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Import or aggregate data as nodes, users, taxonomy terms or simple database records.

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#1960800: Port Feeds to Drupal 8

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#1960800: Port Feeds to Drupal 8


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My personal plan for working towards a working D8 release:

  1. First, get a stable Feeds 7.x-2.0 out.
    This will make my mind free to focus solely on the D8 version. If I would work on the D8 version right now, I would feel I have to switch back a forth constantly between both versions and I think that doesn't help to make good progress.

    To me, a stable Feeds 7.x-2.x release means when at least the following issues are fixed:

  2. Rework the UI: #2443471: Implement configurable parsers..
    It would be good to tackle the weak spots of the UI that are in the 7.x-2.x version. A great UX improvement would be the possibility to provide the file at the beginning of the process, so Feeds can detect the source format and columns. What blocks for moving this forward is the fact that the workflow for providing a file at the beginning doesn't fit all use cases.
  3. Port features of the 7.x-2.x version.
    In the past few years a number of new features were added to Feeds that are not yet available in the D8 version, for example:

    I think it would be wise to not start porting these until the base features and the UI of Feeds are more stable.
    As these features are backed up with tests it will hopefully be easier to port them by just starting to port the tests first.

  4. Testing and bugfixing.
  5. Stable D8 release.

People could help me with starting on the D8 version sooner by help fixing the listed 7.x-2.x issues from above with:

  • Reviewing them thoroughly (not "It works for me" messages).
  • Writing automated tests
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In order to test the D8 feeds module as it currently stands, once you have set up a feed type, how does one trigger an import? I'm impressed with how complete it seems at this stage, but I'm unable to do an actual import.

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Go to Administration > Content > Feeds (http://ww.example.com/admin/content/feed) and add a Feed (http://ww.example.com/feed/add).

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Excellent thank you @MegaChriz

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I've set "Who's doing the port?" to "Unknown", as I've deciced to not work on the D8 port of Feeds in the nearby future. However, if someone steps up and is committed to work on the D8 version for a long time or if funding for the project is possible, I may change my mind. But for now I say no.

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Hi, MegaChriz.

Just saw your comment (#7) about no longer supporting port of Feeds to D8.

Who can I direct my question to? I essentially want to get a sense of current state of the module and its current UI.
Please see: https://www.drupal.org/node/1960800#comment-11125863

Thanks & Regards

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Hi, I'm playing Drupal 8 catchup and the lack of feeds seems like a biggie. Forgive my ignorance, but does the new architecture of Drupal 8 mean that feeds is less necessary, or is it just something that the community hasn't got around to yet? The migrate module is in core, but has no UI, as far as I can tell, so isn't really a feeds substitute. In the mean time I'll try out this and see if it breaks https://www.drupal.org/project/feeds/releases/8.x-3.x-dev

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How much funding are we talking about? Having feeds module in Drupal 8 seems essential to me!

I am sure we could start some sort of crowd funding for Feeds if needed.

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We've just used feeds on a D8 site and it turned out to be a much better approach than using the migrate module approach, despite the current documentation. The only downside is we needed the xpath parser module, which doesn't exist for 8 yet, so we had to write a feeds submodule for the specific transform required. This was a big topic at our latest Drupal meetup, and we'll be discussing the feeds module family at Drupal South in a few weeks, hopefully building some momentum.

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Hi #thomasmurphy, can you share how was xpath parser module created? I need to use feeds for simple article import from an RSS feeds. Is the development too extensive? Otherwise, I will have to consider to go with D7.

How can i help?

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For more information about the port of the XPath parser, see #2465535: Port Feeds extensible parsers to Drupal 8.

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I had a good chat with Lee Rowlands at Drupal South and he mentioned that the aggregator module in D8 core has been rebuilt based on some mature Symfony tools do a lot of what people used feeds for in D7, but the documentation is lacking. I'm going to look into this and possible contribute some documentation if I make any progress.

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I tried aggregator before feeds. While it does the same stuff as feeds, it has the following limitations: feed items are not stored as nodes, thus are not indexed for inclusion in local searches. This limits SEO for these items as well. It is possible to add on more advanced search functionality to include in local searches, however, I didn't like how it performed. I also didn't like the complexity for future additions and changes.
Feeds works great on Drupal 8. It stores data in nodes so I can create custom meta tags. The pages can be laid out exactly as I want them without limitations. I also tag the feeds so that they can be easily grouped.
The only piece that does not work at the moment is the scheduler, which means that i monitor 200+ feeds each day and manually kick off the update for new feeds once per day which is not a huge deal.
Http://hauntersweb.com is an example. Tags are displayed on the right under "spider sites" and summaries at the bottom of the page for the latest feed entries.

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Hi. What, if anything, would be suitable for selectively exporting/importing nodes between sites in D8 at present? (Sites would have same config & UUID, if that helps, and not necessary for it to be fully automated.)

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@daboo I meant to adapt the Symfony tools that are already available to Drupal 8 to achieve a feeds "node creation" end result, rather than just using the aggregator module directly. That's what Lee Rowlands suggested, at least.