RESTful Web Services API

The RESTful Web Services API is new in Drupal 8.

Sheetnode Frequently Asked Questions


What format should text tables have to be properly imported by sheetnode_text?
Cells should be separated by at least two whitespaces to be recognized.

How can I refer to external data from my cells?

Writing extensions

Please note it has been a while since I wrote this implementation, but it appears nobody ever documented this properly. So this is to give people some directions on where to look. Feel free to update and add to this document.


The Node.js module allows one to extend the behavior of the server. This way we can emit and handle custom event handlers.

Creating a Drupal core security release

This guide explains how to create a security release of Drupal core. For instructions on creating a normal patch or minor release, see Creating a new Drupal core release.


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