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  1. The COD Session feature is enabled by default (admin/build/modules). This enables the 'Conference administration' admin menu.
  2. Update the session Track field allowed values in the Session content type (admin/content/node-type/session/fields/field_track).
  3. As sessions are created, visit the Session administration (conference-admin/sessions) to manage sessions; review and publish submitted sessions so they are visible to the public.

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This link is broken and I could not find field field_track in the most current distribution.

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I think that this is relevant to the Drupal 6 version of COD.

Tenzin Khedup’s picture

I was trying to figure out, how to create the call for papers and paper management, with mass email option for all the paper contributors, but it's really hard to find anything that uses cod distribution.

Please if any body has achieved such thing by using cod, kindly enlighten me

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Searched for this feature in COD, too. And haven't found it.
It seems to be not a built-in feature (allthough mentioned on, but one needs to create one's own using modules such as Rules and Workflow.
I consider PKP's Open Conference Systems a more out-of-the-box alternative when organising a scholarly conference.