I have two site with the same Uuid
SiteA and SiteB

SiteA is fresh installation and export its configuration, all siteA is under git.
drush config-export myfolder -y where my folder is where I store my configuration

SiteB is clone of siteA and it has the same uuid of SiteB
drush config-import myfolder -y
I get this error

Drupal\Core\Config\ConfigImporterException: There were errors validating the config synchronization. in Drupal\Core\Config\ConfigImporter->validate() (line 730 of                     [error]
The import failed due for the following reasons:                                                                                                                                       [error]
Entities exist of type <em class="placeholder">Shortcut link</em> and <em class="placeholder"></em> <em class="placeholder">Default</em>. These entities need to be deleted before


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I have now the exactly same errors, do you know what can cause it?

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I went to Home > Administration > Configuration > User interface > Shortcuts (admin/config/user-interface/shortcut), than in "List links" of "Default" I deleted every shortcut.
The error is gone now.

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Entities exist of type Shortcut link and Default. These entities need to be deleted before importing.

You can do:
drush ev '\Drupal::entityManager()->getStorage("shortcut_set")->load("default")->delete();'

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Has worked fine.

This have broked my site, but i don't know why...

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I cannot run the drush command because the error happens during drush site-install when I specify the folder to sync

drush si -y standard --config-dir=../config/sync

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If you clear out the UUID inside shortcut.set.default.yml and replace it with null (so the line reads uuid: null), then this should work fine. Not sure why only the Shortcut set is broken in this case, but it made my CI builds work correctly again.

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The Drush code broke my Drupal site. I fixed the break by uninstalling/enabling module shortcut, however, there is no way to import previous site configurations any more. Some errors like following logged:

Error: Call to a member function getShortcuts() on null in /var/www/drupal8/www/core/modules/shortcut/shortcut.module on line 262 #0 /var/www/drupal8/www/core/modules/shortcut/shortcut.module(388): shortcut_renderable_links()

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Here's a link to the bug report in the D8 issue queue: Shortcut: Errors validating the config synchronization