Cacheability safeguards


Cacheability metadata is a new concept in Drupal 8 (tags, contexts and max-age), and therefore it's very easy to forget about them, especially for people new to Drupal 8. Forgetting a max-age or tag can only cause stale content, but forgetting a cache context can cause incorrect variations, and therefore information disclosure vulnerabilities.

TIP: Drupal6/7 permissions setup compatible with DSO (mod_php) 'nobody' web server mode on CentOS+WHM/cPanel under Drush maintenance

Some context

So why might you, if you are operating a cPanel-based VPS for your own Drupal sites, want to consider switching from suPHP to DSO ?

"Your Drupal site got hacked ? Well it's entirely your own fault ! You should always do your updates ! You've only got yourself to blame (and don't dare blame the security holes in that older Drupal code) !!!"

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