Meta Custom

Meta Custom

Meta Custom module help users to set Meta tags for custom absolute urls.
Meta Title, Meta Description can be added based on the link.

Meta Custom module have a form to add meta tags for custom urls at:

List of added content may be found at:


By reusing existing forms and breaking them down into a sequence (or wizard) of smaller steps, Simplestep is a way to reduce the power of Drupal's UI down to one decision at a time. It was originally designed to walk absolute beginner webmasters through the choices needed to get them up and running on building their first websites. Soon after, it was put to use creating a workflow for some complex tasks that site admins need to get right without having to memorise all the steps.


This project integrates Drupal with QuickWeb system maintained as Westpac Australia hosted payment gateway.

This project implements functionality of

The project integrates the "Secure token handoff" method to send data to Westpac and redirect to the hosted QuickWeb payment page as the next step.

For now the project is in active development and is not production ready.

Facebook Feed

This module asking API facebook for wall message from 1 to multi account and render a JSON unified listing of messages.

It's under active development and will deliver quickly


Masking and cloaking for input fields.


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