Plan overview

The next step for working towards a stable D8 release is fixing the UI for the CSV and XML parsers and port Feeds Tamper to D8. This will result into the first alpha release of Feeds. See #2917928: Plan for 8.x-3.0-alpha1 release.

After that, the plan is to investigate if some Feeds components could be replaced with Migrate components. The benefit of using Migrate components is that it will decrease the amount of code to be maintained in Feeds and at the same time leverage from improvements in Migrate. If an integration with Migrate seems doable, this will result into a 7.x-4.x branch. The 7.x-3.x branch will likely get abandoned after some time in this case.

After all this has happened, remaining features from the 7.x-2.x version need to be ported. Among more, these are:

Based on the survey results we will also aim for the following:

  • Support for huge data files
  • Chained imports
  • Rollback imports
  • Keep same content ids as in the source
  • Analytic report of import process

And my personal favorite: Feeds Preview.

Feeds 8.x M1 - An usable Feeds version for at least basic usage

Goal: have an usable CSV parser, an usable XML parser and a working Feeds Tamper module with at least one Tamper plugin.

See #2917928: Plan for 8.x-3.0-alpha1 release.


Remaining tasks

Feeds 8.x M2 - Migrate integration

Goal: investigate if Migrate components can be used in Feeds.

If Migrate integration seems doable, a 7.x-4.x branch will be opened.

See #2903175: [Policy, No patch] Consider adopting parts of migrate system in the underlying parts of feeds.

Feeds 8.x M3 and beyond

Goal: stable release

  1. #2383305: Add UI tests.
  2. Other automated tests.
  3. Porting remaining features from the D7 version.
  4. Implement features that have been marked important on the survey results.
  5. #2141945: Simulating a feed import
  6. Testing and bugfixing.
  7. Stable D8 release.


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Title: Drupal 8 » Port Feeds to Drupal 8
Version: 7.x-2.x-dev » 8.x-3.x-dev
Category: Support request » Task
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Setting this to 8.x branch. Maybe this issue can be used for updates on the 8.x status.

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I see there's recent progress in the module.

Could you please provide some status summary about the port progress, stability and remaining tasks?

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There isn't a clear path forward yet as far as I know, though the first big issue to tackle is #2443471: Implement configurable parsers.. When that issue is done, CSV importing will work and the work could continue for the Feeds extensible parsers project. I can imagine that writing more tests and port features of the 7.x-2.x version will be next. We're currently more focussing on the 7.x-2.x version right now. As soon as #1183440: Multilingual Feeds - Make field import language-aware is done, I might have more space to think about the 8.x-3.x version.
I am thinking of maybe sprinting on Feeds during DrupalCon Barcelona, though I have no experience in leading a sprint. Are you coming to DrupalCon Barcelona and interested in helping out there?

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Thank you for the update!

Not sure if i will be there. Some of our team will be at least, but Feeds port is currently not on our team priority to assign own resources. We are already involved in >20 other modules... ;-)

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I understand. It is easy to get involved in too many modules. :) You can't do everything. Great to let me know!

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Could you please provide some status summary about the port progress, stability and remaining tasks?

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Issue summary: View changes
Related issues: +#2604358: [feeds] Feeds

I've added a roadmap in the issue summary. As I already said in #2604358: [feeds] Feeds my plan is to first finalize the 7.x-2.x version of Feeds so I can put my focus completely on the 8.x-3.x version. I will keep an eye though on provided patches that contain small changes (broken tests, fatal errors, etc.), but the big changes that are needed for a stable 8.x-3.x release will have to wait if they depend on me.

If someone is brave enough to step up and is committed to work on the big changes for a long time, I'm happy to guide him/her as far as I'm able to.

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Issue summary: View changes

Text correction in issue summary.

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We would be happy to contribute testing patch, quality assurance, documentation, and agile project management services if needed

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Great, Francewhoa :). Thanks for your offers.

At this point there isn't much work yet for testing patches and documentation, but I'm sure having someone in that area could be a great addition later in the process. In this phase Feeds for Drupal 8 can be helped most with:

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Sounds like this port is going to take quite a while.

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Hello, MegaChriz.

I realize 8.x-3.x version is still unstable. However, I would like to determine whether my experience with 8.x-3.x version is consistent with your current expectations of this version.

I Installed Feeds 8.x-3.x version on Drupal 8.0.1 on AWS.

What are the current ways of interfacing with Feeds on Drupal?
I am able to see it installed on Extend with links to Help, Permissions and Configuration
I can see Feeds on the Permissions page (currently set for Administrator only).
I can see the Help page for Feeds. But there is not content on the page. There is just a link to Feeds administration pages: Feed types, Configure Feeds permissions

The Configuration link points to Feed Types. I am able to add new Feed Types.
When creating a new Feed Type I add a name, set Fetcher to Download, set Parser to Rss/Atom and Content Type to Article.
Fetcher settings are set to auto detect feeds.
Processor settings are set to not updating existing content. Content is set to never expire. Owner setting says: "Admin". Advanced Settings is set to Authorize.

I set up several source-target pairs

Item URL (link) - Feeds item: Item URL
Item GUID - Feeds item: Item GUID
Title - Title
Author Name - Authored by
Published Date - Authored on
Description - Body: Text (Should this be 'Feed Description'?)
Feed Image - Image: File Id (Is this image per feed item or a single image per feed)

When I add a feed type the form is titled "Add feed feed type". Is this duplication intended?

On the Status page I get the Entity/field definitions message:

Mismatched entity and/or field definitions
The following changes were detected in the entity type and field definitions.

Update the node.feeds_item field.

Not sure what this means.

Finally I sometimes get a 500 error on the mapping page. It seems to happen when I put the fields in an incorrect error (e.g. I put the title field before the feed item URL field or I attempt to map to fields which should not be mapped such as description and body: summary.

When I attempt to create a feed by going to /feed/add I am able to start importing feed items but it fails. E.g. with the url, the feeds modules attempts to import 30 articles but it fails. The error messages are:
'' not found
Failed importing 30 Articles.

Is this the expected behavior? What needs to be done or present in order to be able to import article successfully?


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Title: Port Feeds to Drupal 8 » [meta] Feeds 8.x roadmap
Category: Task » Plan
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Related issues: -#2141945: Simulating a feed import

I've updated the issue summary to give an overview of the long term plan for Feeds. The first step to take now is explained further in #2917928: Plan for 8.x-3.0-alpha1 release and its child issues.