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MD5: 10b0fcd62e207d91427085edcf2723cf
SHA-1: c64da1851559108e7601ead872570ca4bf44c2f9
SHA-256: 243e3d8357c0a13bfb91abff512c6be1912de71c006e810c2f63f24459167bf5
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MD5: 6135ebc57dbd0abcce7122659ddce7b9
SHA-1: 966e9c8aaad868cad3616ab579aab0ed28bcfe8e
SHA-256: d20bbe5a4b2467520d3e62cd0bce071c9352ff4c3e38a6e23a673759971023ac
Install with Composer: $ composer require 'drupal/scald:^1.1'
Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies

Release info

Created by: DeFr
Created on: 24 Jul 2013 at 12:28 UTC
Last updated: 16 Sep 2015 at 19:35 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x

Release notes

See also SA-CONTRIB-2013-060

This releases include a lot of bug fixing, one new experimental feature and fixes a security issue.

Major changes since 7.x-1.0

  • Fix a security issue in MEE and Scald Flash
  • Bulk upload option added, Scald Image can now integrate with plupload to create multiple atoms on the fly
  • Improved integration with Entity API
  • Improved browser compatibility
  • Lots of small bug fixed

All changes since 7.x-1.0:

  • MEE/Scald Flash/Scald Image: Sanitize values before display
  • #2027663 followup by DeFr: Improve Entity Translation integration
  • Remove deprecated code with transcoded thumbnail logic
  • #2041153 by jcisio | gifad: Fixed Notice: Undefined property: stdClass:: in scald_image_scald_prerender().
  • Remove code marked as deprecated in image transcoder
  • Fixed bug: wrong function name in migrate integration
  • Scald Core: Don't make atom type default description required.
  • #2038639: add test for malformed/minimal atom save.
  • Fixed bug: remove some PHP notices
  • #1951272 follow-up: clarify multiple upload in scald.api.php
  • Scald Core: Refactor scald_search to use an EntityFieldQuery
  • Fixed bug: a few variables not being deleted on uninstall.
  • #2012906 follow-up: remove debug
  • #2012906 follow-up: add tests for http/https caching logic
  • #1943500 by xadag: Added Support of private files.
  • #2032821 by sahaj: Fixed Uninstall Fatal error: Call to undefined function scald_remove_type().
  • #2032821: add test for uninstall Scald
  • Follow-up for 971c1d9: fix a typo
  • Add some more tests
  • Scald Flash: simplify default overriding, avoid undefined settings
  • #2029125 by PascalT: Added Respect field path settings for thumbnails.
  • Add language property for atoms
  • Migrate support for Atom Reference fields
  • Don't hardcode the LANGUAGE_NONE langcode
  • Fixed fatal error when there is zero atom type
  • dnd: remove unncessary custom CSS
  • Override some CTools modal CSS
  • Add 'access callback' for scald_atom for better Entity API integration
  • Merge branch '7.x-1.x' of into 7.x-1.x
  • #1971710 by phillamb168: Fixed Change scald_atoms() unique key u_provider_type_base_id() into normal key.
  • #1995238 by bdecarne | Mindless: Fixed Drag and drop not working with IE.
  • #1957512 follow up: remove variables on uninstall
  • #2025773 by gifad, DeFr: Scald Flash files not marked permanent
  • Fixed plupload bug: prepare directory before file save
  • Redirect to canonical link after atom edit
  • #2018751 by gifad: Added Scald Audio getID3() support.
  • #1998876 followup: Add test for default values
  • #1998876 followup: Fixed warning value passed by reference
  • #1998876 followup: Fix directory creation
  • Scald Image: Correctly forward the image dimensions too.
  • Support renderable array in atom->rendered->player
  • Scald Video Players: Forward the atom to the theme layer.
  • #2012906 by DeFr, jcisio: Handle mixed http/https environment.
  • #2005852 by jcisio: Added Temporary save an atom before it is created.
  • Fix line separator problem
  • #1990492 by Volx: Added Drag and drop: allow to change the default context.
  • #1998876 by mariusm: Fixed Error: 'the destination directory public://atoms is not configured correctly'.
  • #1940084 by drikc | flocondetoile: Added Scald Image: use alt and title in player when available in the image field.
  • #1978074 by nagy.balint: Some grammatical errors in the scald.api.php.
  • Fixed PHP notice: Undefined index: settings
  • Add tests
  • #1976650 by jcisio, nagy.balint, mr.york, DeFr: Allow other modules to alter actions in scald_user_actions().
  • #1995238 by Mindless, DeFr, jcisio: Fixed Drag and drop not working with IE.
  • #1995238: Improved compatibility with IE8
  • Code comment cleanup
  • #1951272 (follow-up): remove unrelated change.
  • #1993662 by GuGuss: Added Detect YouTube URLs on https scheme.
  • #1951272 by mori, nagy.balint, Aron Novak, softmax: Multiple upload type support (plupload for bulk-upload with drag & drop).
  • #1956386: Added atom context class into the dnd wrapper element.
  • #1956386: Added atom type class into the dnd wrapper element.
  • Fixed PHP notice
  • Fixed PHP warning: Missing argument 3 for scald_scald_render()
  • Fix Drag and Drop bug in IE
  • Change the mouse cursor over the atom thumbnail in library to indicate that it is draggable.
  • #1965840 by jcisio, nagy.balint: Added CkEditor integration to include aligning atoms and possibly wrap text around an atom.
  • #1951134 by nagy.balint: CKEditor edit atom properties dialog to show only relevant contexts and customization.
  • #1957512 by nagy.balint, Haza: Setting the size of the ctools modal window.
  • #1975480 by nagy.balint: Ckeditor: Allow class for img tags in atom markup.
  • Fixed Link to player settings not appear with AJAX
  • Fix PHP notice in player settings, improve doc.
  • #1935570 by nagy.balint, jcisio | flocondetoile: Support Picture module.
  • #1979014 by jcisio: Allow to fetch user's permissions on an atom.
  • #1972194 (follow-up): Enable the link option only to images.
  • #1975438 by nagy.balint: Fixed image provider: base id is not updated when replacing thumbnail image on creation.
  • #1974862 by jcisio: Added JSON request returns more infos other than rendered atoms.
  • Fixed bug JS regexp match does not span multiple lines
  • Fixed JS warning when edit an atom not present in the current library page (2)
  • #1972194 (follow-up): Add link on embedded atoms - Fixed error when atom is edited right after it is dropped.
  • Fixed JS warning when edit an atom not present in the current library page
  • #1964336 by nagy.balint: Fixed Incorrect thumbnail in library for providers other than image.
  • #1972194 by Mindless, jcisio: Added Allow to add a link on an atom.
  • #1972546 (follow-up): options is always defined, it does not need a default value.
  • #1972546 by jcisio: Force used in render an array.
  • Improves inline document for constants
  • #1971790 by Volx: Fixed Image styles do not work with default thumbnail.
  • Add more install detail into README.txt
  • Scald Core: Fix a notice


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