Last updated January 30, 2013.

So, you want to make awesome? Great! Our website is home to thousands of developers and contributed projects. It's where we all collaborate on making Drupal better, and where our users find the projects and support that they need to make awesome Drupal-based websites. A better home here on makes for a better Drupal and a more effective community. Bravo for joining the team! :D

There are different ways in which you can contribute to, choose one of the topics below and read more! If you are already part of the team, here you will find all the guidelines and instructions you need.


The Content team is moderating: Services, Training and Books sections of the Marketplace, Case studies, Planet Drupal,
Front page promotion requests, Other non-documentation content.
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Site maintainers fight with spammers, provide support for users having problems with their accounts or projects, deal with project ownership requests, work on general site organization issues.
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Develop new features and sections of, improve existing functionality, improve the look of the site by contributing to Bluecheese theme.
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Infrastructure team maintains hardware and software runs on. This section contains various guides for team members and info on how to become part of the team.
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Interested in contributing to documentation? Follow this guide.


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Please do help point to the updated location of this documentation on how to contribute to