This is a highly flexible and easily extendable filter module to embed any type of video in your site using a simple token. Other modules can add video sites/formats (called codecs) using an easy plugin architecture.

With WYSIWYG installed, you can use the Video Filter button to easily add videos in a rich text editor. TinyMCE and CKeditor are supported (both standalone and with WYSIWYG).

Included codecs

Token Syntax:

Quick syntax:
Full syntax:
[video:url width:X height:Y ratio:X/Y align:left/right autoplay:1/0]


  • Setting default width, height and autoplay setting per input filter using filter settings.
  • Overriding default width, height and autoplay setting in the filtered code.
  • Show random video from comma separated list of URLs
  • Aligning the embedded video left or right.
  • Extensions may use additional attributes, e.g. the YouTube extension has a playlist attribute to load a random video from a playlist.


See README.txt (7.x) and README.txt (6.x).


All new development happens in 7.x-3.x, and then back ported to 6.x-3.x. The 2.x branch is no longer supported, nor is Drupal 5.


Originally created by Fokke.
Now maintained by blackdog. Partially sponsored by Kodamera.

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