Reference Swiper


This module integrates the Swiper JS library as a field formatter for entity reference fields. Swiper is basically a powerful and modern slider plugin, which also supports swiping on devices with touch screen.
From the Swiper project's Website:

Minimax Theme

Theme is in development state

Views Contextual Filter Default Value Function

Declare custom functions to pick contextual filter default values, easily.

Creating ctools plugins is an undue barrier to controlling contextual filter default values. This is a common site scenario that increases the power of Views. Also creating a very focused function to find a value helps keep concerns separate and improves testability.

Register your custom function via info hook.


OpenAppHack (OAH-Hackathon) is a distribution of Drupal that will help organize offline hackathons on RPI Clusters.

Top Level Features

- Onboard organizers, participants
- Can work in an online/offline mode
- Generates credit statements for participants end of each hackathon.
- Offline update of code to code hosting platforms after the hackathon
- Publish event updated end of an event.
- Can be Deployed to OpenAppHackRPis

WeChat WeApp


Aiming at some WeChat WeApp (微信小程序, integration.


OpenAppHack-Store (OAH-Store) is a Drupal Distribution for Digital Store.

This Digital Store can be installed on a RPI cluster or standalone RPI.

OAH-Store adds a Web Store like experience to a regular Corner store using this OAH Drupal Distribution..

Some features:

- Register a Digital Store
- Add Customers
- Add Inventory/ Scan Code
- Stock keeping
- e-Billing


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