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MD5: 53dde1621e9e98ac283c6676c5d14dc6
SHA-1: 15bd819db405c8640ab04d051e2b4e7d6912f36f
SHA-256: c1e0087037c4c9b5bc45188314ef08a20fbb38bcee1aef08feae9b4fbd53e85d
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MD5: 995c0f7737f0f2054daf31163f773c3c
SHA-1: c4f5256cfe05950d0f94efd05bf867ea5c5e0ff6
SHA-256: ade1bc955add2c0f6cda2d3fca3e2629ce21396768d83599372ce1afbea76ca3
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/scald:^1.2'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: jcisio
Created on: 12 Jun 2014 at 15:30 UTC
Last updated: 16 Sep 2015 at 19:35 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes, New features

Release notes

Scald 1.2 fixes bugs, has a lot of new features and supports new features in Drupal core.

Changes since 7.x-1.1:

  • #2275349 by davidhk: Fixed Plupload: 'The specified file could not be copied'.
  • #2272041 by jcisio | nagy.balint: Fixed Chrome 35: drag and drop in Atom Reference field does not work anymore.
  • #2270919 by angel.h: Add dependency on Text core module.
  • Fixed some notices and remove ability to have multiple libraries at the same time
  • Make library filter submit button selector more precise
  • #2201497 by Alex Bukach | hughtebby: JSON output displayed when searching in DnD Library.
  • #2180717 by nagy.balint: Insert link does not work in library.
  • #2259001 by yched | jcisio: Per field configuration of context used in Atom reference field widget.
  • #2257949 by nagy.balint: Entity translation - using mee with field translation produces errors.
  • #2248327 by neoxavier|jcisio: Add player and transcoder.
  • #2259719 by AndrasAcs|jcisio: Can not set default value for scald_authors on atoms with plupload.
  • #2259001 by jcisio: Per field configuration of context used in Atom reference field widget.
  • #2215761 by scotself, jcisio: Reset button on views exposed filters.
  • #2221219 by fago: Scald_is_registered() should leverage entity_load().
  • #2168529 by NerOcrO | davidhk: Atom's title hides View / Edit / Delete links.
  • Bug #2174391 by martinjbaker, NerOcrO: Fix typos in atom deletion confirmation message
  • Bug #2185879 by davidhk, NerOcrO: Undefined variable in "scald_dailymotion_taxonomy_get_create()"
  • #2174207 by DeFr: Followup, cleanup load code.
  • Feature #2174207 by Volx: Fetch/load multiple atoms at once
  • #2147857 follow-up: update test with 'alt' and 'title' support
  • #2060409 follow-up: there was one useless rule.
  • #2060409 by gifad, jcisio: Long text legend breaks atom wrapper layout.
  • #2155395 by gmclelland, jcisio: Don't use hook_init to add JS settings.
  • #2130089 by DeFr | ssm2017 Binder: Wrong vocabulary machine name test during installation.
  • #2046975 by gifad, jcisio | martinjbaker: Improve visual distinction in UI when editing options on multiple atoms.
  • #2139009 by skilip: Missing Entity Translation edit path breaks CTools JS.
  • #2147857 by Souless, jcisio: Add alt and title content for images.
  • #2013823 by gifad, jcisio, julien_acti: Default context per field.
  • #2141239 by jcisio, brockfanning: DnD library catches mouse-clicks below it, when collapsed.
  • Add a shorthand save() function inside ScaldAtom.
  • #2099169: Views Bulk Operations integration.
  • #2111803 by al.ex, jcisio, DeFr: Pass object as variable for 'no-access' template so that error message can be customized.
  • #2126295 by al.ex: Introduce hook to alter a scald library item.
  • Bug fix by DeFr: Use the type machine name in scald_dnd_library_item
  • Merge branch '7.x-1.x' of ssh:// into 7.x-1.x
  • Fix by DeFr | ssm2017: Scald DnD Library: Fix class name for atom with a space in ther label
  • #2073413 by gifad, jcisio, DeFr: Alternatives of drag and drop to insert atoms: double click and/or Insert button.
  • #2121721 by brockfanning: Fixed specify entity type in hook_views_data().
  • #2118847 follow-up: more JS clean up
  • #2118847 follow-up: fix JS bug
  • #2097247 by tema: Added Make MEE available to all text fields by default.
  • #2118847 by nagy.balint, gifad: Fixed Local variable is not defined as one in javascript.
  • #1979024 by ti2m, jcisio: Make CKEditor plugins translatable on
  • #2109753 by Raphael Apard: Fixed Add width/height/thumbnail when create video atom with scald_youtube_register().
  • #2109843 by Raphael Apard: Add scald_dailymotion_parse_item() function.
  • #2097551 by gifad | ti2m: Fixed Undefined variable: ret.
  • #2096223 by jox: Fixed Migration: atom reference field handler not properly registered if autoregistration is disabled.
  • #2096223 by jox: Fixed Migration: atom reference field handler not properly registered.
  • #2046545 by gifad: Fixed Atom's legend is lost when changing context in 'Edit atom properties'.
  • #2092865 by Teenage, jcisio: Use protocol relative URLs so that it works in both http and https.
  • #2091199 by SebCorbin: Fixed Atom reference Migrate handler not loaded.
  • #2088245 follow-up: fix mismatched cache set/get key.
  • #2088245 by jcisio, dDoak: Fixed Unexpected action/context/player/... translation.
  • #2079405 by gifad: Fixed Notice: Undefined index: atoms in scald_atom_add_page().
  • #2065059 part 2: make scald_atom_defaults statically cacheable
  • Fixed Fallback to managed_file widget if plupload module is disabled.
  • 2064119 by gifad, jcisio: Edit atom legend in wysiwyg mode
  • Add an introductory text into the Scald admin dashboard.
  • #2073279 by gifad: Fixed PHP warning when selecting publisher in library view.
  • #2074379 by jcisio: Fixed sdl_editor_representation() context does not work with renderable array.
  • #2074379: Add tests for scald_dnd_library module
  • #2026215 by gifad, jcisio: Added Scald Image to implement prefill of authors and tags in bulk upload mode.
  • #2069845 by jcisio: Fixed When content is cached, always use renderable array.
  • #2058225 by RobKoberg: Support the customisation of submit buttons in dnd library (e.g. support Twitter Bootstrap).
  • #2065059 by jcisio: Added Make scald_contexts(), scald_actions() etc. statically cacheable.
  • #2060663 by A-snowboard: Make 'Openly available actions' translatable.
  • #2049547 by gifad: Remove old text from scald.api.php.
  • Move the nbsp trick out of the theme function
  • #2056751: Add an update function for thumbnail field path.
  • #2056751: revert 117d065
  • Fixed Bug providers can not be uninstalled if Scald is disabled.
  • Do not use 'var me = this;' to avoid jQuery.proxy problem
  • Move scald_ACTION_type() and scald_atom_save() into ScaldAtomController
  • Move scald_atom_thumbnail_path() into ScaldAtomController::getThumbnailPath() so that the main module file gets smaller
  • #2056751 follow-up: return a default thumbnail path even when the field does not exist
  • #2056751 by A-snowboard, nagy.balint, gifad, jcisio: Fixed Plupload uses wrong path for thumbnail.
  • #2058571 by bjalford: Better support for Entity API to create atom.
  • #2049547 by gifad: Bad hook name in api.php.
  • Use the new image style human readable label in Drupal 7.23
  • #2049547 by nagy.balint: Bad hook name in api.php.


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