Drupal 5 migration

Drupal 8 has builtin migration paths from Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 - this module will extend the core support for migration from Drupal 5. The initial goal is simply getting the most basic site content - terms, users, and nodes - into Drupal 8, and we will refine from there.


Swagger.IO Integration

Swagger.IO Drupal Integration

Swagger is a specification for documenting RESTful services. Documentation can be found at https://github.com/swagger-api/swagger-spec.

This module integrates with Services (https://drupal.org/project/services) to generate swagger-parsable json documentation. Optionally, the swagger-ui library can be installed to provide a page for displaying the documentation in a user-friendly manner.

Views Mobile

Views mobile module provides a mechanism to switch the display of a view when in a mobile device.


In order to the module work you need to clone the display you want to provide a mobile version and update the display machine name to add the "_mobile" suffix.

e.g: If you have a block display named "featured". You have to clone the "Featured" display and update the machine name of the cloned diplay to "featured_mobile".

Having the mobile display set the module will take care of switching the display when the user is using a mobile device.


Aegir SSH

Aegir Authorized SSH Keys

This module allows SSH keys to be uploaded to the /var/aegir/.ssh/authorized_keys file through the Hostmaster front-end, using the SSHKey module.

Proof of Concept

This module is a proof of concept. It needs work and should be used with caution. Once enabled, if a hostmaster user has permission to upload an SSH key, they will be given SSH access to the primary server_master server.


Commerce FairCoin

FairCoin logo

This module provides faircoin integration with drupal commerce. It creates a new FAIR currency and a payment method.


This project will host various PHPStorage backends. For now, it contains a version which writes to cache and reads it in a way that the Zend Opcache (included in PHP 5.5+) can opcode cache the code.



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