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The CTools content type modal screen

This is a bridge module to ease simultaneous usage of Organic Groups, Fieldable Panels Panes and Panelizer. Panelizer is not a technical dependency for this module though it is involved in the most likely use case.

Use case

  • A University uses Organic Groups to segment content by academic department. So "Chemistry Department" and "English Department" are group nodes.
  • Panelizer is used to custom layouts on a node by node basis.
  • Departments used Fieldable Panels Panes to common sidebar elements like "Chemistry Department's quick links"
  • Because Fieldable Panels Panes are an entity type they can belong to an Organic Group. So the "Chemistry Department's quick links" pane can be designated as belonging to the Chemistry group.
  • Fieldable Panels Panes can be reusable so they show up in the CTools modal that lists available panes when panelizing a node.

This module filters the list of available Fieldable Panels Panes in the CTools modal based on the Organic Group of the node being panelized and the Organic Groups of the individual Fieldable Panels Panes.


Development of this module was sponsored by and California State University Northridge.


This project also includes an example Features module for testing. See the README.txt for additional testing instructions.


This modules requires:

Although not technically a dependency this module is helpful when using Panelizer. It has been tested with the 3.x branch of Panelizer.

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