Translate Content in Drupal with Smartling

It's quick, simple, and easy to translate content in Drupal 7 using the Smartling Translation Management Platform. Using Smartling's out-of-the-box connector, with just minutes of installation and configuration, your content will be ready for translation.

No Custom Integration Code

With Smartling, there's no need to waste precious engineering resources writing and maintaining custom integration code to support translation. Smartling's connector is provided as a Drupal module and can be installed and configured with minimal effort, which means your developers can focus their attention on projects that differentiate your business.

No Ongoing Developer Involvement

Your developers' involvement ends with installing and configuring the connector. The process of submitting content to Smartling for translation, and retrieving the completed translations, is entirely in the hands of business users. The process can even be fully automated.

Multiple Options for Translation

Source language content can be submitted to Smartling for translation on an item-by-item basis, in batch mode, or automatically whenever changes are published. Regardless of how the content is submitted, the translations are downloaded automatically when completed and approved, saving staff time and eliminating content update errors.

Integrated Status Reporting

The Smartling connector incorporates translation progress data directly into the Drupal interface, meaning your content creation team doesn't need to switch between multiple systems in order to have a full picture of your business's global content.

Ease of Ongoing Development

Develop new features and content without waiting to receive translated content for testing. You can download in-progress translations or pseudo-translations at any time so you'll always know how your new pages will look once the translations are completed. End translation-related delays to your development cycles by using Smartling’s Drupal connector.


The Smartling connector requires Drupal 7 and the following modules:


Connector is also integrated with the following modules:

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Drupal 8

For Drupal 8 please use our TMGMT plugin: TMGMT Smartling. All the development for Drupal 8 happens there.

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