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A set of extensible parsers for Feeds.

Provided parsers

Proposed parsers

  • QueryPath JSON parser
  • If you have an idea for other parsers that would make sense in this module, create an issue.


To use the QueryPath parsers, download and enable the QueryPath module.


To use the JSONPath parser, place this file in sites/all/libraries/jsonpath and clear the cache.

See the JSONPath expression tester.
Note: The JMESPath parser is preferred if you can meet the requirements.


To use the JMESPath parsers, you'll need Composer, and PHP >= 5.4.

In sites/all/libraries:

$ git clone
$ cd jmespath.php
$ composer install
$ drush cc all # Or just clear the cache however you normally would.

Check out for documentation and an expression tester.


To run tests locally, the TUnit module is required.
One of the goals of this module is to allow other developers to easily create certain types of parsers. For example, it should be trivial to create a parser for a specific XML format.

Documention has been started, but still needs work.


This is the new home for:

The above modules are all in various states of maintenance. This project is meant to combine them so that they can benefit from each other's development and simplify maintenance. There are also some major architectural changes.

There is no upgrade path for the old modules. It remains on the table, but those modules are still maintained and should continue to work.

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