Commerce ClicToPay

This project integrates ClicToPay, a Tunisian secure payment service provider, into the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout systems.

Cision Feed

This module is providing a custom parser and a fetcher for the Feeds module, adding support to import content from cision.

You need to add your unique identifiers supplied by by going to
the configuration page located at admin/config/cision_feed.

Twig Food

Useful functions, filters for twig @ Drupal 8
Moved from:

Active Learning

Integration with a javascript based open-source active learning framework.

Florida Drupal Users' Group Community Cultivation Grants

The Florida Drupal Users' Group is making funds available to local Florida Drupal communities in order to strengthen and grow the Florida Drupal community.

Multi Text Widget

This handy-dandy widget lets you edit multivalue String and String (Long) fields in a single textfield or textarea, with a configurable delimiter. That makes it easy to break out simple lists into discrete fields, while still giving editors a clean interface.


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