Upgrade Status in action

This project provides modules that support you to upgrade your site to the next major version of Drupal core.

Upgrade Status
The Upgrade Status module checks the list of projects you have installed and shows their availability for the new version of Drupal core, which can be one of the following:
  • Available: A stable release of this project is available.
  • In development: A development release of this project is available, which can be installed for testing purposes.
  • Not ported yet: There are no releases available for this project.

Clicking on any of the modules' boxes will show you notes about upgrading the project, as well as a link to download the new version.

Upgrade Assist (5.x and 6.x only)
The Upgrade Assist module helps you to do the required upgrade steps in the right and expected order, and additionally takes the upgrade path for contributed modules into account. If you consider to upgrade, simply enable Upgrade Assist (and its block) and follow the on-screen instructions to upgrade your Drupal site.

Upgrade Assist has built-in support for Demo module, so as to make sure that you backup your database at the right points in time.




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