Views Orderby Pinyin

在FIELDS里添加需要按汉语拼音排序的字段(可以排除显示),在SORT CRITERIA里添加:Content: FIELD ORDER BY PINYIN,然后选择FIELDS里的需排序字段。


Designed originally for a craft fair style site, this module adds a field type for setting up a grid. The intent is to design a floor plan using the grid and sorting it so the values of the grid is where you would like to add your users. Once done a floor manager tab is added to allow for adding users to the grid.

Flysystem S3

Provides an Amazon S3 plugin for Flysystem.

See README.txt for configuration information.


Flysystem Rackspace

Provides a Rackspace plugin for Flysystem.

See README.txt for configuration information.



MoneySuite is the continuation of MoneyScripts, a discontinued product by Leighton Whiting. We, a group of customers, have decided to take development, maintenance and support on our own due to Leighton's fail to accomplish his compromise. As per Leighton's own website: "you aren't paying for the code itself, but rather access to support and updates for the duration of the license" but as he has discontinued service we feel with the permision to assume maintenance.

Text or Entity

Autocomplete widget and formatter for text fields. Autocompletes on existing field values and labels of selectable entity types; displayed as link if an entity exists with that label or with a simple text fallback if not. Referenced entities can also be accessed in Views via exposed relationships for corresponding fields.


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