Webform Bootstrap Layout

Bootstrap 3 layout building solution for Webform 4.x.
This module is inspired by Webform layout module.


EK management tools suite

This project is the conclusion and new start for a management tools suite.
It started 10 years ago as a basic php development to build simple company management tools such as billing and projects follow-up.
Over the years while more functions were needed and based on user experience, it became more comprehensive.
With the arrival of Drupal 8 it was decided to move the solution to a more professional platform where it can become a strong foundation for a complete company management solution.
The philosophy of the development was always to give priority to simplicity for the end user. Whenever implemented in real life companies, it has to mobilize as less as possible time and training for the users who are able to maximize the tools for their daily tasks. It must improve their efficiency and shorten their load of repetitive tasks while at company level data management is becoming a key of efficient business.

EK modular structure fits well with Drupal. All modules will have interactions with each other but should have the possibility to be used as stand alone.

Public Tags

This module provides an extra display field for taxonomy fields that allows users with the right permissions to edit the taxonomy terms related to a node. This makes it easy for visitors to participate and extend your content.

There are 2 different cases:

Panopoly Internationalization

Panopolyapp to provide internationalization support.

This project can be used with any Drupal installation, it just makes some assumptions based off of the Panopoly distributions.



Testimonials is module to manage your clients reviews and testimonials in your drupal site.This module provide different display styles like simple view, slider view, carousel view to display your testimonials.


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