Scald Image Upload

This is a module created to use with Scald Media.
It's designed to create image atoms from only image fields. For example, if you want to let your users to upload images to the site from their desktop but have no access to the scald library, however it's still added as an atom in the library.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Make your Drupal site ready for Accelerated Mobile Pages. Implementation details at on Github. Great overview in this Nieman Lab blog post.

Right now, this module adds the AMP javascript library. In the future, we want to serve AMP pages right from the same CMS that is serving traditional bloated pages :)



The module has several advantages over core poll:


This module adds new actions to Rules, under 'Data' group:

  • Merge: Given a list-tyle variable, it will be merged with a second list (options to merge unique items)
  • Intersect (not implemented yet)


This module provides a real time chat functionality using Ratchet.

Taxonomy ET Helper

The Taxonomy ET Helper module extends the integration between Entity Translation ET (with Title 'name' field replacement) and Views and CTools.

The module has been originated from the discussion in issue #2565767: Add support for localized term names as context arguments.



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