Release info

Created by: salvis
Created on: January 6, 2011 - 20:41
Last updated: January 6, 2011 - 21:01
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

This is version 1.3 of ACL for Drupal 6.

It has some minor bug fixes, some minor enhancements, and one major one: ACLs can now identified by a number as well as by a name. This has the potential to significantly speed up node access queries, if the client modules can and do adapt to this change.

This version will update your database schema, but it will not change any of the records, and you will not see any immediate change. When the client modules are ready, they can update their records. Yes, it's the client module's job to update their records in the {acl} table! No client module is forced to do this, ever, but those that use numeric 'names' are encouraged to do so.

The numbers column was introduced in the D7 version and backported to D6; for additional information see
#936682: Add a 'number' column to the {acl} table and
#968382: Large amount of mysql joins performed without indexes after forum access is installed.

Changes since 1.2:
Bugs fixed:
- Remove the premature acl_views_api() hook implementation (we're not ready for Views yet).
- #836822: Don't anonymize 'deny' grant records.
- #793380: Remove t() calls from hook_schema according to #332123.
- Remove translation files in favor of
- #936682: Add a 'number' column and some indexes to the {acl} table.
- Create new hook_acl_explain() to allow the client to explain its grant records.
- #759882: Add acl_remove_all_users($acl_id) API function.
- Add acl_has_user($acl_id, $uid) API function.

Note: The devel_node_access (DNA) module, which is part of the Devel module, provides an in-depth view into the inner workings of node access, especially if you enable its debug mode at admin/settings/devel#edit-devel-node-access-debug-mode and its second block. This is a big help for understanding the forces that control access to any given node.

Note the Drupal core issues listed on the ACL front page, which are outside the scope of ACL. Help resolve these issues to make ACL perform even better!