Mustache Templates

Integrates Mustache.php plus Mustache.js into Drupal.

Includes a generic framework to build DOM content which can be automatically synchronized on the client-side. Any RESTful Json endpoint can be used for automatic content synchronization.

Using Mustache.php by

  • Copyright (c) 2010-2015 Justin Hileman

Using Mustache.js by

Swagger (jembree)

This sandbox project is a fork of mmillford's sandbox Swagger.
It is intended to work with Swagger UI v2.1.1 and jQuery Update using jQuery 1.8.

Marketo Subscribe

Provides a block where users can fill in their email address. As soon as they submit the form their information is sent to Marketo and (optionally) stored in a given list.

Apigee Developer Portal

You are probably looking for the Apigee Edge Drupal module.

Azure Entity Moderation

Provides automatic entity moderation field that uses Azure Text Analytics API to fetch results of sentiment analysis for the selected entity fields and display the analysis result s using 3 different possible formatters:

CiviCRM User

Operations on Drupal User entities based on a CiviCRM data source. Useful when the process of creating users is not delegated to Drupal (existing CiviCRM Contacts, frontend User registration disabled, ...).

Creates, updates or blocks Drupal Users from CiviCRM Contacts.

These operations are optionally based on a condition that can be

  • a CiviCRM Tag applied to the Contact (e.g. "Has a Drupal user account")
  • a CiviCRM Group.


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