Mailer Lite integration with Drupal project.
The Mailer Lite menu module displays the subscribers and groups, providing filtering by group id or by email.
The administrator can create, edit and delete new groups. You can add new subscribers.


This module requires the following modules:

* Composer Manager (

Webform - Slack integration

Webform - Slack integration provides a Webform handler for posting a message to a slack channel when a submission is saved.


This module requires:

Salesforce Term Reference

Field mapper for term reference

Adds a new field mapper to the Salesforce suite of modules to allow using a term reference field. Entity references for content are supported natively by the Salesforce modules, but term references are not unfortunately.

This code is almost entirely based on the work of Mike Christianson and he deserves the credit:


Field Drag and Drop Interface


The Luminate Online Donation Management (LODM) Drupal module was built for Drupal 7.x as a means of allowing Blackbaud’s Luminate Online users to connect their Drupal 7 sites to the Luminate Online Donation API.


Purecloud REST API.


Key Configuration

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