A suite of modules containing fun for module developers and themers ...


  • Helper functions for Drupal developers and inquisitive admins. This module can print a summary of all database queries for each page request at the bottom of each page. The summary includes how many times each query was executed on a page (shouldn't run same query multiple times), and how long each query took (short is good - use cache for complex queries).
  • Also a dprint_r($array) function is provided, which pretty prints arrays. Useful during development. Similarly, a ddebug_backtrace() is offerred.
  • much more. See this helpful demo page.

Generate content

Accelerate development of your site or module by quickly generating nodes, comments, terms, users, and more.

Devel Node Access (DNA)

View the node access entries for the node(s) that are shown on a page. Essential for developers of node access modules and useful for site admins in debugging problems with those modules.

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