How to identify NetX Platform version

In this doc you can find information how you can identify NetX Platform version which is required for new upgrade where authentication type has been changed.

Snippet within another snippet

Basically there are two ways to deal with this task.
The first one is using native Twig directive include, as follows:

  {% include '@snippet/header' %}

The second method may be carried out by creating a snippet variable of type “entity”.

Making an entity revisionable

Making an entity becomes revisionable is fairly simple, basically you just need to define the entity's revision table and mark the fields to be revisionable.

This page provides an example of how to make an entity revisionable for Drupal 8, using the Content (ContentEntityBase) Entity Foo as example.

Process plugin: substr

The substr plugin is used to return part of a string.

    plugin: substr
    source: some_text_field
      start: 2
      length: 7

If some_text_field was 'Marie Skłodowska Curie' then $destination['new_text_field'] would be Skłodowska.

The PHP equivalent of this would be:

$destination['new_text_field'] = substr($source['soume_text_field'], 6, 10)

Middleware API in Drupal 8

Drupal 8 has a Middleware API that it adopted from the broader PHP community: This one-liner from their project page captures it well:

Symfony's HttpKernelInterface provides a solid interface, which makes creating and sharing framework-agnostic HTTP filters a breeze!

So, StackPHP:

Sauce Labs

Sauce LabsThanks to for sponsoring testing and quality assurance tools for ERPAL


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