deGov is a Drupal 8 distribution for government use in Germany.

Atrium Marketplace

This is a sandbox environment for a new marketplace platform based on open atrium 2 and commerce marketplace.

Better Entity Reference Formatter

Better entity reference formatter options


This simple module extends Drupal's default field formatter for entity reference fields in order to make it more flexible by introducing a new field formatter plugin.
It provides some more configuration options which might come in handy in certain use cases. The configuration options are shown in the screenshot and described below.


Excel Serialization

This module provides an Excel encoder for the Drupal 8 Serialization API. This
enables the XLS format to be used for data output (and potentially input,
eventually). For example:


Migrate drush

Two useful drush commands:

  1. An entity migration skeleton generator.
  2. A migration runner. Very simple, disregards potentially parallel running migrations (solution: do not do that), resets migrate status automatically (option to keep status).

These were useful for myself and I hope they will be useful to others. Bug reports and fixes are welcome. Feature requests probably will be closed. This intends to be a simple tool.


Star Export

Field collection example

The Star Export module exports custom content which specifically includes field collection data. Many other modules and examples include exporting custom content such as Node Export or Views Data export but extra effort is require to include field collection data. This module adds the ability to export the field collection data in a flexible way as a drush command.

drush star-export takes the following command line arguments :


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