Star Export

Field collection example

The Star Export module exports custom content which specifically includes field collection data. Many other modules and examples include exporting custom content such as Node Export or Views Data export but extra effort is require to include field collection data. This module adds the ability to export the field collection data in a flexible way as a drush command.

drush star-export takes the following command line arguments :

Commerce Open Payment Platform

This module integrates PAY.ON Open Payment Platform with Drupal Commerce, integrating their COPYandPAY widget in Drupal Commerce checkout flow.


Commerce Open Payment Platform depends on Drupal Commerce of course, given a strict dependency on commerce_payment sub module.

This module is only available for the Drupal 8 version of Drupal Commerce!


LoginToboggan Reminder

This is a very simple module, to be used alongside LoginToboggan. It places a reminder message at the top of every page for non-verified users, letting them know they are not verified, and must check their emails and click the verification link. It also presents a "resend email" link.



Update STAGE and DEV environments automatically with recent PROD environment Files folder and database.

Search API Attachments in Body Field

Search API Attachments in Body field configuration page


Search API Attachments in Body Field allows Search API to index the contents of files referenced in body fields.

In order for these files to be detected and indexed, the file needs to be:

Role Based Theme Switcher

Role Based Theme switch

Role Theme Switch module help users to set the theme for different Roles.

Domain Theme module have configuration setting page

Configuration page path: /admin/structure/role_based_theme_switcher/settings


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