This module helps with developing configuration. Do not deploy in production environments. Exercise caution and always use version control.

It does three things:

  1. Automated import of configuration files into the active storage. At the beginning of every request the changed files are saved the way as if it were dumped in the core config module provided "Single import" form.
  2. Automated export of configuration objects into files. Only a list of filenames is required, the configuration object names are automatically derived. One configuration object can be auto exported into multiple files. This is the equivalent of copying the export from the 'Single export' screen.
  3. Helps creating modules that behave somewhat similarly to features export in Drupal 7. Under config_devel the module info yml should contain a list of config objects this module deals with then drush config-devel-export MODULE_NAME will write those config objects into the config/install directory of the module.

Typically filenames wil be something like modulename/config/install/

Note:, core.extension and simpletest.settings is not compatible with the auto import feature. This is very unlikely to be fixed.

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