Guzzle REST Generator

Add REST Endpoint

Module to easily perform real-time external REST requests and converted to Drupal REST endpoints from your app.

This helps in hiding your Access Key as the external url(ex: is internally called from your app and not from the client browser.

The module creates a content type "Guzzle Drupal Endpoint" which is as shown in the figure and currently supports GET and POST calls only using Guzzle.

HotDoc Integration Module

This module integrates the HotDoc ( GP online booking widget via the creation of blocks.

Code for implemenation heavily borrowed from the Menu Block module and their fine work... [/:-) ↬.

OpenShift API

This module provides a basic API interface for Drupal modules to use the Red Hat OpenShift API Endpoint. This is not an official module and is only intended as a useful supplementary for programming your own functions.

Documentation for the OpenShift API Endpoint is available at:


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