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Part of the mission of the Documentation Working Group (DocWG) is to ensure that Drupal Core and Drupal's contributed project ecosystem have excellent guidelines, policies, and standards in place for documentation. This page (along with child pages and some linked pages that reside elsewhere) outline these guidelines, policies, and standards.

If you have questions or comments about these guidelines, contact the DocWG.

We encourage all members of the Drupal community to contribute to documentation! See Community Documentation for more information.

Standards Located Elsewhere

Some documentation-related standards are located elsewhere on

  • The style guide has guidelines that should be followed for all writing, including documentation, on Its content style guidelines are of particular importance to documentation writers; they should be followed not only when writing documentation for the Community documentation on, but for all Drupal project documentation (README files, API documentation embedded in code comments, Help text for modules that appears in a Drupal site, etc.)
  • The Content Overview page lists the top-level books that contain documentation and non-documentation pages on; child pages have guidelines on screenshots and copyright.
  • The API Documentation and Comments Standards page has guidelines for in-code comments, and should be followed in Drupal Core development, as well as contributed projects.
  • The Documentation of Projects page has guidelines for what documentation should be provided by contributed projects (modules, themes, distributions) on, including how to write the help text that modules provide inside of a Drupal site.

Standards in this section

The pages listed as children of this page also contain standards. See list below.

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