Last updated 28 June 2016.

Updating and maintaining Drupal's documentation is an important project. For a new contributor, learning how to contribute to documentation can have a bit of a learning curve generating lots of questions in the process. This page provides an overview of some common questions with brief answers and links to more information.

This page is itself a work-in-progress. ;) Naturally, you are encouraged to contribute.

I'd like to contribute to documentation. How do I get started?

  • First of all, be bold! If you find a documentation page on that needs updating, editing, or additional detail, use the edit button and edit the page.
  • Try out a New Contributor Task -- there are tasks in both the Writers and the Anyone sections that are about contributing to Documentation

I've edited a few documentation pages, but I'd like to do more. What's next?

You can help to close issues in the Documentation issue queue, contribute to the discussions on the Documentation group page, or just edit some more pages. Or try out a different New Contributor Task.

I'm a new contributor to Drupal documentation and am eager to help out. What sort of things do I need to know?

When is OK to edit a documentation page?

If you think that you can add clarity or information to a documentation page, go ahead and edit it. Afraid you'll make a mistake? No worries -- keep in mind there is a revision history and documents can be reverted if you do.

What can I do about outdated or duplicate documentation?

There are three main strategies for dealing with duplicate and outdated documentation. 1) Evolve 2) Archive 3) Delete/Redirect. For more information.

I just want to suggest a one-off change to a page. How do I do that?

If you don't yet have an account on, create one. Then you can do one of several things, depending on your comfort level:

  • Edit the page directly using the "Edit" tab (unless it is a locked page)
  • If it is a locked page, create a new issue (which is like a ticket) in the Documentation project

If you are trying to change API documentation, see "How do I change the API documentation?", below.

How do I get started with Drupal 8 documentation?

What are all these references to "d.o", "a.d.o", "g.d.o", etc. that I am seeing all over the place?

These are shorthand references to,,, etc. Other sites you may see referenced are and

Some documentation isn't in the Community Documentation pages -- where is it?

Some kinds of documentation are kept in other locations:

How do I change the API documentation?

See Updating API documentation.

Can I upload larger images and get them automatically re-sized? doesn't re-size images, so it is suggested that you re-size images yourself before uploading. Read the Screenshots and uploading images doc for a guide.

Can I add some external links in Documentation related to a topic ?

Yes, but try not to do this excessively. If there is documentation on, try to link to that, or write the necessary documentation.


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I have done some technical writing, but cannot afford to work for free. I am currently retired, but need a supplemental income. I have been a technical instructor and education manager, as well as a consultant to tech pubs groups. I have experience making screencasts with Camtasia Studio. So, I'm wondering if it would be okay to write some documentation for the community that links to a channel on YouTube where I get paid though ads by Google? This might be a way for people like myself to contribute and still get some income. You might need some sort of quality control on the they must meet a certain user rating. Screencasts can be a lot easier to understand than documentation in many cases...a picture is worth a thousand words...but a video is worth a thousand pictures.

Thanks for considering this.