Hosting Slack

Provides slack notifications for Aegir 2.x tasks.



This module has been written with reference to this issue: module had to be written from the beginning including the tests,since Drupal 8 uses plugin and many others things have changed.

Profile2 Panels

Enable in Page Manager

Page Manager (Panels) support for Profile2.

With this module you can take over Profile2 paths with Page Manager.
Now it is possible to theme your Profile2 edit and view pages with Panels.



Placeholder work in progress.

Open Co-op is a distribution designed to help food co-op startups have a solid foundation for collecting volunteer information, ownership records, and present a public website all from one location.

Login Here

Better login and logout handling and supports domain_by_path(). If the login or logout path is generated, this adds page destination information to the query string when there is blank "?destination=" provided.


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