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Part of the mission of the Documentation Working Group (DocWG) is to ensure that excellent documentation guidelines, policies, and standards are in place for Drupal Core and contributed projects (modules, themes, distributions).

We encourage all members of the Drupal community to contribute to documentation! See Community Documentation for more vital information.

If you have questions or comments about these guidelines, contact the DocWG.

Standards in this section

This section deals with the community documentation pages on and their structure, the API pages, reporting documentation issues, and how to handle obsolete or duplicate documentation.

Standards located elsewhere

Text on

Content style guide gives details of recommended styles, wording and agreed spelling on a range of terms on These are also relevant for documentation pages.

Project documentation

  1. Documentation of Projects has guidelines for what documentation should be provided as part of Drupal core or contributed projects.
  2. Help text standard outlines the structure and content of the help text for a module that is displayed on the Help page within a Drupal site.
  3. Content style guide has guidelines and agreed spelling of texts on that should also be followed for the wording of README files, API documentation embedded in code comments, help text and user interface text for modules displayed within a Drupal site, etc.
  4. Interface text lists additional guidelines specifically for user interface text.
  5. API documentation and comments standards have guidelines for in-code comments for Drupal Core and contributed projects.

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