Simply implementing chat server for drupal users could be used for mobile too.

webform imagepicker

Webform conponent image picker( quiz in action )

This webform conponent allows editors to upload X images in the webform component "IMagepicker".
An example usage is a webform where users choose between a pic of Britney spear, Shakira or the Rock.
The filename is saved in the database.

The end users can click on one of the images to select it and go to the next question or submit the webform.

In the analytics section you can see the vote count per image.
This allows webform users to create simple image quizzes.


Image Style Manager

This module lets administrators manage, edit, clone and delete image style in one unified interface. It is not suited for non-technical users or the ideal tool for setting up just one new image style with a variety of special image effects. The standard interface works well for setting up 1, 2 or 3 image styles. However, some sites require many more image styles, especially when using the picture module with one style per breakpoint, that must be synchronised.


Distributie Drupal pentru site de primarie.


Foarte multe dintre site-urile actuale de primarii contin aceleasi tipuri de informatii si de multe ori din lipsa cunostintelor tehnice oamenii din primarii nu updateaza cu informatii noi aceste site-uri.
De aceea propunerea catre comunitatea Drupal Romania este de a crea o distributie care sa satisfaca aceste nevoi de baza si de a crea un loc cu diferite module suplimentare care pot fi adaugate daca se doreste.

SimulIA Laboratory

Manage labs

This module provides several tools and components to manage in All-In-One place the entire laboratory. Organizing research study is one of the complicated duties to maintain research and related teams.
- Projects databases
- Managing tasks related to launched projects
- Managing Research Staff
- Managing visits and attached visitors
- Manage documentation (publications, reviews and so on).
- Manage Technical staff, equipments and places
- Collecting research statistics, analytics and reports

Workbench Access IMCE

Workbench Access IMCE provides a function, workbench_access_imce_path, that can
be used with the directory specifications in IMCE profiles along with the
Workbench Access section assignment to give people access to the same imce
folders as Workbench Sections. It is useful when users need to have access to
the same folders as the Workbench Sections. This way you don't need to create a
role for each user in imce.


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