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This module provides a combination of CSS Styles, WYSIWYG settings, developer hooks, style guides, and well-designed CSS3 page templates to provide clean, accessible (seeking both 508 and WCAG 2.0 AA), and visually impressive styling. It does this in an attempt to help any theme provide consistent textbook styling for the production of online course materials without the need for advanced knowledge of CSS / HTML.

4.x branch

The version number is being aligned with the version of CKEditor currently in production which is 4.x. Textbook 1.x is for CKEditor 3.x as that is legacy at this point, it works but improvements to 4.x will not be backported.

4.x comes with substantial improvements over the 1.x branch running CK 3.6 so I highly recommend checking out the included make.example file if you have issues getting all the requirements and give it a shot. Make sure to use the versions listed in the make file for best results as the CKeditor you use should come packaged with the code mirror plugin.

Included in this package

  • Textbook module - Stylesheet that provides reset styles and custom styles on nodes
    • Textbook core provided as the default but other styles, resets, and print templates can be activated and developed.
    • Context Reaction - Active Textbook style, allows you to use context module to dynamically determine the textbook style to use based on the current context (example: set a different textbook styling per book in your site)
    • Developer hooks for adding / altering textbook styles as well as calculating active style
  • Textbook Section 508 - Installs with all tests from the QUAIL API to help ensure content contributors meet Section 508 requirements.
  • Textbook WCAG 2.0 AA - Installs with all tests from the QUAIL API to help ensure content contributors meet WCAG 2.0 AA requirements.
  • Textbook Templates - Feature that provides well defined WYSIWYG templates (requires Features / WYSIWYG Template)
  • Textbook Editor - Feature that provides input format and wysiwyg editor (requires Accessibility / Features / CKEditor Link / IMCE WYSIWYG Bridge / IMCE / Transliteration / Typogrify / CKEditor / Video Filter / WYSIWYG API)

This project has been developed by Penn State as part of the ELMS Initiative.

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