Commerce Customer Contact

The contact form can appear at the bottom of the "View" tab on the order.

Have you ever needed a quick and easy way for a site admin to contact a customer on a Drupal Commerce-powered site to send a message about his or her order? For example, to ask the customer question about the order, or to provide him or her an update on the order status?

Introducing Commerce Customer Contact, a module that extends and customizes the Contact module in core to display a contact form in any or all of the following places:


Faircoin address field

faircoin logo

This module creates a new faircoin address field type, that is available to attach to any entity. When user introduces the faircoin address, the module validates it. When the field is displayed, it presents a little and expandable qr-code next to the text address.

Stripe Checkout and Subscriptions

Simple Drupal Stripe integration that allows site builders to easily deploy the Stripe Checkout widget with Stripe Subscriptions to sell role based access through Rules. Great simple solution to deploy SaaS like services without the need of installing a full fledge e-commerce system.

This project has been sponsored by Openreporter.

Formula Field

Formula Field: A new fieldtype for drupal, which fetches all "integer" fields in a bundle for eg: "article" and allows user to create a formula, based on available fields for that particular bunldle. The value for this field is calculated based on that formula.

Works for Entities, Entityforms, webforms, Node.


Entity based mapping infrastructure. Leverages the Entity API CRUD to assemble maps, but provides no rendering capability. Will define an API for access to Maps and integration with various rendering libraries such as OpenLayers, Leaflet and d3. Defines basic primitives of a GeoSpatial map dataset:


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