Encrypt PHPSecLib Encryption

This module provides an EncryptionMethod plugin for the Drupal 8 Encrypt module.
It uses the 3rd party PHP Secure Communications Library to provide AES encryption.


It is strongly adviced to use an encryption method that has been recommended by the Encrypt module maintainers. Usage of this module is discouraged.


FacetAPI Views Bridge

This glue module helps building SearchAPI Views that use Exposed Filters and Facet blocks.
For more Information see its Origin at #1797616: Marry facets and Views exposed filters and the Readme.


Entity layout

This module allows you to create default layouts for configuration entities that supports field UI.

This module also supports layout on the content entity level. This means that you can have a default configuration but then also override it for individual content. This will allow your site editors to layout nodes, taxonomy terms etc. without interfering with the default layout saved as configuration.

All development is done over at Github https://github.com/oddhill/entity_layout.


Basic theme for the 'Drupal voor Gemeenten' distribution.


  • Fluid design (no pixel sizes, only em)
  • Font-size ratio based on height
    • Major Second
    • Major Third
    • Argumented Fourth
  • WCAG 2.0
  • B&W only
  • IE9+ compatible


Social Widgets Field


This module lets you add a Facebook Likebox or Twitter Embedded Timeline as fields into your content.

  • Currently supports Facebook likebox & Twitter embedded timelines
  • Configurable options for widgets like theme, width, height, etc
  • Permissions for who can edit what configuration properties
  • Integrates with Field API

More information coming soon...


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