This may be useful for active site building to gather information how to improve form experience.


One Click Login Link

This module provide option to user to Generate One click Login Link on your Drupal site.

Generated (encrypted link) Link is sent to the user's email id.Using this link user can log in to the your drupal site with one click.


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