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Typogrify.module brings the typographic refinements of Typogrify to Drupal.

  • Wraps ampersands (the “&” character) with <span class="amp"></span>.
  • Prevents single words from wrapping onto their own line using Shaun Inman's Widont technique.
  • Converts straight quotation marks "" to typographer's quotation marks “”, „“ or «» using SmartyPants language dependent.
  • Converts multiple hyphens to en dashes and em dashes (according to your preferences), using SmartyPants.
  • Wraps multiple capital letters with <span class="caps"></span>.
  • Wraps initial quotation marks with <span class="quo"></span> or <span class="dquo"></span>.
  • Adds a css style sheet that uses the <span> tags to substitute a showy ampersand in headlines, switch caps to small caps, and hang initial quotation marks.
  • Inserts ligatures (if supported by platform and browser).
  • Replaces ascii arrows with unicode arrows (if supported by platform and browser).
  • Inserts thin-space in abbreviations.
  • Groups digits in large numbers.
  • Replaces = in words with a soft hyphen (&shy;), to allow hyphenated line-breaks.

Learn more about Typogrify

The original Typogrify is Python code by Christian Metts. Typogrify.module uses Hamish Macpherson's PHP port of that code, php-typogrify.

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  • After updates: open all filter using typogrify, check the new features and save.
  • To avoid conflicts with other filter, typogrify should be the last in the filter-queue.

Drupal 8

The D8 port is up here now and in active testing/development. We'd love more feedback and have some new ideas for future development. Looking forward to seeing it develop!

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Supporting contrib time for @jpamental and @benjifisher

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