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Note: Configuration Packager has been merged into the Features module and all future development will take place there. If you were using Configuration Packager, please consider uninstalling it and using the latest Drupal 8 release of Features instead.

Configuration Packager for Drupal 8 enables the packaging of site configuration into modules, like Features for Drupal 7. Rather than producing manually authored individual features, Configuration Packager analyzes the site configuration and automatically divides it up into configuration modules based on configured preferences.

Aim and main use case

Configuration Packager is built with the aim of making it easy to build well constructed and interoperable Drupal configuration modules and distributions.


As of 8.x-1.0-alpha2, Configuration Packager requires the Configuration Development module.


Related modules

Drupal 8

  • Configuration Share and the accompanying Compatible module promote interoperability distributions by enabling the sharing of base configuration among multiple extensions or distributions.
  • Configuration Synchronizer methods for safely importing site configuration from updated modules and themes.
  • Configuration Development provides automated import and export of configuration between the active configuration storage and exported modules. Configuration Packager integrates with Configuration Development by setting a config_devel key in the exported modules' .info.yml files. See #2300717: Add Drush command for exporting config files.
  • The sandbox project for Features 8.x includes Drush methods for editing and reverting configuration modules.
  • Configuration Tools is a package of modules that help to manage Drupal 8 configuration files.
  • Configuration Update Manager provides a report that allows you to see the differences between the configuration items provided by the current versions of your installed modules, themes, and install profile, and the configuration on your site. From this report, you can also import new configuration provided by updates, and revert your site configuration to the provided values.
  • Configuration Read-Only Mode enables locking of any configuration changes done via the Drupal admin UI.

Drupal 7

  • The Features module for Drupal 7 enables manually building individual configuration modules (features).
  • Features Builder is roughly a Drupal 7 analogue of Configuration Packager (although the code is not related).
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