This module creates an entity that may be used in panel panes to create fieldable entity panes. These panes can be created either directly in the Panels UI or in a separate administrative UI and later added.

Once added, they can appear in the "Add content" dialog to be easily reused. Since they are fieldable entities, they can contain any kind of data that field API can provide.

Each entity supports revisions, and any revision can be made current without having to make a new revision.

Access control is provided by the CTools access method, for both view and edit access.

Bundles are supported and can be added via the UI or hook_entity_info_alter().

Drupal 8 status

There will be no port of Fieldable Panels Panes to Drupal 8, custom block types provide all of the functionality that is necessary. Anyone who wishes to collaborate on creating some Migrate integration for migrating FPP objects to custom block types should discuss it in the D8 port issue.


CodeKarate featured FPP in an episode of Daily Dose of Drupal.


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Initial development was sponsored by iO1, iVillage and IMA Lab.

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Ongoing development sponsorship.

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