A centralized place for tracking the porting status of contributed projects (modules, themes, distributions). This project consists of issues that show the D8 porting status of other projects. (Inception!)

# Kanban board

Check out this issue queue in a kanban board on ContribKanban.com (thanks, @mglaman!)

Contrib Kanban

# How to use

  1. Search for a module that you care about.
  2. If you don't find it, create an issue with the module's name, using the contrib tracker template.
  3. If you know some additional information about a module, please update its issue summary.
  4. If you're planning to port a module, please assign the issue to yourself.

# Issue statuses

To track a project's D8 development, the issue statuses are used as follows:

  • Active = No D8 port started yet.
  • Needs work = D8 development has started but is not yet usable.
  • Needs review = Project has Alpha or Beta D8 releases available for testing.
  • Reviewed & tested by the community = Project has Release Candidate (RC) D8 release.
  • Fixed / Closed (fixed) = Project has stable D8 release.

The goal is to get 100% of the projects in the list to Fixed, as quickly as possible, to help enable widespread Drupal 8 adoption.

# Other special statuses

In addition to the standard "workflow" statuses, the following have special meaning in this project:

  • Postponed: Project porting is blocked; for example, blocked on another dependent module or on a core issue.
  • Postponed (maintainer needs more info) = Needs research to determine D8 status.
  • Closed (won't fix) = Project or its functionality is now in core.
  • Closed (duplicate) = Project has been renamed or made obsolete by another project.

Note that these statuses are not used at this time:

  • Patch (to be ported) (if there is a patch available, mark as Needs work and update the issue summary with a link to the issue with the patch)
  • Closed (works as designed)
  • Closed (cannot reproduce)

# General information on porting to D8

# FAQs

  • What is the point of this project?
    It is often difficult to find out the porting status of a particular project. Searching in the project's issue queue might not result in the necessary information since the issue creator might have used different text than what you are searching for (e.g. "Port to D8", "Porting to D8", "Updating code to Drupal 8", "Drupal 8 version", etc.). This project provides a unified place to find the port status of contributed projects.

  • Why is there a warning box on my project page pointing here?
    In an attempt to help D8 site builders understand the D8 state of the modules they depend on, there are a variety of messages that may appear on your project page, depending on a combination of what state your module's code is in and what your tracking issue here says. The warning messages disappear once your module has a stable D8 release.

  • Is this project a module and does it have any code?
    No. This project exists so we can leverage the drupal.org issue queue. There is no code (nor patches) for this project. It simply provides a place for us to track the port status of contributed projects in a collaborative manner using existing community tools.

  • Do I need to be a maintainer for the contributed project in order to create/update an issue in this issue queue for that project?
    No. Anyone can create an issue for the D8 port status for any contributed project. Even if you do not know the status, you can create the issue with as much information that you have available. Mark any sections you do not know as "Unknown" and they can be filled in by others who have the information.

  • What determines an issue's priority?
    At the moment, this is calculated very loosely based on criteria like: a) Is this project in the top 30-50 installed projects? b) Does it block the porting of other projects? c) Is it an "ecosystem" project that other projects depend on? Most issues should just be "normal" as a result.

  • Why are issue titles in the "[module_short_name] Module Name" format?
    This allows Drupal.org to display a block on every project page without a stable 8.x release that points over to its issue in this queue.

  • Once D9 is nearing completion, how can we track the port status of both D8 and D9?
    Choose the version of the port that is appropriate. Right now there is only a D8 version option. When the time comes, we will add a D9 version to the options as well.

  • Does this project replace Upgrade Status?
    No, Upgrade Status is still useful for pulling a report from Drupal.org of where various modules' statuses are at which matter to your site. This project is intended to act more at a "meta" level to help facilitate the porting of modules, calling out where specific help is needed, etc.

Project information

  • caution No further development
    No longer developed by its maintainers.
  • chart icon365 downloads
  • shieldStable releases for this project are covered by the security advisory policy.
    There are currently no supported stable releases.